CHKNMOD - the collection

    Hi everybody, I'd like to introduce you to my humble beginnings in plugin-making with a deluxe collection of free simple plugins. While bite-sized, they will prove absolutely delicious to customize your game. While I advise that you place them at the bottom of your plugin list to make sure...
  2. NatePlays

    RMMV Yanfly Item Durability show in Item Name

    I want the durability of an item from Yanfly Item Durability to show after the item name, like a suffix, possible with the Yanfly Item Core. This is so the player can easily judge the uses left without having to enter a new window (they select the weapon for each attack). I figured out you can...
  3. greensdream

    Skill that changes an actor's Element Rate?

    I would like to make a skill that changes that actor's Element Rate. As per this character's class, their Element Rate for Physical-type is 300%. I would like the skill (let's call it "Steadfast") to change their Element Rate for Physical-type to 100% for 2-4 turns. It'd be extra great to do...
  4. Vis_Mage

    RMMV [RSE] Runescribe

    Download: https://vis-mage.itch.io/runescribe Synopsis: The project was made for the Release Something Event (RSE), and was made within a month. I went into this with the goal to create a game that utilizes RPG Maker MV's mobile deployment feature, something that I was very excited about when...
  5. MoonMoonGames

    Vessel of Sin's Custom Plugins

    The plugins in the following GitHub were written for my RPG Maker 31st Birthday entry, Vessel of Sin, and were then subsequently cleaned up for release, because I thought other people would definitely benefit from using them. Download link to all plugins here! Terms of use for all plugins is...
  6. HiddenAlchemist

    RMMV Mjshi's BattlePortrait plugin not working even when turned on

    I've been trying to test out Mjshi's BattlePortrait plugin, which is supposed to display a character portrait in the bottom right corner. (Think Shining Force's perspective if anyone's familiar.) But even though I have turned the plugin on and have no other plugins interfering, it acts like it...
  7. MoonMoonGames

    RMMV [RSE] Vessel of Sin Concept Alpha (Download Available)

    VESSEL OF SIN Released for the 31st Birthday: Release Something Event! Synopsis In a frenzy of religious fervor over the gods Sin and Virtue, the people of Rakesh have begun executing its population over the flimsiest of reasons by pushing them off a stone wall into the ocean floor below...
  8. Ksyoush

    RMMV YEP event chase player gets glitchy with diagonal movement plugins

    plugins used: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Event_Chase_Player_(YEP), https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-mv/diagonal-movement/ Hello. Sorry that this problem is too specific,but when the plugin event starts chasing the player,it's sprites get weirdly cropped. I just wonder if there...
  9. TSR


    Author: TSR, The Northern Frog Download: TSR_MoveEvent This plugin allows to push, pull, pick up and throw events. =========================================================== ToU: Use in any independant RPG Maker MZ or MV projects, including commercials. Credit is required for using...
  10. Repeating Player Touch events

    Hi all, I'm wondering if it's possible to have an event on a timed loop, so that if the player steps on it the event repeats every X frames, but when they step away it stops? I'm trying to create a room with lightning striking the floor, so that if you stand on that particular square it does...
  11. Essention

    Checking for a summoned actor in battle.

    So... I have SRD_SummonCore, Jay_BattleVAManager, and Yanfly action sequences. I wanted to have an if-else statement in terms of the summon voice clips reacting to different things upon summon. One condition is if the summoner is low on health. The other is if another actor acting as a...
  12. FirelordMaria

    RMMV Chrono engine enemy issue (ABS mode)

    I just did a battle test and apparently my enemies don't deal any damage (but the playable character does), the project is based off the Chrono engine demo and the enemy I used was the sample slime, so I didn't change anything. This is the move route. I already removed any move-route related...
  13. [RMMV] Lag/Slowdowns Huge Issues

    Hello there. My apologies for having two threads of mine opened. I did a lot of research for this issue, but none of the solutions I read is working. I had fun in the last month of using RPG Maker MV and now I completed some sort of Demo of my game, that lasts around 30 minutes. When doing...
  14. Hi so...

    Is there away to make it so an enemy cant die unless it has 1 hp e.g. if it has 2 hp and u attack it and it takes 69 dmg it doesnt die it just goes to 1 hp
  15. LyonBuster

    RMMV RPG Maker MZ to RPG Maker MV Converter

    I am just curious about it and i also know that it may look like a downgrade. However, as it is Javascript after all and there are some interesting Plugins made from MZ, is there any plugin converter from MZ to MV? In this link I can see the issue is between data structure and map structure so...
  16. Pandappuccino

    [RMMV] Inflict Status on User After Skill?

    Hi, this may sound like a very specific question with a very simple answer, but I just want to verify it to be 100% certain. I have a character in mind for a project who, for her own reasons, suffers severe fatigue. She can fight but it runs the risk of her getting winded and not being able to...
  17. [RMMV] Variable Puzzles

    Good afternoon. I'm watching some tutorials to understand Variables. I'd like to ask some questions. Well, one for start. I made a simple puzzle of a boulder pushed onto a animated switch that lowers a wall. But when I change zone and come back, the wall has disappeared like I want, but the...
  18. studwb22

    [SOLVED] NPC Moves at Random DURING cutscene

    I'm having an issue with an NPC Randomly moving during a cutscene or when I try to disable the random walking the cutscene won't load at all I just get a black screen. I created the NPC as an event and I am using a master event to control both the NPC event and the player for the cutscene...
  19. studwb22

    [SOLVED] Issue with On Screen Encounters

    I have my game set up for on screen event encounters. I have them working as intended using a few different plugins. YEP Event Chase Player, YEP Event Encounter Aid, and YEP Force Advantage. The issue I'm having is that while the enemy can sneak up behind the player and force and advantage, and...
  20. hdhayes11

    Turn player towards event

    In VX Ace there was the script turn_toward_character($game_map.events[ID]) that turned the player towards the defined event, is there a script similar (or way) to do this in MV?

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