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  1. youngstormlord

    RMMZ Need help upgrading PIXI plugin script from RMMV to RMMZ

    I am new here so if this is against the rules, I apologize and will delete this thread. I would like to enable my players to create the look of their characters, by choosing eye and hair color, sex, wings, eyeglasses etc. There was a plugin for RMMV that allowed to do just that, by sending...
  2. Drewster237

    Music Indicator at Corner of Screen

    How would I add a little pop up at the top corner of the screen saying what music is currently playing? It'd go away after a few seconds of the new track playing. Is there a plugin that already exists or would I have to code it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Lilkxdude4101

    RMMZ Help with Message formatting (VisuStella)

    I'm currently using VisuStella's Message Core plugin and while it helps out a lot there's one problem I can't seem to fix. In my project I'll have the characters chat with a computer every once and a while. For the most part, the schtick is that they talk in brief sentences, and every one is on...
  4. Dungeonmind

    RMMZ VisuStella Battle A.I note tags not working

    Hello everyone, I am creating this thread today because I've been trying to use the Battle AI plugin from VisuStella. I installed the plugin, but nothing I seem to put into the notes does anything. I have tried many things. Maybe someone else has better luck than me and can share some of their...
  5. RMMZ YEP_X_MapQuestWindow, Yep_QuestJournal Plugin only shows the name of the quest on the screen,but not show description.

    Is it because I used mv plugin in mz using fossil or is there another problem? There was no error when I pressed f12
  6. UncleSparrow

    RMMZ RMMZ VisuStella Message Core - Equipped weapon Atk value text code

    Hello! In RPG Maker MZ, I am using VisuStella's Message Core and I am wondering how I could make a text code that grabs the attack value from the weapon the actor is currently holding. (Or rather, I am wondering if that is even possible at all, given how things like this seem to only be able to...
  7. YeXin

    Visustella's Plugin - Resize Battle Command Window

    Hi, so I've recently used Visustella's Frontview Battle UI and I wanted to resize the battle command in a smaller manner because when I placed the command window to the right, it covers up my battler and it's dreadful. I need help to make it smaller and a little bit to the edge of the screen...
  8. DuckBornDave

    error when entering battles - AltMenuScreen2MZ "Uncaught TypeError: this.isSceneNeedsAdjustGauge is not a function"

    Hi folks, first time posting in a long time so unclear if this should be a new thread or linked to the one mentioned below. I recently added the AltMenuScreen2MZ plugin into my RPG Maker MZ project (Steam version with DLC plugins) and it works fine for the most part, however when entering...
  9. Arthran

    Multiple Background Sounds

    Multiple Background Sounds v1.00 By Arthran Introduction You can make your map sound windy. You can make your map sound like it's night time. You can make your map sound like it's rainy. But can you make your map sound like it's windy *and* rainy... at night? With this plugin, you can...
  10. Arthran

    Hide Timer

    Hide Timer v1.0 By Arthran Introduction This is a small plugin that will hide the timer sprite when a specific switch is on. You can designate this switch in the plugin parameters. How to Use Turn on the designated switch when you don't want the timer to be visible. Don't forget to turn it...
  11. Arthran

    Verbose Error Screen

    Verbose Error Screen v1.10 By: Arthran Introduction This plugin makes it so that when an error occurs in your RPG Maker MZ game, it will display the stack trace along with the error message. For those that don't know, the stack trace is the chain of function calls that ultimately lead to the...
  12. TenraiEmiko

    Changing the font immediately right after language change?

    Using ODW's multilanguage plugin, I have set up this common event that is intended to change the font based on the language detected by that plugin (with the changes being applied immediately after the language option is selected in the options menu (for example, when the Language option is...
  13. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ Plugins that change font based on language?

    I have tried using FontForge to merge two fonts (one is EN / JP and another is VI) together, but the font just spazzed out when it comes to Vietnamese letter sets. Are there any plugins that allow the change of font based on language of the game (for example, English and Japanese uses a font...
  14. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ How can I make custom encounter effects? (preferably with free plugins as of now)

    I know there's is SRD's Encounter Effects, but that's for MV. (By encounter effects I mean something similar to Undertale's notification balloon before a random encounter starts). Are there any (preferably free) plugins that can do similar things? Thanks!
  15. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ QOL Menu Updates for my game's menu?

    I am using VisuStella's FREE plugin pack, but I would like to have some QOL updates to my game based on what I want for it: - I want to have no Classes displayed in the game (even though they will technically still present in the game's data) - No levels are shown in the game (since there would...
  16. I want to use graphics, not like pixel art

    Like this Rather than pixel art, I want to draw general illustrations and apply them to graphics. I can't help it if it's impossible, but if there's a way or plug-in to fix this, could you please let me know? This was translated by a translator It could be awkward
  17. Arthran

    Shop Results Plugin

    Shop Results v1.00 By: Arthran Introduction This plugin will store the results of the player's most recent shop interaction inside specified variables and/or switches, so that you can determine whether or not they made any purchases, sold anything, how much they spent, and how much they earned...
  18. PurplexiaSphinx

    RMMZ Animated Front-View Battlers

    Hey all! I'm looking for a way to animate my front-view battlers similarly to in OMORI with hit reactions and a 'defeat' sprite. I have all of the images already, it's just incredibly tedious to set up a common event for every single troop. (And unfortunately Yanfly's battle core makes my game...
  19. Dev_With_Coffee

    RMMZ Randomly change battle BGM

    Plugin settings are saved with the player's progress, sorry I'm not following standards, it's been a really long time without using RpgMV or MZ. /*: * @target MZ * @plugindesc Randomly change battle BGM * @author DevWithCoffee * * @help filename: BGMBattleRandom.js * Script is just a...
  20. telstartelstar

    RMMZ failed to load img/actorhud/Layout.png issue.

    I'm coming to these forums with quite the issue. I'm currently running development on a game any anytime I playtest, everything past the title screen won't load and I'm met with this message; My rudimentary Google searches informed me this might be an issue with the HUD maker ultra plugin...

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