1. Mage_MascarowgXYZ

    RM2k3 - Subcategories for Items?

    I'll get to the point; I'd like to have the items separated into categories similar to RMMV. A menu for Consumables, Armor/Weapons, and one for Key Items. And if possible to just have the Consumables interactable(Viewable) in combat, though if that's not possible it's fine. I'm not sure on the...
  2. KoMo_Riz

    [Rm2k3]How to add new fonts/language?

    I don't know that Rm2k3 can do some add more language or any font if it's can please tell me how bc I have no idea now
  3. KoMo_Riz

    how to make other actor appeared

    So I can't do 2 character+ in the map event so I don't know how to make actor(That not in party)walk in while two character talking like 1 : *walk to 2* hello! 2 : oh how are you? 1 : I'm fine thanks 3 :*walk to 1 n 2* oh my.Good morning both of you 1 : Good morning! so..yeah I can't do it.I...
  4. KoMo_Riz

    How to end event?

    well,I did like this it look like Erase Event of End event can't help anything... what do I do wrong? please tell me
  5. KoMo_Riz

    what does pictured tilesets sort by

    I don't know how they sort in each sections I do the proportion wrong in a lot of parts. Can you guys please draw lines so that I know which part is which
  6. KoMo_Riz

    [help!]Problem with common event

    This is what I do for my opening on Rm2k3 and I want to know how to end common event that be Autorun I have no idea please help me!!;;;;
  7. KoMo_Riz

    How I can make player dissapear from screen

    yeah like in the title said How I can make player dissapear from screen and how to switch player like from actor1 to playing as actor2 I'm used Rm2k3 or RPG maker2003 and yep I'm a noob
  8. KoMo_Riz

    [help!]How to do a blank map

    I'm new here and I'm not good at English well if i say something uncorrectly ..I'm sorry!! so I don't know how to make an blank map inRm2k3(RPG maker 2003) because when i created a map It's filled with water blocks! and when i used parallax background It's doesn't appeared it.How to make an...

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