1. Dev_With_Coffee

    [Tool] BattleTest Working

    I rarely use the Rm2k or Rm2k3 battle system, but for these weeks I noticed that some users have problems being able to make the necessary tests with each group of monsters in the conditions that the player will probably face without having to create an event for that in the game. File creation...
  2. fabumaniac

    RMMV RPG Maker 2003 Events for MV/MZ

    Hello everybody, as you all know, within the transition from 2k3 to XP, was the introduction of RGSS scripting, however, the cost was having a less powerful event system. If someone could make a plugin that has all the missing events from 2k3 to MV/MZ, it would allow for more complicated...
  3. Dev_With_Coffee

    Rm2k Tools - Fake FullScreen + Screenshot Key

    Why I created this tool: Games made with Rpg Maker 2000 have the full screen function, as this method we cannot: Open windows of other programs in front that work in "Alway On Top" Quickly switch to another process window (Alt+Tab) This happens because RPG_RT.exe changes the monitor's...
  4. thenerdmansion

    RPG Maker Games Critique with Thenerdmansion Game Submission

    Introducing our Wednesday Night Game Streams! Every Wednesday, we'll be streaming 5pm-7pm Mountain time on our Youtube channel playing RPG Maker Games. Join the host, Nerdboi from Thenerdmansion as he reviews and critique submissions from this forum. So how do you submit a game? That's easy...
  5. ovate

    RPG Maker PC game controls (MV, VX Ace/VX, XP, 2003, 2000)

    Compilation of RPG Maker PC default game controls and functions referenced from their respective manual. Features images of html tables. Numeric keypad picture doesn't count. MV - Playing Your Game https://rmmv.neocities.org/page/01_06.html As a standard, controlling games created with this...
  6. (RM2K) Fullscreen Scaling Improperly

    Hi! I'm using RPG Maker 2000 (Steam Version), and I'm loving using it so far... But I've noticed the game doesn't scale properly while in fullscreen, it seems that my computer applies some sort of bilinear filter on top of it. I tried searching for a solution and came across an old plugin made...
  7. leventebence1

    Mixing rpg maker files...

    Hi. one day i was just amazed at how graphically the rpg makers so far differed graphically. so I thought if I could move the texture of the older rpg makers into the newer project, I could use it as free resources. but when i tried to go for older rpg projects, i had to realize that there are...
  8. Tayruu

    Force External Harmony.dll in RM2k 1.61

    I feel like this might be a fruitless question, but I thought I would ask about it anyway by this point. The recent versions of RM2k and 2k3 now use an internal harmony.dll, which makes using patches that make use of this file impossible. I need to be able to refer to an external DLL, as a...
  9. Batch method - Converting multiple images to 8-Bit PNG

    FS-PR0.png --- Introduction: Learn how to convert batch graphics for use in Rm2k/2k3, Game Maker (Old Version), MMFusion (Old Version) and other engines that use 8-Bit graphics. An example is the images in this topic, originally the size of 378 Kb (24/32 bits), now the size of 120 Kb (8...
  10. Kirbster

    Showing Animations for Healing Spells in RM2000

    Hey all, hoping to get some closure on this vexing old problem. We all know that in RPG Maker 2000, the front-view battle system means you only see the battle animations for attacks that target the enemy, regardless of the source. But is there a way to cheat this with self-targeting spells the...
  11. Tayruu

    [RM2k] Scroll Map offsets from Player?

    I'm not sure if this is a new bug or maybe it's an issue that's always existed, but I'm finding that if I scroll the screen for a cutscene, move the player, then set it back, the screen will be offset from the player until a new map. Here is an example of what I might do: Scroll Map Up 9 tiles...
  12. "Size of the bitmap is illegal"

    I'm currently translating an RM2k game wich has almost all the image files in .xyz format. I'm able to export them as .png/.bpm files, but after i edit them i can turn them back in .xyz files. This message box appears: "The size of the bitmap is illegal". I've tried to save it as both .png and...
  13. Ephiam

    RM2k/3 Venaitura

    Lord Zadigan has summoned the dread Tower of Venaitura from the depths of theDark World of Radunga and is using it to spread his evil influence across the the land. He has dispatched his finest combatants, the Six Purveyors of Doom, to retrieve the only six artifacts capable of stopping him...
  14. Pack Systemset

    Pack Systemset (Rm2k and Rm2k3) Download - 0.06 Mb (56 Kb) License: Free Some are RTP improvements, some originals and some JRpg inspired ones. Demonstrations just below: RTP RMXP RTP RMVX Gamera para SNES Final Fantasy VIII Zelda: Minish Cap Zelda: Ocarine of Time...
  15. Using CharSet for Animation

    Hi! I'm a noobie when it comes to Rpgmaker so I had a question about using CharSet for animation. If I wanted to create a repeating animation using a column (so four frames) in a CharSet, how would I do so? I thought that I could set a movement route for a graphic by turning up, right, left...
  16. Hawf

    RM2K Getting enemies to play their spell animations properly

    This tiny little detail has been driving me up a wall for the last two days. In RPG Maker 2000, when an enemy uses an attack spell it only plays the sound effect and there is no animation played or any visual indicator of impact and it's really bothering me. The only time an animation is...
  17. Mikki-Chan

    Problem with RM2K fonts [SOLVED]

    I have a small problem with the fonts when making my own project in the RPG Maker 2000, the problem is that they look like this: https://sta.sh/028820turzl6 when I want it to look like this: https://sta.sh/067p8puvg21 Can someone help me with this, please? thanks in advance ~ Oh, and forgive...
  18. Milennin

    RM2k/3 BETA

    BETA Download Anniversary Version V1.1 (2018, February, 25): https://rpgmaker.net/games/4770/downloads/9736/ About this game BETA is a quest-driven RPG with a focus on lighthearted dialogue. Some quests will also present the player with mini-games or challenges that the player has to beat in...
  19. Map Exporting to Png Image

    Download: tool-map_export_to_image Creator: Cherry Version: 1.1 PT-BR: http://tanatosmaker.forumeiros.com/t130-2k-2k3-converter-mapa-em-um-imagem Tutorial: Run mapexport.exe, this window will appear: [Click to view image] Click the [...] button in the "Folder" field. Browse the folder of your...
  20. More Vehicles to Rm2k and Rm2k3

    This system is somewhat complex. For this reason I did not write a tutorial, I just created a demo to be analyzed. In this example there are 5 vehicles of each type: 5 terrestrials (Boat converted to land) 5 water vehicles (Ship) 5 Airships How it works: Each vehicle is a map event that...

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