1. Jyger85

    Seeking RMMZ RTP-Style Battlers (List Inside)

    NOTE: Updated as battlers I'm looking for are found and crossed off the list. Seeking some battlers for RMMZ, preferably as close to the RTP style of the game as possible. If these battlers already exist, please link me to them, or if there's anyone interested in creating them, please let me...
  2. Looking for Rabbit Face

    Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I am at my wits end for trying to find a face. Are there any good resources for facesets for animals that include a rabbit for RMMZ? Anything that is out there is either too small or not transparent. Part of the party is going to be...
  3. Jyger85

    Freckles for RMMZ Male?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums, and I was just wondering if A, someone has already created freckles for the RMMZ character generator that could be used for male characters, or B, someone could CREATE such a thing?
  4. Problem with Common Event

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I seem to be having some trouble with a Common Event not playing when in Battle. I've set up both a Skill and an Item to play through a common event. The main idea is to check if the target has a specific state, and if it does, run through a...
  5. cuppedsunshine

    RMMZ In-editor or external CG generator plugin

    Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I am not asking anyone to make art for a generator! That part I plan to do myself- however, I don't know how to code whatsoever. Basically, I want to make a generator for face images, character illustrations, static battlers and busts to help devs who cannot...
  6. cthmpsn91

    RMMZ VisuStella Equip Core Weird Bug?

    Hey there. So, I have been digging through what coding I have available to me for the Item/Equip Core included with VisuStella's Sample Game project... and I cannot figure this out: So... yeah... why aren't my ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, AGI, and LUK stats being drawn on the Equip screen...? There...
  7. cthmpsn91

    [Requesting] MZ Evil_5 SV Actor or Gen Parts

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if there was anyone out there that had access to or would be willing to provide a Side-View actor for the MZ RTP Evil_5 (The Berserker) character; or would know where I could find generator parts to recreate him in the generator. I noticed that there is an...
  8. Jragyn

    [MZ] Event Describe

    Event Describe J / JE / Jragyn Introduction This plugin enables RM devs to grant additional contextual detail to events on the map through text and/or icons. Features - "describe" an event by adding some text - "describe" an event by adding an icon - either/both text and icon can hide/show...
  9. atoms

    Does Scope: None in the skill section of the database have a useful purpose?

    Hey everyone, I was looking at the skill section of the database and realised you can choose to Scope None. Does anyone know what that could be used to do, does it have a useful purpose in some way? I'm guessing if you add a common event and target nothing it can be useful in that sense and...
  10. Jragyn

    [MZ] Stat Distribution Panel (SDP) System

    Stat Distribution Panel (SDP) System J/JE/Jragyn Introduction In RPGs, there can be a wide variety of different means to power up your character. Sometimes its via basic level ups, sometimes you consume items, sometimes it is purely from equipment, and the list goes on. This system is the...
  11. Zelgadis85

    RMMZ Draw gauge for experience, using VisuStella plugins?

    Hi everyone, I have a problem I tried to solve in VS discord but (currently) to no avail. What I'm trying to achieve is to move the experience gauge bar in status menu to a different location (see picture below). This is what I currently have as plugin parameter 'JS: Draw Data' in Status Menu...
  12. Is there any way I can set a state to be a condition for another state to be inflicted?

    Like, I want first the player to have to unbalance an enemy to then be able to put it into another weakened state. I tried to alter the 'state rate' in Unbalance for the next one to be at *1000, as the second state only has 10% chance to be inflicted, but it doesn't seem to work. Is this...
  13. RMMZ I need help with custom menus in MZ

    Hi! I want to make a menu where if you press escape, all you will see is a "save" button and an "exit" button. I have attached an image of what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance! :)
  14. TSR


    Author: TSR, The Northern Frog Download: TSR_MoveEvent This plugin allows to push, pull, pick up and throw events. =========================================================== ToU: Use in any independant RPG Maker MZ or MV projects, including commercials. Credit is required for using...
  15. RMMZ I need help with name boxes

    Hi! I want to have name boxes over my charaters' portraits that display their names in MZ, but I can't figure out how to do it. I downloaded Visustella's Message Core plugin but I can't find instructions on how to enable the name boxes. Help?
  16. Ronyund

    RMMZ Simple Battle Hud

    Hello RM Members! I wanna ask something... I wanna make my battle hud (MZ) become text only (no face), could you give me some plugin? Thank you!
  17. Padouch

    MZ won't load costum enemy image

    Hey ! I'm a total newbie in rpg-game making and this whole forum so sorry for my lacking knowledge (and bad english .. ha) and I'm currently working on my first test project and this little problem appeared I made my own custom images for enemies in battle. First two went excelent without any...
  18. LyonBuster

    RMMV RPG Maker MZ to RPG Maker MV Converter

    I am just curious about it and i also know that it may look like a downgrade. However, as it is Javascript after all and there are some interesting Plugins made from MZ, is there any plugin converter from MZ to MV? In this link I can see the issue is between data structure and map structure so...
  19. Feldschlacht IV

    RMMZ Fatal Runtime - Can you survive a night of glitch horror?

    On a night shift unlike any other, the Head Nurse, Bowie Law, specializing in virtual care encounters a virus that might be beyond his abilities to treat...An exercise in true glitch horror, running from your imminent deletion from all manner of digital threats. With patients on the line, can...
  20. hiddenone

    RMMZ Add new picture origin options with plugin commands

    Hey all, thanks for taking the time to check out this thread. I'm looking for a plugin that gives me more options when it comes to choosing a picture's origin. The default lets us choose from the upper left and center of a picture, which is fine but I was hoping to use the bottom corners to make...

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