1. NarniNarni

    rpg cat heroes

    Hello, I started drawing digitally back in late january of this year and managed to make this pack, still working on humanoid bodies but something featuring humans will be available some time soon if anyone's interested (example: my current pfp) animations not included but probably easily...
  2. How do I make the player freeze until he presses again action button?

    I'm making a simples interaction that the player uses the action button in a pot, then he talks something and a image appears on the screen. How do I make so the player cannot move and the image is still on the screen as long as until he presses the action button again, so the image dissapears...
  3. RMMV Check if any actor has X item equipped

    Hello, I noticed that in conditional branch event menu, there is a option to check if specific actor has an item equipped. How would a scriptcall which checks if any party member has item X(weapon or armor) equipped look like?
  4. HalcyanStudio

    State that makes Skills cost HP

    Hi everyone, I want to have a state that makes every Skill cost 15% of Max HP. What would be the easiest way to achieve this? I know that YEP Skillcore can make skills cost HP by default, but I only want this to happen when the user has a state, not by default. Thanks for your input!
  5. HalcyanStudio

    Control states with seconds instead of turns

    Given the nature of my game (action rpg), i'd like to control states in seconds instead of turns (or damage). Are there plugins that can do this or are there any tutorials out there on how to do this (or something similar) that i can use as a base? Thanks!
  6. Rion Requiel

    [Solved] Please Delete

    So I have been working on a Dungeon Tool System reminiscent of Wild Arms using the Galv Puzzle Script and have managed to get it working for the most part more or less. I have a throwing knife that works as intended and some other things, but what I don't have is a way to make the event trigger...
  7. ConnyState

    What's the best way to parallax map?

    I'm interested in parallax mapping my game, I remember how to do it, but I've been wondering if over the years new stuff has come out to make parallaxing easier or more convenient.
  8. gjoynerjr

    RMMV Error saving game - Sprite_Character._events [Events] constructor undefined

    Hello all! I have an object that derives from Sprite_Character. When attempting to save the game, the encoding collapses on JsonEx._getConstructorName when passed the _events member with the error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined." I see that PIXI.Sprite.call(this, texture)...
  9. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Shopkeeper System

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a plugin or plugins out there that adds a system for being a shopkeeper like being able to set items on a table and setting the price for the items and having customers come in and buy items from you similar to something like the game Moonlighter. If this is...
  10. CORE88

    RMMV - Get Selected Actor's ID Using Variables?

    Hello World, Forgive me if this question has already been answered, I am new to RPG Maker. I am trying to use Variables and Common Events to accomplish a monster evolution event using an item that calls on a common event. In the common event, I am trying to have logic get the SELECTED party...
  11. I can't execute RPG Maker MV on M1 Mac with Parallels

    I tried to excute RMMV with Parallels, Windows 11. When executed, the program is terminated without moving on to the next screen in the Loading page like this screenshot. I tried with Windows 10 and "Run as administrator" also, but the program closes with the same symptoms. Please someone help me!
  12. Jomy10

    RTBS - Real Time Battle System

    I've been working on a game for the last few weeks and wanted a realtime battle system. The Chrono engine didn't provide what I wanted and it wasn't exactly easy to set up. So I figured why not make my own? Features - Attack animations - Weapons can deal more damage - Ranged weapons (they are...
  13. HM_Misfit

    Tips on making a Plains area?

    Like the title suggest I'm hoping to get some tips on making plains. Plains themselves are very empty but, I was wondering if you guys have ways to make them a little more alive? Or maybe I should just use the Overworld approach?
  14. Jomy10

    RMMV Rotating item icons

    Is there any way to rotate items in the item menu? I'd like to rotate the icons of certain items by 45°. Does anyone know how I can achieve this? Either using an existing plugin or by making one myself.
  15. sirnameless

    Omori is coming to the Switch! But... how?

    Next month, Omori will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. But how did they do it? Anyone know? From what I can find online, it looks like it was built in RPG Maker MV. Their Kickstarter also says they want to port it to 3DS and PS Vita. My guesses for how this is possible... a complex...
  16. RivalRamen_Games

    RMMV Saga of Seven-Fold (Game Idea!)

    Game Idea!! In a world where planar travel is as common as a road trip to Grandma's, Ramona is a World-Traveler-in-training, a student of the powerful art of planar travel. However, she is extremely impatient, and upon using a World Key, basically splits herself into seven people! The key then...
  17. jcruise

    RMMV Help with displaying one line at a time in battle log

    Hello everyone. My goal is to display battle log text, one line at a time, in a visible window. Here's what I have so far. Window_BattleLog.prototype.initialize = function() { var width = this.windowWidth(); var height = this.windowHeight()...
  18. Dungeonmind

    What encryption software/methods did you use for your commercial game?

    Hello, everyone. I would like to know people's thoughts on encryption for MV games. I've been thinking of selling my game elsewhere other than on Steam, but I would want to encrypt it first. Things that would be valuable for me to know are: what everyone has used to encrypt their projects and...
  19. thenerdmansion

    RPG Maker Games Critique with Thenerdmansion Game Submission

    Introducing our Wednesday Night Game Streams! Every Wednesday, we'll be streaming 4:30-7pm Mountain time on our Youtube channel playing RPG Maker Games. Join the host, Nerdboi from Thenerdmansion as he reviews and critique submissions from this forum. So how do you submit a game? That's easy...
  20. bluechuii

    Can i get help with Event loops/ Player input, please?!

    So, I have an event that is a Loop. It's acting as a menu selection. The player walks up to a wardrobe. They press enter and it shows the pictures. Player input with Up and/or down, goes through different Pictures. (This is to change the player's outfit and It's pretty important to the overall...

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