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  1. RMMV Yanfly selection controll different animations for single and multi attack

    Well, dont need to say more, is it possible that if you target 1 enemy you get animation1 and if you target all you get animation2? ?
  2. RMMV Zhonya's Hourglass Remade for MV

    For yet the third time, I have come back to this section of the forum. While my conundrum seems difficult, I have actually made enough of a headway to know what I am working with, and notetags to make the effect function. At least in its most basic form. First and foremost, this is what I am...
  3. RMMV Twinned Weapons fused with Pokémon's Helping Hand Move

    I apologise in advance for the horrid wording of this title I came up with; There is no simpler(Or shorter, to begin with) way I can come up with to summarize what kind of conundrum exactly brought me back here. I've managed to figure out how to modify damage post-calculation thanks to my...
  4. RMMV Triacontane MenuCommonEvent.js and PictureCallCommon.js: I can't make the picture change when the mouse hover in or out of the picture more than once.

    Hi everyone, I'm a beginner in RPG Maker. I'm in the process of making custom menu and need help with a problem inside a common event using the following plugin. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The plugin in question: MenuCommonEvent and PictureCallCommon...
  5. RMMV Creating a Weapon that boosts Damage Dealt based on Enemies Slain with it

    I apologise in advance for any potential misplacement of this thread. I myself am unsure exactly where to place it, but given I'm working with the full Collection of the Yanfly Engine, I feel this may be appropriate enough, as Yanfly's Plugins may very well be the Key to solving my conundrum...
  6. coticka

    RMMV Reflections plugin error help?

    Hello. I don't know if another plugin that does what I want exists already. This one seems to be close. I've been trying to find a working one that simply mirrors the player/events perfectly underneath them on the lowest Z layer with an option of an additive blending effect. No fluff effects...
  7. djkouza

    MV deployed to Android, evertything seems to work except Yanfly Quest Journal (black screen)

    See Screenshot, Game runs and plays very well, but the quest details pane is just black. I deployed using this guide: https://hackmd.io/@Mirai/RPGMakerMVMZ-Android_eng RMMV > Deploy to Web > Wrap in Android Client Tested the web deployment on a web server and the Quests worked fine there, so...
  8. RMMV [RMMV] [YEP] Yanfly Limited Skills Help

    So I am trying to make a pseudo reload system in RMMV through the use of Yanfly's limited skill, and Item Costs plugins but I'm at a wall. Right now my current idea is having a specific gun to add specific skills that pertain to it's ammo count. Ex. Generic Pistol only holds 6 ammo = 6 uses of...
  9. youngstormlord

    RMMZ Need help upgrading PIXI plugin script from RMMV to RMMZ

    I am new here so if this is against the rules, I apologize and will delete this thread. I would like to enable my players to create the look of their characters, by choosing eye and hair color, sex, wings, eyeglasses etc. There was a plugin for RMMV that allowed to do just that, by sending...
  10. Flannery

    RMMV Plug-In to Restrict Subclasses to Specific Classes

    I need help making a YEP_Subclasses-Compatible Extension Plug-In. (And, by extension, compatible with YEP_Class_Change_Core.) Simply put, I need the extension to do two things, the first being of major importance: I need it to adjust the compatibility of certain Secondary Classes (Subclasses)...
  11. Terozu

    RMMV A way to ignore Disperse Damage using Yanfly's selection control plugin?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone happened to have found a way to make a state which allows an actor to ignore Damage Dispersion when using Yanfly's Selection control plug in. My project is heavily influenced by Final Fantasy V and Bravely Default, and one such piece of inspiration is the ability...
  12. Kay_ande

    RMMV Arisu's Visual Item Inventory plugin - has anyone tried it?

    Currently looking forward to buy this plugin (https://arisusdollhouse.itch.io/visual-item-inventory) Has anybody used it? does it work well with MV's current version?cause it says it might break if beyond version 1.6.1,and I don't wanna risk my 5$:kaoswt2:
  13. Radial blur effect for battlebacks

    In VxAce, when a troop has no assigned battleback it has a radial blur effect that is replaced by an average blur effect in MV. Is there a way to add the radial blur filter for battlebacks in MV?
  14. ColaLime

    RMMV Which plugin should I use for diagonal movements ? I just want it to enable it for a few specific maps.

    I'm currently using Galv's diagonal movements. (https://galvs-scripts.com/2015/12/12/mv-diagonal-movement/) And basically, I only need it to be enabled for some specific maps. How can I do that ? Should I create an individual event for each maps ?
  15. RMMV TDDP's Mouse system EX help

    Hello. I came across Tddp's mouse system ex plugin but the link to the documentation website isnt valid anymore due to the owner losing ownership of it which means i cant really use the plugin. They didnt include much in the help section of the plugin page either so i was wondering if anyone had...
  16. jbgs

    Is there a way to hide SumRndmDde HUD Maker?!

    This question has already been asked on the forum but the answer was not entirely correct. The person in the comment suggested to "add a switch to it, so that when it's ON it's disabled or enabled, when it's off, the opposite of it." and they suggested adding "$gameSwitches.value(x) ==...
  17. abdo97z

    RMMV message text speed with message sound effect

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make my game messages have a sound effect and i achieved that using Galv's sound effect plugin: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/galvs-message-sound-effects.49418/ But the problem is when I installed a text speed plugin it doesn't work when Galv's...
  18. jbgs

    RMMV Does anyone know where I can find YSP_VideoPlayer?

    I would love to have the YSP_VIdeoPlayer plugin, but the link in the original post doesn't work anymore. Does anyone have this plugin or know where I can download it? Thank you in advance!
  19. Help with Daimonious Tails recipe crafting

    Hi, I currently using Daimonious Tails recipe crafting plugin. can I change the button to close the success window into ok button instead using cancel button ?IL I am very new to jscript
  20. SpanishPandaHero

    RMMV Picture Events During Message plugin resets my messages

    Hello! I'm using RPG Maker MV with YEP_PictureCommonEvents and DreamX_PictureEventDuringMessage plugins to make a clickable image that shows the messages backlog. When I click on the image, it does show the backlog and everything is fine, but when I close the backlog to go back to the dialogues...

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