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  1. Drewster237

    Music Indicator at Corner of Screen

    How would I add a little pop up at the top corner of the screen saying what music is currently playing? It'd go away after a few seconds of the new track playing. Is there a plugin that already exists or would I have to code it? Thanks in advance.
  2. BattleCore Attack Side view animation problem

    I want the player on the left side during sv combat and I ran into this problem that during the stepping (or jumping towards the enemy) animation the sprite reverbs to the idle animation which looks funny. Does anyone know how to fix that?
  3. YeXin

    Simulating Key Presses with Script Call

    Hello, I need help with a script call to simulate keyboard presses. This is for RMMZ, I googled and found in the forums that it's supposed to be input.virtualclick('ok') but strangely enough, it's not working for me no matter how I tried it. Do I need a plugin for this?
  4. Arthran

    Sell Shop

    Sell Shop v1.10 By Arthran Introduction This plugin allows you to create a shop where the player can only sell items. You can define which items can be sold in the shop, and you can also specify the price multiplier that will be applied to each item. How to Use To use it, simply use the plugin...
  5. Arthran

    Verbose Error Screen

    Verbose Error Screen v1.10 By: Arthran Introduction This plugin makes it so that when an error occurs in your RPG Maker MZ game, it will display the stack trace along with the error message. For those that don't know, the stack trace is the chain of function calls that ultimately lead to the...
  6. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ Translation plugins for MZ that can localize images?

    So far, the ones I found are ODW's and DK's plugins. While ODW's is 100% free, I am not sure whether it can localize image files or not (for example, one image is used in the EN version, while another variant of that image is used in the JP version). DK's plugin might localize images (I...
  7. Dev_With_Coffee

    RMMZ Randomly change battle BGM

    Plugin settings are saved with the player's progress, sorry I'm not following standards, it's been a really long time without using RpgMV or MZ. /*: * @target MZ * @plugindesc Randomly change battle BGM * @author DevWithCoffee * * @help filename: BGMBattleRandom.js * Script is just a...
  8. LesserL

    RMMZ Message SE plugins not working (SOLVED)

    Sup, So, I got kinda stuck at this point... I was searching for a working message SE plugin (the one that plays a short SE continuously while the text is being "printed" in the message box). All the ones I found don't work (Synrec_TextSounds) or just make a single sound at the start of a...
  9. Nowis-337

    [MZ] Keyboard Rebind - v1.0

    Keyboard Rebind - Version 1.0 Nowis-337 Introduction This plugin adds a menu rebind keyboard keys to the options menu. The player will select the keybind from a list, then pressing the new key on your keyboard to register as the new keybind. I wanted to make something that is a little simpler...
  10. RMMZ Flashlight Activation

    First, I hope I am putting this in the right spot, very sorry if I have made an error. The details: I am currently using RMMZ and VisualStella's Lighting Effects plugin. The plugin has a raw True/False option for players having a flashlight they can point the direction their character is...
  11. Dungeonmind

    DM Actor Battle Voices - [MZ]

    Direct Video Link Introduction This plugin will allow you to play customized voices when actors get hit, attack, evade and even has Visustella Victory Plugin Support and can play customized voices upon level up with that plugin as an extra bonus. (Must enable it first in the plugin settings and...
  12. userx

    RMMZ Bug between Fossil Yep_ItemCore and VisuMZ_ItemsandEquip Plugin

    Hi there, tell me if I broke some rules by posting this thread. I ever post thread about looking for plugin weapon upgrade here https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/weapon-upgrade-plugin-for-rmmz.148593/ At first I read Fossil Thread and there is some UI bug between Yep_ItemCore and...
  13. userx

    RMMZ weapon upgrade plugin for rmmz?

    hi, is there a plugin weapon upgrade for mz, like the weapon upgraded to +1 +2 and so on. actualy I like Item upgrade slot from Yanfly, but its for MV, or is ther a way to port it to mz?
  14. nijiko

    NIJI Equip Slot Core - Control equip slots dynamically!

    By default RPG Maker gives you five equipment slots. You can change these five slots and add more, but every actor will have these slots even if they cannot use them. What's more you can only lock equipment types at the start and never alter them after. This plugin solves all of these issues...
  15. LesserL

    How to check if there is an Event on a certain tile?

    Hello! So I have everything for my idea except for this little thingy mentioned in the title. Most of the maps are going to consist from 3 lines of tiles: 2'nd is for walking, 1'st and 3'rd are for events. And I want doors to be on both lines. When doors on the first line can be shown normally...
  16. Sarena

    RMMZ [SOLVED] Plugin Conflicts: VisuStella and Galv

    I've been using the Galv Visual Novel Choices plugin and the VisuStellaMZ Message Core plugins together for awhile, but this is the first time I've run into an issue with them conflicting. Sometimes my text will indent text randomly like you see in the highlighted choice below: It seems like...
  17. Molux

    RMMZ RMMZ Equip/Unequip weapons/armor

    I'm looking for a script or plugin, or a way (i'm not familiar with coding and scripting) to equip, for example, a Short Sword from my inventory and when i do, i get to see a little sword on my walking sprite. Same for a Helmet for instance, when i equip it the animation adds that to the...
  18. Xenwarrior5

    RMMZ Conflict with MalMZDualWield and Visustella Battle Core

    MalMZDualWield is a plugin that allows you to make offhanded weapons that have unique traits that only apply if they're wielded in the offhand, while also letting you make two-handed weapons that seal the offhanded dual wielding slot. It's a great plugin if you're trying to give people more...
  19. Pc15

    RMMZ Doodads alternative for MZ?

    I live in a third world country, so dolars are expensive here. 15 dolars for the mz doodads plugin is way too expensive for me to buy... is there any alternative out there that i could use? please help!!

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