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  1. RMMZ [Visustella Sideview Battle UI] How to modify Window_ActorCommand's Width ?

    Hello ! I'm trying to change the Window_ActorCommand to make it horizontal. However, Visustella seems to change the function, making it impossible to change the width of the Window. I tried changing the width by writing a plugin to change Window_ActorCommand and/or...
  2. TSR


    Authors Initial idea: @ShadowDragon programming: TSR download TSR_NumPad This plugin replace the default number input process with a numeric pad where digits are input from right to left like a classic calculator. Navigate the pad with keyboard arrows or mouse, or directly type the digits on...
  3. RMMZ Help getting an MV plugin to work with MZ (Translucent actors)

    So, this plugin: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/mpp_vanishstate-translucent-effect.80502/ Doesn't seem to want to work with MZ. I forget how I got it working in MV (no longer have it installed), something about a common event. However, it either did nothing, or, once I...
  4. RMMZ Video Playback Speed

    Hello! I am wondering if anyone has made or could make a script to adjust Webm playback speed. Right now I am using NIJI's plugin. However, that does not allow me to adjust speed or framerate of the video. I am looking to have this used to have three adjustable speeds. From what I could find on...
  5. RMMZ Dragonbones Integration

    Hi guys i have a problem Im currently using RMMZ, and i want to integrate dragonbones I already got the plugin, and the libraries Both Tier 0 and Tier 2 plugins in the manager and the library in the "lib" folder. I also have my dragonbones folder with my assets. I set the enemy notetags (copy...
  6. RMMZ make plugins

    Hey everyone, I'm new to RMMZ, I usually use VXAce but i decided to upgrade to a newer version. I would liek to know if i want to make plugins, is there resources on how to do it? I made plugins myself with Ruby, so i want to know how to do it with JS. Thank you
  7. Dungeonmind

    DM_ItemCategories - [MZ]

    Introducing Item Categories! This plugin will help you change various important settings for the item categories. Add as many categories as you want! You can choose which style you want in the plugin parameters and change the font size. Associate items in the database using note tags that refer...
  8. DevtheDev

    Combat Crusaders Plugin list: Can all three plug-ins be used simultaneously?

    I want my combat system to "feel" unique for the 3 main character classes. Anyone know if I can specify a type of combo system to each actor or class? (I HAVEN'T PAID FOR OR DOWNLOADED YET...) For ex: Warrior uses Active Chain Mage uses Evo Matrix Ranger uses Input Combo Brand new here so...
  9. Vuono87

    RMMZ formation bonus

    there's a awesome script, formation bonus by Vlue https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/formation-bonus.27146/ it allowed you to change the formation of your sideview characters(position in battle) and depending on the row they gained a stat bonus, also if party members were arranged...
  10. RMMZ Flashlight Activation

    First, I hope I am putting this in the right spot, very sorry if I have made an error. The details: I am currently using RMMZ and VisualStella's Lighting Effects plugin. The plugin has a raw True/False option for players having a flashlight they can point the direction their character is...
  11. Arsenethetophat

    RMMZ FlashLight

    I'm making a horror game and I need a easy to use flashlight plugin.
  12. Arsenethetophat

    Tactics ogre/fire emblem type battle system

    is there a plugin that lets my game have a Tactics ogre/fire emblem type battle system or something similar. thanks
  13. Arsenethetophat

    items that increase max level

    does anybody know of a plugin that makes certain items increase max level i want my bawse max level to be 120 but i want certain items to increase to 150 that you could get through post game superbosses
  14. Arsenethetophat

    RMMZ max level higher than 99

    does anybody know of a plugin that would allow my game to have a max level higher that 99 something like level 120 or 150. thanks.
  15. Fish767

    Can I make skills remove portions of the TPBS bar instead of all of it? If so, can characters select skills until the bar is empty?

    I want to turn the wait TPBS in RMMZ into a system that works as follows. The bars fill up as usual. The first battler to have their bar fill up gets to go. They can then select a skill. Each skill removes a set amount from the TPBS bar rather than resetting the bar. The battler can choose as...

    RMMZ Auto updater for RMMZ?

    Hey devs, I've been looking around for something that will allow me to have players update their game without having to redownload the game all together. Does anyone have a plugin that can do this? (I've already tried using SRD_AUTOUPDATER but that doesn't work.
  17. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ Which (good) ABS systems for MZ are compatible with pixel movement plugins (QPlugins MZ LunaTechs, etc.) and Galv’s Projectile plugins?

    I’ve found out about JABS, but it is kinda lackluster due to its sparse documentation… Not sure whether it supports plugin commands for pixel movement plugins and projectile plugins (especially those by Galv)… If those aren’t supported in that plugin, then what other ABS plugins for MZ can...
  18. RMMZ Editing VisuStella Victory Aftermath

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew how to take out the +0 JP in the VisuStella Victory Aftermath. I think I have read all the plugin information and checked all the the options available, but I can't find anything referencing JP. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. RMMZ visustella main menu core changing portraits in game?

    Hi, I'd like to set up an event with variables to change the character's portraits based on class or item(costume) equipped, is there a way to do so without other paid plugins, or has anyone made a plugin for it already? Thank you in advance. PS. I tried using the portrait notetag on the...
  20. RMMZ MZ Skill Target Plugin Request

    I'm looking for an MZ plugin where a party member's skill has the option to target one or all enemies or even a skill that targets one or all allies. Final Fantasy 5, 9 and X-2 has that feature for their black magic elemental spells and cure spells. If someone has already made that plugin...

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