1. KoriCongo

    YEP_X_AttachAugments -- Forcing Augments onto Weapons/Armors?

    Hello! I was wondering if there was a way to force attach augments onto weapons and armors using Yanfly's Attach Augment plugin. I was trying to make cursed augments that would negatively impact weapons and items, as I wasn't satisfied with just simply restricting equipment onto the player. I...
  2. MushroomCake28

    Looking for SV actor of People3_7 (the captain) [MV]

    Hi, I'm looking for a SV actor asset of the captain from the People 3 in the RTP. More precisely, People3_7. If anyone knows of an existing asset for that I would really much appreciate it!
  3. jaqyu

    RMMV: How to make attack success rate randomised?

    Hello! I'm completely new both to this forum and to RPG Maker MV, so I apologise if this is the wrong board (please redirect me if so). I'll try to explain what I'm trying to do as best as I can; So I have a party of 3 characters. Two are controlled normally, they attack when you tell them to...
  4. SuperSuck64

    Disable leaving vehicle

    How do I disable the ability to leave a vehicle by pressing a key/clicking? I want to make it so the player can only get on and off vehicles when transitioning from map to map.
  5. PresaDePrata

    Fantasy wagon vehicle

    Resource Type: Charset (bigger than 48px, preferably 96px). If making up and down animation is too hard, it can be only right and left. Maker Format: MV Description: A fantasy wagon designed for travel. I doesn't have to have animals attached, just the animated wagon moving. References...
  6. EclipseVRP

    MOGHunter's BattleCry Plugin With Text?

    Yeah, so, as the titles states, is it possible to have Text appear with what MOGHunter's BattleCry Plugin adds? Example of this would be when the Actor gets damaged, the BattleCry Plugin will initiate the Damage SE. Would it be possible to add text into that sequence? An example being the same...
  7. Jonna

    RMMV Star: chapter I

  8. JessicaGarris

    Followers ON/OFF in Options Menu? (YEP Options Core)

    I downloaded Yanfly's Options Core today, and it works great! I noticed there's a way to add new options to the menu, but I can't figure it out. At a point in my game, you have four characters in the party and most of them are riding horses, so I know it could be annoying for the player to see...
  9. schulliya

    Battler request from TV sprite

    Hello! I'd like someone to make a battler file to me using these clothes. I may pay if the price is not too high ^^
  10. Kristina

    Remove hp/mp/tp/level from menu

    Hi game makers, Since I'm making a non combat game, then I have no need for hp, mp, level etc. in the status. I just want the face, name and class name. That's it. Now, I have managed to remove anything that's not needed except the level - it's the only one I need gone. I have used a plugin to...
  11. Kristina

    Make a task/achievement menu

    Hi game makers, I need to make some sort of a task menu and also an achievement menu. They need to work the same way. Basically, what I want to make a list of tasks/achievements with a icon next to each of them. When one task is done, the icon needs to change and that's pretty much it. I...
  12. EclipseVRP

    MOGHunter's BattleCry Plugin - Skills

    Hello! So, I'm using MOGHunter's BattleCry Plugin, and well, I've come to an issue that I'm sure is extremely easy to fix, but considering I have no knowledge on Java Script, or whatever it is, I have no idea what to do! I'll let the Screenshots do all the talking! So this is the default...
  13. EclipseVRP

    Repel For On Map Encounters

    So, within the RPG I'm designing, I've added On Map Encounters using YanFly's Event Chase Player Plugin, rather than having a Random Encounter based on Steps. Before I added this feature, I had used the default Random Step Encounter. Along with the Default Encounter System, I had an Item...
  14. EclipseVRP

    Event Chase Player - Respawn

    Hello! Still doing some late night RPG Making, and well, I've come across a problem. You see, I'm using YanFly's Event Chase Player Plugin, and while it does work as intended, there's a slight problem I can't figure out. I may just be dumb, or overlooking it since I'm pretty tired, but here's...
  15. EclipseVRP

    MOGHunter Battle Cry + YanFly Gab Window Help

    Hello! So as the title states, I'm using MOGHunter's Battle Cry Plugin, which is completely set up, everything is working besides the Action sounds, but I did a work around using a Common Event that calls for the sounds! Though, the Actions, having solved it myself, is not the reason I'm...
  16. Hyouryuu-Na

    RMMV To see Tomorrow (No Travel Game Jam Entry)- Updated

    Hello. This is the first game I've ever finished. And I sure hope it's not the last. I started to work on it on 13th April for the No travel game jam. Since it's my first game, I was a bit slow and I finished it in a hurry. It's not perfect at all but I hope it's not terrible. I mean, not even I...
  17. EclipseVRP

    Enemy Drops Upon Defeat

    I've been trying to figure this one out for a while, but am never able to. So, I've been playing a game called "Eternal Twilight" by FernyFer775, and one of the systems they've implemented was when an enemy is defeated, the drops you would receive would splash/explode out of it's Sprite onto...
  18. Joker101

    RMMV The Chevalier's Course (No Travel Game Jam Entry)

    The Chevalier's Course With how things are currently going, I decided to join the No Travel Game Jam to pass the time and finally test some ideas that have been on the back burner. “The Chevalier’s Course” was a way for me to experiment with visual and mechanical elements that I would like to...
  19. Level up each stat individually?

    In the game I'm currently working on there are no battles, only competitions that involve each parameter. I've also changed the parameters to as follows: Attack is now Speed Defense is now Power M.Attack is now Dig M.Defense is now Jump Agility is now Beauty Actors also don't have overall...
  20. Creating Field Skills?

    I'm really sorry as I don't know where to post this thread. I tried looking up what I wanted but couldn't find anything. Essentially what I need help doing is as follows: I have a character that is a Mage, he has an ability called Drench that can only be used from the menu. I have created a...

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