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  1. RMMZ Editing VisuStella Victory Aftermath

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew how to take out the +0 JP in the VisuStella Victory Aftermath. I think I have read all the plugin information and checked all the the options available, but I can't find anything referencing JP. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. NarniNarni

    RMMZ visustella main menu core changing portraits in game?

    Hi, I'd like to set up an event with variables to change the character's portraits based on class or item(costume) equipped, is there a way to do so without other paid plugins, or has anyone made a plugin for it already? Thank you in advance. PS. I tried using the portrait notetag on the...
  3. RMMZ MZ Skill Target Plugin Request

    I'm looking for an MZ plugin where a party member's skill has the option to target one or all enemies or even a skill that targets one or all allies. Final Fantasy 5, 9 and X-2 has that feature for their black magic elemental spells and cure spells. If someone has already made that plugin...
  4. RMMZ RMMZ starting point for plugin making

    Hello guys, i'm new on the forum and recently i got RMMZ because i see some potential in it's game making capacities. Anyway i'm a 23yo guy and i'm a fullstack developer and i know very well about js. I know that the engine use pixi.js as core and that's okay... What i want to know is if there...
  5. Nerine

    RMMZ Plugin for Multiple Targeting

    I was wondering if there is a plugin that allows player to choose multiple targets instead of them being picked randomly?
  6. Xenwarrior5

    RMMZ Conflict with MalMZDualWield and Visustella Battle Core

    MalMZDualWield is a plugin that allows you to make offhanded weapons that have unique traits that only apply if they're wielded in the offhand, while also letting you make two-handed weapons that seal the offhanded dual wielding slot. It's a great plugin if you're trying to give people more...
  7. RMMZ WASD Controller for Movement

    Hello RM Members! I wanna make a casual open world JRPG for PC with MZ RTP. Today, i think its better to get friendly controller plugin like WASD. Anyone know the plugin for MZ? Thank you. About the game: World of MZ - Under Development
  8. TorabaSu

    RMMZ Visustella Class Change and Skill Learn - Only Primary Class appears on Learn Skills Menu

    Hi, in the game I'm making there's a class/subclass system. Each actor gets combined stats from the primary and the sub, along with skill access, equipment, passives, etc. Within the plugins I've been able to implement this more or less. However, when I playtest, and go to Learn Skills in the...
  9. Applegreed

    RMMZ Visustella Quest Journal Tutorials?

    I am having a bit of a hard time learning this specific plugin. I'm not sure how to create/start a questline. I found one video that kinda explains it. But it was over 40 minutes and the playtest portion of the video the guy did was a static image so I don't even know if his method worked. There...
  10. Bandito

    RMMZ Using the wait command in a plugin

    I have been trying to use the wait command for multiple things, but it has never worked for me as described in this spreadsheet made by many users (it's the same one Archaeia has in his thread) When I try to write this.wait it doesn't work because it's undefined, the interpreter doesn't have...
  11. Bandito

    RMMZ RMMZ keeps changing $ to %24

    I keep trying to use this method $gamePlayer.setImage('$main-chara', 0) and it keeps giving me errors of 'FILE NOT FOUND'. The console says that it cannot find the `%24main-chara.png' file. I tried using regexp with the .replace method and I also tried to replace it from '%24' to '$' with no...
  12. Illya

    RMMZ Draw Icon inside won command window

    Hi, I have my own Scene and in there is my own window which is derived from Window_Command. Now I wanted draw an Icon for certain commands using the text code '\i[89]' for example. But instead of drawing the icon, it just shows the text code inside the command. I hope someone knows a way how to...
  13. Illya

    RMMZ Creating a scrollable window

    Hi, I want to create my own quest system. I'm already far enough to create my own scene and own windows. I want to create a window where the quest description for example gets in. But because description can get long, I wanted to make a window which allows the player scroll the text up and...
  14. Savroheim

    RMMZ - Inventory Barter System

    Hello Guys, Maybe you ever had the same problem like me. At first I only want my inventory has a limit (weight). So just give items a notetag of their weight and make a window to show inventory limit. Then another problem arises related to controlling item flow (goes in goes out) : 1. Must...
  15. Illya

    RMMZ Lifting the LevelCap in RPG Maker MZ

    Hello, I've tried many things and studied some plugins made for RPG Maker MV with the purpose of lifting the LevelCap of 99. The thing is, the parameters change (no restriction anymore), but for some reason the LevelCap won't disappear regardless of what I try.
  16. jojo741963

    Auto Battle From Enemy Action - MZ/MV

    Auto Battle From Enemy Action v1.0.1 jojo741963 Introduction Allows you can use enemy action as the action of auto-battle Features You can use enemy action as an action of auto-battle. You can set each actor to use different enemy actions. And you can change the Enemy ID that the actor uses...
  17. SirLegna

    Sir Legna's Plugin Generator

    Hello there! To Access the Plugin Generator This tool has been in the works for over 6 months with 2 months of private testing and going on now 4 months of low publicity access. Well, it is finally here. We believe that the work has finally paid off to reveal Sir Legna's Plugin Generator...
  18. Dev_With_Coffee

    RMMZ and RMMV - Advanced Change SaveLocation

    Download: GitHub Version: 0.4 (Test) Terms of use: It is allowed to modify Can be used in commercial and non-commercial games It is not necessary to credit me, but I am happy if you do. About: This Plugin works on games made with RMMV and RMMZ But only those exported to Windows and using the...
  19. TSR

    TSR_SideStairs by The Northern Frog

    TSR_SideStairs Author: TSR, The Northern Frog Use either map terrain tag or region Id to mark tiles on which the characters will move diagonally. This way you can create side stairways of any height. These tiles are meant to form diagonal stretches that are only accesible from their...

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