1. Affecting the actor/battler selection highlight

    Alright, so I'm trying to include a summoning character in my game, which SumRndmDde's Summon Core has made leagues easier to implement. However, I would prefer not to use the side-view battle option, and so have been trying to tweak my setup to work. I'm also using YEP_BattleStatusWindow to...
  2. SirGatling

    RMMV Oblivion Tales (prototype) [Update #4]

    Disclaimer: it's not shown yet but the game deals with topics relate vary slightly with sectarian and religious themes. ¡Hi! :D I want to show you the concept of a game that I'm working pretty hard on it, it's my first serious project, made it with the RTP but I have te intentions to add unique...
  3. Dev_With_Coffee

    Fix error Failed to load data/Actors.json

    This error happens because you try to play a game in the web browser directly when running INDEX.HTML. Modern browsers have a security system that prevents local files from trying to capture information from other sites via AJAX, but you can disable this security (CROSS-ORIGIN). The...
  4. Self-made Online Tool: Auto-Generating RMMV Dungeon Map

    Hi, inspired by Townscaper, I made an online tool for auto-generating dungeon map for RMMV. The first version of this tool can generate dungeon maze automatically. I'm considering the automatic generation of different kinds of maps, such as the world map, town map, and indoor map later...
  5. MarxMayhem

    [MV] Olivia's Boost Point System, but everyone uses the same pool of Boost Points?

    As title says. I am planning to adapt the Octopath Battle System with some twists, one of them is keeping the Boost feature but making it so everyone uses one pool of BP instead of having their own pools. Unless I missed something in the documentation, the plugin has no option to have only one...
  6. greensdream

    Option to take the player to the "Key Items" menu?

    I have a custom menu called by a common event, and in that event I have three options to choose from. In the event I use script calls to take the player to the Equip, Save, and Quit screens respectively [ SceneManager.push(Scene_Equip), etc. ]. My question is this... Can I add a fourth option...
  7. skyebot

    Help with transferring players between maps

    Hi! I have an issue in RPGMAKER MV where when in an event creation I will use the transfer player command and it will not let me select a map other then the one i am already on, I have never had this problem before but it is happening to every map in my current project, is this something I can...
  8. JohnDoe666

    [RMMV]Hiding the battle status window during a cutscene in battle.

    Hello! Is there any way to hide the battle status window during a cutscene which is enabled via common event? I've searched the Internet for a solution, sadly none of the things I've learned in doing so fit into my game's perspective. In the game I'm creating, most of enemy npc's attacks have...
  9. Does anyone have any 'downed' animal sprites? (SOLVED)

    By this I mean dead animals basically. I noticed I already have sprite sheets for dead versions of the default cat and dog, but that's about it. No variety whatsoever. I'm mainly looking for a sprite for a dead boar, but any dead animal sprites you can find would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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