1. coolstud243

    Looking for a Tanning Rack for leatherworking that can work with RTP tilesets.

    I'm currently working on implementing a leatherworking system, but I can't seem to find a Tanning rack to craft leather at. I'm willing to give credit for one and even willing to spend a little bit of money, if need be, to have a proper asset for my game.
  2. GBoiiDesu

    Undertaker - EP9 | Promises (1/3)

    Hello! My name is GoodBoii Desu and I'm the Producer @ Goodboii Ink. !! I'd like to share my latest work with you, and hopefully get some reviews from rpgmaker lovers! Undertaker is an animated series that I make with RPGMaker MV, and I've just finished the first part of episode 9! Now, I...
  3. RMMV Yanfly selection controll different animations for single and multi attack

    Well, dont need to say more, is it possible that if you target 1 enemy you get animation1 and if you target all you get animation2? ?
  4. alphawiz

    Players reporting an error I can't figure out

    I recently posted a game on itch and a couple of the people who have downloaded it have reported the following error. Everything I've found regarding this error seems to be something about files having a version mismatch in RPG Maker, not in a deployed game from a player's perspective...
  5. RMMV Change color of text selected by cursor

    When a skill or item is selected with the cursor, I want to change the color of the selected text. An example image is attached. Only selected text is black in color.
  6. DarkMonarch

    What array functions are available in RMMV?

    I am using arrays to store some data in order to, hopefully, avoid using multiple variables. I was able to get .indexOf to work, but select and fetch aren't working. For the purpose of this question, I will provide this example. //Array of save files that have a save in them (false if empty)...
  7. DarkMonarch

    How to access data in a separate save file?

    Say the player finished a playthrough in file 2. They start a new game on file 3. How would I access information from file 2? If I wanted to get the name of a certain actor in file2 and set it as a variable in file3, how would I do that? I know there are new game+ plugins but I need to be able...
  8. RMMV Spellsteal and two of its many Variants

    Once more, I have returned with yet another mechanic on my to-do list: Spellsteal. (Edit: I May have forgotten to write a reminder of which plugins I am using. I have purchased the full collection of the Yanfly Engine.) By definition, "Spellsteal" Involves the act of "Stealing a Spell"-or in...
  9. RavenBlueIndigo

    RMMV Variable Display Plugin

    I am in need of a plugin that allows you to display variable values(ideally multiple values,) anywhere on the screen. If anyone is aware of such a plugin, please let me know.
  10. RMMV Zhonya's Hourglass Remade for MV

    For yet the third time, I have come back to this section of the forum. While my conundrum seems difficult, I have actually made enough of a headway to know what I am working with, and notetags to make the effect function. At least in its most basic form. First and foremost, this is what I am...
  11. RMMV Twinned Weapons fused with Pokémon's Helping Hand Move

    I apologise in advance for the horrid wording of this title I came up with; There is no simpler(Or shorter, to begin with) way I can come up with to summarize what kind of conundrum exactly brought me back here. I've managed to figure out how to modify damage post-calculation thanks to my...
  12. Evented Mine Car Ride

    A (Mostly) Fully Evented Mine Car Ride! There are a few caveats to this tut. I'm not an experienced eventer. I used MV and one plugin is required. Stop Map Movement by Yanfly for the plugin command "StopPlayerMovement" to stop the player from inputting movement. I don't think you need that...
  13. KaaxItzam

    Advice on creating 'distance'/'range' states or values in battles?

    I am currently working on my first project, and while I am used to the simple features of RPGM:MV, there is something that I would like to implement that I fear may be extremely complicated or convoluted to implement. I want to create a distance system in my battles so that enemies are either...
  14. RMMV Creating a Weapon that boosts Damage Dealt based on Enemies Slain with it

    I apologise in advance for any potential misplacement of this thread. I myself am unsure exactly where to place it, but given I'm working with the full Collection of the Yanfly Engine, I feel this may be appropriate enough, as Yanfly's Plugins may very well be the Key to solving my conundrum...
  15. My Custom Common Event Menu closes entirely in any scene with cancel button instead of going back one page only.

    Hi, first time posting here. I watched some tutorial and tried making a custom menu based off common events but I ran into a problem. The custom menu instantly closes itself the moment I pressed x(cancel) button instead of going back to main menu first. No matter what scene I was in like...
  16. jackass__

    Inconsistent framerate drops on different devices

    Hi, I'm making a game on RMMV for the purpose of being playable on browser (computer and mobile) and I've got a steady 60fps on play test and deployment version to browser too on my computer and mobile (google chrome), but when I tried it on friends setups on google also (same update 118) I...
  17. Dungeonmind

    Rpg Maker MV keeps crashing on Mac while doing basic tasks in engine

    Hello, I am having some serious technical issues with the engine now, which never happened before. The engine keeps crashing when trying to work with events in common event or even events on a map. It's made development impossible now. I even made a video to catch only one of the times it does...
  18. coticka

    RMMV QABS Native DmgPop on map?

    Hello. I am using QABS for my project. https://quxios.github.io/plugins I was wondering if there existed some sort of snippet or plugin which forced the native rpg maker dmg popups on the initial player map (outside of battle.) I know that QPopup exists & I'm using it but it unfortunately...
  19. willfardig

    Increase number of icons shown on Battle Status Window - MV

    I've dug into this extensively and have come up with nothing. I'm unable to find where exactly RPGMAKER MV calculates column width for the battle status window. I can find where they allocate the gauges and everything but not the amount of icons available for display. Currently, I'm stuck with...
  20. coticka

    RMMV Reflections plugin error help?

    Hello. I don't know if another plugin that does what I want exists already. This one seems to be close. I've been trying to find a working one that simply mirrors the player/events perfectly underneath them on the lowest Z layer with an option of an additive blending effect. No fluff effects...

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