1. RMMZ force action in if statement?

    I'm making a skill called "melee" that may trigger a counterattack. I'd like this skill to have different effects when used by different actors, so I'm trying to achieve this by common event. A dummy skill called "melee" triggers a common event that basically does this: 1. Check if actor "has a...
  2. OneManIndie

    The Rarely Typical Players Podcast

    Hi Gang! Just wanted to let you guys know that D7, Psychronic games, SGHarlekin and myself host a weekly review Podcast of RPG Maker games. We try the game out and give our feedback live on stream. If you'd like to hear it or have a game you'd like played, feel free to hit up either: DISCORD...
  3. Should I start now with MZ or wait for Unite?

    So, I've been dabbling into some RPG Maker MZ tutorials and resources on the last couple of days, trying to figuring out what do I want to do, I was thinking about making either an ARPG or a Tactical RPG, and I actually found some plugins for MZ for the second one. But, I also found out RPG...
  4. RMMZ Chrono Trigger battle system?

    Are there any plugins for MZ that add a battle system to the game that allows you to fight enemies on the map instead of going to a seperate battle screen? I've read there used to be such a plugin for MV, but that doesn't help me.
  5. Fruityume

    “Failed to initialize graphics” Error - MZ (MacBook)

    I’m new to RPG Maker MZ and when I click “Playtest”, it will show “Error. Failed to initialize graphics.”: The thing that’s worked, is going into the “Package” file and pasting the code: "chromium-args": "--enable-webgl --ignore-gpu-blacklist", I save the file, and the Playtest runs this way...
  6. RMMZ Giving weapons and armor multiple types

    TL;DR: Is there a plugin that lets you assign multiple weapon types to a weapon and multiple armor types to an armor? As a fun little distraction to keep myself from going numb working on the same project over and over, I'm trying my hand at making a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon inspired game with a...
  7. RMMZ want to add new battle options into the turn based battle system menu, help?

    my vision; battle start fight/retreat input special choice for the turn (like what type of magic you use this turn), special choice effects trigger input turn actions (attack, skills, items) end of turn, more special effects trigger repeat from fight/retreat the last response i got was...
  8. How to break the status limit in rmmz?

    I want to set the status higher than 999 and hp more than 9999 in rpg maker mz how do I do that or is there any plugins to do that?
  9. NotADev

    RMMZ OcRam_Star_Tile_Fix: Tiles not displayed as intended

    This issue does apply when using a fresh project of MZ v1.6.1 I'm using the OcRam_Star_Tile_Fix plugin that renders star passable tiles above/below the player depending on said player's y-position. I'm having some issues however with how the tiles are appearing when playing. The plugin makes...
  10. Rope System

    I want to make a rope system in a cave. This system will work when you enter the rope tile from downside. And you can't leave climbing or start climbing from right and left (because rope is high). While climbing you should be on the rope. While not climbing, you can pass through the climbing...
  11. How to make a bow appear in front of SV_Battler?

    Heyas! So, for most weapons, appearing behind the battler works pretty well, so that they can look like they're drawing the weapon from behind them and taking a swing. However, for bows, they're largely obscured by the character model, and it seems pretty impossible to draw an arrow when it's...
  12. MeowCatMeow

    RMMZ "TypeError" received while using script calls.

    Hi! I am trying to complete examples from a RPG Maker MZ Plugin Tutorial I got from this link and one of the examples tells me to try to run "$dataActors[1].name;" as a script and that it should return the name of the first actor in the Database. However, when I try to run it, I get the message...
  13. Sardonic

    RMMZ Tooltip on text hover plugin for MZ

    Hello, does anybody know of a plugin that displays additional information about a given word in the message window when that word is hovered by the cursor? Something like this but for MZ: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/tooltip-on-text.76447/ I did some searching and wasn't...
  14. LeashaX

    RMMZ I cannot get this script to work, what's wrong with it?

    I'm trying to make the number of commands displayed in the command window during the battle to suit each actor, in this case my main actor Leasha has 8 commands, my second actor named Xeras has 6 and the rest 5, for some reason Reason with the code I made, it only takes the last line and all are...
  15. LeashaX

    RMMZ VS Main menu core question

    How i can move ¨PV¨ ¨PM¨¨PT¨ Texts?
  16. KuroOnist

    New developer using "Move1" sound effect

    I saw a couple game reviewer(s) and developer(s) say that the default transfer sfx effect Move1 aka "Knock-knock" is looked down upon and for new game developers it separates potential commercial games from being good. I kinda want to find out if this opinion is shared by the whole community.
  17. SV Battlers or static images for enemies?

    Im developing my first game in RMMZ, currently designing some enemies. And i have a question What do your prefer? Animated SV enemies like actors? or the classical static image with a breathing effect? Why?
  18. RMMZ Dragonbones Integration

    Hi guys i have a problem Im currently using RMMZ, and i want to integrate dragonbones I already got the plugin, and the libraries Both Tier 0 and Tier 2 plugins in the manager and the library in the "lib" folder. I also have my dragonbones folder with my assets. I set the enemy notetags (copy...
  19. ElleTrudgett

    Show Choices Cursor Memory

    ChoiceCursorMemory v1.0 Elle Trudgett Introduction Remembers the cursor position for the [Show Choices] command window. This is useful when you want to make multiple selections from the same choice list so you don't have to scroll down from the default position each time. It is also a nice...
  20. TakumaGao

    Is there any way to enable/disable a specific item from being usable on certain maps?

    I have an item in my game called Camping Set, which should work like Tents do in Final Fantasy. As it currently stands, you can only use them at save points, because the item itself is set to Occasion: Never, and the Save Points have a choice that will fully heal you and consume a Camping Set...

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