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  1. RMMV Player Attributes Plugin

    I've been trying to make a plugin that allows the player to distribute 'Skill points' between 6 different attributes, but I can't really code haha. Variable 0001 = Strength Variable 0002 = Dexterity Variable 0003 = Constitution Variable 0004 = Intelligence Variable 0005 = Wisdom Variable 006 =...
  2. WCouillard

    Individual Animation Dimensions

    Individual Animation Dimensions (RMMV) Author(s): Coolie, caethyril Version: 1.0 Updated Date: March 2nd, 2023 What does this plugin do? RPG Maker MV forces a very small 192x192 size for each cell in an animation. This is way too small for an engine that allows us to make games with much higher...
  3. RMMV Battle Engine Core X/Y postion help.

    I need help just figuring out how to edit the x/y position in YEP Battle engine core. I just want my 4 characters in a close diamond shape position closer to the middle of the screen instead of a diag line on right-side of screen (default). I have figured this out with the SVActor plug in...
  4. BlueCloudious

    RMMV How could I have varied step sounds and multiple frames?

    So, I have all of Galv's different stepping plugins as well as the extra frame plugins, but I have a problem. The way I made the sound effects for stepping was a random variable based on different region numbers, so I could have varied and different stepping sounds. (I used Yanfly's Region...
  5. I'm a newbie and don't know how to use this [RMMV Plugin] Pathfinding

    some one can teach me i dont know how to use
  6. RMMV PIXI particle container moves with the camera

    I'm using Tsukimi's particle container from this thread and it's just a great tool, but I'm running into a weird problem that I don't remember having from the last time I used it. I stripped out all the plugins from my project and only have the stock assets loaded, and I'm using a test particle...
  7. RMMV DragonBones Tech Support

    I was almost done laying out my game when I was building the enemies and I was using "DragonBones Integration". I got this error message when I did a test fight. This is my current notes on the enemy and I have the exact folder placement as Yanfly. Does anyone know what I did wrong or where they...
  8. IlTerrificatore

    RMMV [SOLVED] I need a free "States Overlay" plugin

    Hi comrades! :beard Here is the problem: i'd like to add some visual effects to the states in a game i am currently working on (things like on fire, freezed, and so on), but i don't find anything i can use! My first option was Yanfly Visual State Effects (this one...
  9. Somnus

    RMMV Weeping Angel type enemy (Resolved)

    I'm looking for a plugin that will make enemies move towards the player when not being looked at, essentially just like Weeping Angels from Dr. Who. I've tried eventing using conditional branches but the results have been janky and inconsistent, and I've been looking for plugins for a while now...
  10. Kay_ande

    Disable F4,but keep F3?

    Hello. As you know,pressing F4+F3 in RMMV will make a fullscreen that doesn’t stretch the game and just adds black boxes around it,and I was wondering,is it possible to change it so only pressing a single button Will do it?
  11. gjoynerjr

    RMMV Error saving game - Sprite_Character._events [Events] constructor undefined

    Hello all! I have an object that derives from Sprite_Character. When attempting to save the game, the encoding collapses on JsonEx._getConstructorName when passed the _events member with the error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined." I see that PIXI.Sprite.call(this, texture)...
  12. Jomy10

    RTBS - Real Time Battle System

    I've been working on a game for the last few weeks and wanted a realtime battle system. The Chrono engine didn't provide what I wanted and it wasn't exactly easy to set up. So I figured why not make my own? Features - Attack animations - Weapons can deal more damage - Ranged weapons (they are...
  13. Jomy10

    RMMV Cutting off sprites using Javascript

    Hi, I'm currently adding a sprite with the following code: let bitmap = ImageManager.loadBitmap("", "path/to/img"); let sprite = new Sprite(bitmap); SceneManager._scene.addChild(sprite); I would now like to render only half of this sprite's width. How can I achieve this? Couldn't find...
  14. HaiseYuu

    RMMV Linked Visual Json File Editor in Game's Android Version

    Hello Everyone, Please respect my post. I am making a quiz game and I linked a visual json file editor in a certain game mode in the game so that the users will be able to modify / edit the sets of questions. It works perfectly fine in PC version because the game's data folder is accessible...
  15. cellicom

    cellicom's PartySaver - Save and Load the order of party members

    Hi to all, I have developed a plugin for myself, but I think it might be useful to someone. cellicom's Party Saver RPG Maker MV Plugin cellicom Features ● Save the order of party members. ● Load and Overwrite the order of party members. How to use Easy Peazy! USE A SCRIPT BLOCK! How to...
  16. TenraiEmiko

    RMMV Pixel-perfect map projectiles plugin?

    So far I've tried Galv's Map Projectiles plugin, but anyway, it doesn't work like what I expect since my game is even more bullet-hell than usual RPG Maker games that uses the plugin, and it utilizes an ABS system where you can battle enemies directly in the overworld. (the plugin by Galv only...
  17. BEP

    RMMV Need help fixing action sequence that doesn't work properly

    So, I learned from my previous stupid post that not only should I ask questions about this kind of stuff here, but also that I shouldn't just ask for people to make me 15 action sequences for free. So I tried making them by myself, and ran into some errors with one of them. And unlike my...
  18. GlaireDaggers

    GD Localization - Yet another L18N plugin

    Hey! So I was working on this localization plugin for my own game, Foxblade, and decided I'd go ahead and throw it up on Github in case anyone else finds it useful. The plugin is designed to be really simple to use, so honestly there's not much to it. Localization files are stored in .csv...
  19. Kay_ande

    RMMV "Sliding" between selections

    Hello,i think the plugin i'm searching for arleady exists,but i can't seem to find it... What i'm looking for is a plugin that adds a "slide" effect when scrolling through options,instead of the standard hopping between them.(as seen below)
  20. Corruption mode

    Alright so I'm trying to make a mechanic where once the actor's tp reaches 100 he goes berserk and gains extra strength and starts attacking his team. I've gotten the tp management down well, but im not sure how to trigger the state I plan on using for when he goes berserk. Any got any ideas?

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