1. ThePioneer

    RMMV JS Attack Assist Chance Issues

    Okay, so I am attempting to write a custom force action javascript call inside various Yanfly note tags. This call is intended to pick a random battler other than the user that performs the initial attack at X% chance and have them use skill Y. There is nothing wrong with the Yanfly plugins or...
  2. RMMV How do I make the player lose all equipment and certain items upon death? (RMMV)

    V So I'm trying to create a dungeon crawler with light 'roguelike' elements where the player will lose all equipment found on their dungeon run upon death. Are there any in game or plugin solutions for this?
  3. mumin

    Event that shoots out bullets/lasers of darkness outside of battle.

    Hi. I am currently building a game, and one of the skills that the PC gains during her travels through the game is called "Lovin' In The Moonlight", in which she uses the power of darkness to set enemies to their damage state with a ray of darkness. I would like to know the steps on how to do...
  4. void_of_the_mind

    RMMV TypeError problem

    Hello all, I've stumbled on an issue with a TypeError. I recently was fiddling with some events but nothing major, and now i'm getting this every time I try to playtest: This error pops up every time and I cannot really determine it's source. These are the plugins I am currently using: I...
  5. DagJakeTanner

    DW (an adventure RPG)

    DW (version 1.0!) Made using RPG Maker MV. Price is $7.99! Supported Languages: English Synopsis DW is an adventure/RPG about a boy stranded in a world of drawings! Armed only with a mysterious paintbrush, find a way home as you unravel the mystery of how you ended up in this world. Features...
  6. Actor Command Window

    Hello everybody. I met the RPG Maker a short time ago, and this is my first post here, so I'm sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong forum. I would like to ask, if there is a way to leave the "actor command" buttons in separate boxes, something like in the attached image, and direct commands...
  7. [Fulfilled] Water coming out of pillar

    Hello, fellow Game makers! Completed versions (and conditions) at the artist's thread (go to page 4 to find them): https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/gothicvoid-s-additions-new-modern-items.110577/ Resource Type: Character... technically? Maker Format: RMMV Art Style: RTP...
  8. Kurot

    RMMV Plugin Bug Support: MOG_CharPoses

    Hello everyone, everything good? I need help with a MogHunter plugin that you can download via this link: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-chrono-engine/ In this link it is possible to download several plugins, but what is giving me a headache is the MOG_CharPoses plugin. I tried to...
  9. RMMV Animated SV Enemies problem

    I'm having an issue with the AnimatedSVEnemies plugin where the animated enemy performs said actions super fast, like 1 frame fast. This happens with him attacking or getting hit. I also used the sprite sheet on an actor and that worked correctly. What I find so weird is that the idle animation...
  10. RMMV Remove Blurry Font Text

    Hi everyone, I want to remove blurry font, but I couldn't figure it out. I try to find exactly what I need, but none of them solve it, and this is the picture you might to see it. I just want a perfect pixel font without blur, so I need to know if there's a plugin or script, please I really...
  11. RMMV Similar Mog Scene

    Hello everyone, I would like to find any plugin that has a similar RMMV – Scene File. I try to make it, but it shows an error. I hope if you can help me. Thank you.
  12. Character Passive Skill RMMV

    Hello, i'm kind of new on making rpg games, but i was trying to create something like a state that isn't always active, but activate itself at the start of a battle, also that same state showing as a passive skill on the character's abilities tab, and when you reach at certain level that you...
  13. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Galv's Magic Shards Class Change Add-On

    Hello! :kaohi: Would someone be able to help me create an add-on for Galv's Magic Shards plugin? What I'm hoping to achieve is to change the class of the equipped character based on what shards they equip. For example, if they equip 1 Fire Shard, they become a Fire Mage. If they swap the...
  14. FirelordMaria

    RMMV How to make tiles or events appear temporarily? (I'm using Chrono Engine)

    One of my bosses is a mad scientist who throws ''potions'' at you, and the liquid remains on the floor for a few seconds, right on the position the potion was thrown. If you touch the spilled chemicals, you will get damage and sometimes a poison state. I'm not sure how to make this. As told in...
  15. mumin

    Fairyland and Underwater Tilesets?

    I am searching for fairyland and underwater tilesets. I can do whatever, really, with the fairy tile sets, some sci-fi/modern aesthetics are preferred with the underwater tilesets. For context: A. In one scene: Daisy goes into a fairy ring and enters Faerie and meets her new best friend, Aty's...
  16. Quackadoos

    Picture Not Showing in Day/Night Cycle

    Hi guys, I'm having some trouble with my time and weather system, as the title suggests. I have it set so that when the weather is fine during Dawn, Day, and Dusk, an overlay of sunrays will display. When I first set this up it sort of worked, but now that the system is complete it doesn't...
  17. HoshiTheOni

    RMMV So i'm trying to do something with TP..

    So i'm trying to figure out if i can use a script call, or one of Yanfly's Plugin's, and possibly a different method of changing this into where TP is used instead. In my new Project i'm trying to use TP as my gauge to drain when my actor (Knyne) transforms, instead this old method i used from...
  18. Help with (Error Failed to load: data/Actors.json

    So basically all im trying to do is convert my game to an ios app for testing on my phone. I am using the manual to do this and everything has been working fine until, while trying to follow the 4-1-6 step on the “converting to an ios app” where you basically use an iphone simulator on mac to...
  19. cuppedsunshine

    RMMZ In-editor or external CG generator plugin

    Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I am not asking anyone to make art for a generator! That part I plan to do myself- however, I don't know how to code whatsoever. Basically, I want to make a generator for face images, character illustrations, static battlers and busts to help devs who cannot...
  20. Kristina

    Weird Sprite Movement

    Hi all, I hope you guys can help me find a solution to this as my mind is blank and so far the people I have asked can't figure it out. As you can see on the video the female sprite is walking very weird. Now, I got this issue in my whole project, not only on this map. I got the same issue...

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