1. DarkKxng101

    RPG 2000/2003 Tutorials

    Hey found a website but it's in Japanese, once you translate it there is a ton of Tutorials on setting up your own Custom Menu Systems, Custom Battle Systems and Custom Title Screens, along with other event and picture related stuff and also how to do them with events as well. Link in spoiler...
  2. [Rm2k3] Quick question about decimals

    If I'm calculating something in an event, or if the damage dealt to a character comes up as a decimal, say 3.5 or something, does Rm2k3 round the number up or down?
  3. Batch method - Converting multiple images to 8-Bit PNG

    FS-PR0.png --- Introduction: Learn how to convert batch graphics for use in Rm2k/2k3, Game Maker (Old Version), MMFusion (Old Version) and other engines that use 8-Bit graphics. An example is the images in this topic, originally the size of 378 Kb (24/32 bits), now the size of 120 Kb (8...
  4. MrMadMothy

    RM2K3 ChipSets

    So, i've been wanting to expand my game and not use the ChipSets that came along with the engine itself but I don't want to be using any that are provided from actual game rips, so if anyone could point me to some free to use ChipSets that is on the forums here, or an alternate link, I would be...
  5. RM2k/3 Firon

    Firon is a high school student with no current ambitions for what he wants when he is older. Leads a normal life, with normal parents. He Likes to make snark remarks against people and doesn't take life too serious. Laid back. Isn't too passionate about much. The story follows him in his life...
  6. Map turning to water - RM2k3

    Problem fixed! So, it's been a few years since I've used the software. I've gotten a new computer and decided to reinstall it. When I decided to do a playtest, the map I spawned on turned to water. As if I hadn't edited it at all. Thinking it was just me not knowing how to do things, I started...
  7. [RM2k3] Massive screen scroll jitter persists

    First of all, hello to all of you! I'm new here. I used to use the unofficial RM2K3 translation as a teenager, and now I'm using the official release. However, when I scroll the screen at "normal" speed, it jitters massively, almost instantly causing eyestrain. This happens whenever I move the...
  8. Parallax Panda

    Regarding those FSM Ship Tiles...

    So, I'm not sure if this topic is supposed to be here but since I'm referring to the ship tiles made by REF MAP for RM2K3, I couldn't think of a better place. The tile sheets for RM2K3 are extremely messy to begin with, like a jigsaw puzzle, and these ship tiles are no exception. For reference...
  9. SelLillianna

    Switching a held item's usability from unusable to usable? (RM2K3)

    Hello everyone, I'm extremely new to these forums and am having a great time using RM2K3. Much of it is very intuitive and what isn't usually has a simple answer that's easily looked up. I have run into a problem, though. In the game I'm working on, the player finds a book, but the character...
  10. A_Crazy_Town_OFFICIAL

    Create an RTP with custom sprites.

    Hello, i am new to RPG Maker 2003 (because i mainly used RMVXAce, but switched to RM2k3 because i just liked the retro style.And also i think my mom bought me RM2k3 in 2004 or 2005 but i never used it since i didnt have much time as a kid.) Now i am creating my game to post on Gamejolt(if im...
  11. Pack Systemset

    Pack Systemset (Rm2k and Rm2k3) Download - 0.06 Mb (56 Kb) License: Free Some are RTP improvements, some originals and some JRpg inspired ones. Demonstrations just below: RTP RMXP RTP RMVX Gamera para SNES Final Fantasy VIII Zelda: Minish Cap Zelda: Ocarine of Time...
  12. Using CharSet for Animation

    Hi! I'm a noobie when it comes to Rpgmaker so I had a question about using CharSet for animation. If I wanted to create a repeating animation using a column (so four frames) in a CharSet, how would I do so? I thought that I could set a movement route for a graphic by turning up, right, left...
  13. Emanzi

    Rm2k3 facesets and charsets workshop

    Hi there. I'm starting a rpg maker 2k3 workshop for charsets (actors) and facesets and maybe some other stuff. This is original work and it took some time to make (especially the face) so please credit me Emanzi if you use any of the resources in a commercial project and non commercial...
  14. Peary

    Show picture at specific map location?

    To preface, I'm super new to RM2k3 and RPG Maker in general and just beginning to figure things out. I was hoping to build a map using tilesets for the background with buildings made from large sprites rather than tiles. As I was testing this out, I figured out that the show picture command...
  15. Would anyone know how to get a hold of Felix Trapper? rm2k3

    Hello. I figured this would be the most appropriate place to ask. Resource Type: Person Maker Format: 2k3 Description: I am trying to get a hold of Felix Trapper. Would anyone have a means of contacting him? Its been months since he was last on and I'm remaining hopeful that someone might...
  16. Pianotm

    RM2k/3 [RSW] Vega Legacy Episode 1

    (I'm pretty sure an episode of an episodic game doesn't count as full game, so it probably counts as a demo) Violence Warning. Download here! In 2180, humanity has colonized the solar and has repeatedly failed to expand into the stars. Explorers, adventurers, and thrill seekers journey as...
  17. Nightblade50

    Icons for 2k3?

    This is a very short question, but one that might take a lot more to answer. Is there any way to add icons to skills, items, weapons, etc...for rm2k3? Whether it's like in RMXP, with a small picture, not a whole iconset, or like RMVX+, with groups of icons in an iconset? I don't care how...
  18. Map Exporting to Png Image

    Download: tool-map_export_to_image Creator: Cherry Version: 1.1 PT-BR: http://tanatosmaker.forumeiros.com/t130-2k-2k3-converter-mapa-em-um-imagem Tutorial: Run mapexport.exe, this window will appear: [Click to view image] Click the [...] button in the "Folder" field. Browse the folder of your...
  19. More Vehicles to Rm2k and Rm2k3

    This system is somewhat complex. For this reason I did not write a tutorial, I just created a demo to be analyzed. In this example there are 5 vehicles of each type: 5 terrestrials (Boat converted to land) 5 water vehicles (Ship) 5 Airships How it works: Each vehicle is a map event that...
  20. How to remove menu options without making custom menu? [RM2k3]

    So I'm making a game, but I don't need some of the options. I only want Items, and Quit. So I tried blanking out those options, but instead, it didn't, and still showed all options. I also thought that maybe Yume Nikki's source could have the answer since it has only 2 options, however it...

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