1. Importing RMXP plugins to MV?

    So there's already a method to import rmxp projects to rmmv but it does not properly import plugins. Is it possible to convert rmxp plugins to rmmv?
  2. MV Mod Loader

    A mod loader for RPG Maker MV games. It solves one of the main issues that makes modding RPG Maker games so inconvenient: distribution of changes. The database for games is just a bunch of JSON files, which mod authors distribute in their entirety, telling users to drag and drop to install...
  3. ConnyState

    RMMV - Change Default Battle Face?

    I was hoping to do something like this, I bet it's really easy with the use of some plugins but I am still struggling. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  4. BTJanuary

    QTE Time Hits Minigame doesn't work

    Greetings, so i was following this tutorial to try and make a QTE but the pointer is just there, unmoving. Trying my best to check for problem but i just can't figure out any problem that cause the line to just not move between my script and the tutorial. Here is my code . Thank you very much...
  5. BTJanuary

    How to change unpassable tile to passable

    (pretty new to forums in general, so my apologies if this is in the wrong thing) So I was wondering if there's anyway to change the passability of an area/tile? I want the area to be first inaccessable, then after a while, it can then be accessable. Thank you very much in advance!
  6. RMMV looking for specific battle script calls as conditions for SRD HUD maker

    figured id ask here since its very related to scripts themeselves. ive been having trouble these past days trying to find the correct script calls to place in the condition box of SRD's HUD maker pluggin. Been trying to have several pictures act as part of the UI of the battle screen depending...
  7. OneManIndie

    The Rarely Typical Players Podcast

    Hi Gang! Just wanted to let you guys know that D7, Psychronic games, SGHarlekin and myself host a weekly review Podcast of RPG Maker games. We try the game out and give our feedback live on stream. If you'd like to hear it or have a game you'd like played, feel free to hit up either: DISCORD...
  8. WCouillard

    Individual Animation Dimensions

    Individual Animation Dimensions (RMMV) Author(s): Coolie, caethyril Version: 1.0 Updated Date: March 2nd, 2023 What does this plugin do? RPG Maker MV forces a very small 192x192 size for each cell in an animation. This is way too small for an engine that allows us to make games with much higher...
  9. Wendeer

    How do I extract my MV project/game into an exe that I can publish?

    This may seem silly to ask, but I can't find out how to do this so I'm asking the brightest minds I know. I've finished making a tiny project that I plan to upload on itch.io because I reached a milestone on tiktok supporters and I wanted to thank them. This brings me to my question, how do I...
  10. allergyy

    [HELP] Map gets stuck when I transfer a player through a door

    Whenever I go through a transfer point, then I go through a door, my map background seems to get stuck or not change? Is there any way to fix this? I am pretty sure I followed all the tutorials correctly but this glitch happens First Scene: Second Scene: then when I walk through this door it...
  11. WickBRSTM

    RMMV Change text size of keys in YEP_KeyboardConfig

    Heyo! Wick is back with another quick question. My game is utilizing Yanfly's Keyboard Config (YEP_KeyboardConfig.js) to allow players to remap the keys to their liking, which is great! However, I'm currently running into an issue where, due to my game using bitmapped fonts, the text on the keys...
  12. WickBRSTM

    RMMV YEP_X_InBattleStatus.js on actor menu?

    Heyo, Wick again. Thank you all kindly for your support. Apologies if this isn't a simple thing to ask for or the right thread in which to do so, but would it be possible to modify YEP_X_InBattleStatus in so that the new Status command it adds would be added to the Actor menu instead of the top...
  13. tazzan

    [HELP][RMMV] Trying to make State Icons appear w/ custom battle HUD using HUD Maker

    I'm using SumRndmDde's HUD Maker to make a custom battle HUD for my game, and I'd like to show the state icons within a custom field (not necessarily a text field, whatever works) but I have no idea how to do that. I tried inputting ${$gameParty.leader().states()} into a text object, which is...
  14. tazzan

    RMMV [BUG][RMMV] SumRndmDde HUD Maker Elements Missing

    I recently started dabbling with SumRndmDde's HUD Maker for use in my game but some elements are missing. Typically, the plugin would have Text, TextEX, Shape, Picture, PictureEX, Gauge, Image Gauge, Image Numbers, & Actor Face as options for elements to be added. However, in my project only...
  15. kyonides

    [Clean it up or Close it or Delete it] KItemAlert MV

    Delete it.
  16. sorta44

    Tileset ingame appears as just black. Using default editor, and am experimenting something.

    Basically, ingame, my tileset appears as just black. I'm trying out upscaling images, and wow it works perfectly in the editor, but when the game starts up, it's just black. Here, look at this image. I will provide my tileset if needed.
  17. kyonides

    KMessageTarget MV

    KMessageTarget MV 2 Versions by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction By default the Battle Log doesn't expect you to add a target's name to a skill action message. This plugin changes that to make sure you can certainly read who's the hero's current target. Simple Version...
  18. WickBRSTM

    Spacing issues with coelocanth's Font Textures

    Heyo, Wick here. Hope you're doing well if you're reading this. :) I decided to look into alternate methods for rendering fonts in RMMV since I recently decided to change the game's rendering method to more suit my pixel art style, at the cost of some elements of my UI such as the font I was...
  19. kyonides

    KTouchNewMapEvent MV

    KTouchNewMapEvent MV by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Normally, the default plugins would only activate the event after you move in any direction and touch any given event. This plugin will let you run that event set to run on Player Touch or Event Touch right after being transferred to a...
  20. Poupouille

    Looking for padded cell floor and wall

    Hello, I'm looking for floor and wall to make a padded cell. Do you know where I can found that? Thank you ! :kaoangry:

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