1. RMMZ Need help to find a code

    hi, I just found tips and tricks in this post How to implement every possible Yanfly Tips & Tricks effect in MZ with VisuStella plugins its awesome thread! I want to know where to find a code like this.isMagical : <JS Pre-Damage As User> if (this.isMagical() && value !== 0) { value =...
  2. jackass__

    RMMZ Can't save - Chrono Engine with Fossil on RMMZ

    Hi everyone, So I made a game on Rpg Maker MV using chrono engine and more, and I made everything work together nicely. Being at the end of the development, I wanted to port it to MZ using the Fossil plugin to gain performance with the updated Pixi version in MZ. Again with lot of work, I made...
  3. Ancient_Eagle

    RMMZ Thinking a New Game

    Hello, everyone! I'm in the initial stages of considering a new horror shooting game (ABS you could say that). I haven't started working on it yet, but I'd like to share my thoughts. Resident Evil had an amazing storyline featuring zombies, viruses, and monsters, which was truly awesome. I...
  4. Drewster237

    RMMZ How Do I Trigger a Common Event Through JS?

    I'm using MZ, and I'm not sure if this is even possible, but it would be helpful to know for an addition to my game. If anyone knows how to do this, could you share? Thanks! :)
  5. MakoTorii

    RMMZ Simple Item Menu for MZ

    Hi! I'd like to get help with a simple item menu window that has no categories besides key items with a single column. I saw a plugin request similar to what I was looking for but for MV. Unfortunately, the plugin that was given doesn't work for MZ. The MV plugin request...
  6. Drewster237

    Music Indicator at Corner of Screen

    How would I add a little pop up at the top corner of the screen saying what music is currently playing? It'd go away after a few seconds of the new track playing. Is there a plugin that already exists or would I have to code it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Lilkxdude4101

    RMMZ Help with Message formatting (VisuStella)

    I'm currently using VisuStella's Message Core plugin and while it helps out a lot there's one problem I can't seem to fix. In my project I'll have the characters chat with a computer every once and a while. For the most part, the schtick is that they talk in brief sentences, and every one is on...
  8. Malbork

    Enemy loading ultimate skill

    Hi everyone. I would like to do the same thing as Octopath Traveler, when bosses start loading their ultimate skill at the end of a turn and unleash it during the next one and acting after my team. If someone as an idea about how I can do this, it would be nice. By the way, I'm using...
  9. YeXin

    Looping Overlay Layers (Galv's Layer Graphics)

    So I have been using Galv's layer graphics since rpg maker vx ace, and then to MV and then now MZ. But then when I started creating maps that are smaller than my game's resolution, the layer graphics that I created specifically for a map's size loops on the blank spaces on the sides, top and...
  10. Ahstval

    RMMZ Multiple Timers with Gauges, need help

    Hello folks! Thank you for reading this. I am trying to implement on field spells (invisibility, levitation etc) These field spells are called for via common events, and I have VisuStella's button common events plugin, when the player presses a particular button, it triggers a common event, and...
  11. Creedles

    RMMZ Elodious Tower

    The Tower "Somewhere that lies beyond the understanding of mortal minds stands an eternal structure with an unknown creator and untold mysteries. How one arrives at the structure is currently unknown. However, if you happen to find yourself there, you must have only one goal in mind. CLIMB!" ---...
  12. HarlanX

    RMMZ Are there any extensions plugins for VisuStella's Furniture System plugin that add a dropdown menu for furniture variants? [RMMZ]

    Hiya everyone! Hope you're all doing fantastic! I am here to ask another question: are there any extensions plugins for VisuStella's Furniture System plugin that add a dropdown menu for furniture variants? You press a specified key on your keyboard, and then a dropdown menu appears where you can...
  13. L-U-X-Caelum

    RMMZ condition to check if a specific window is currently active in battle [SRD HUD Maker]

    I'm looking for script calls to check if a specific window is currently active in battle (waiting for player input). I want to use them as condition in SRD Hud Maker for some battle UI elements to show up dynamically when the player is selecting command in any of these windows ; skillWindow...
  14. Ahstval

    RMMZ Player can't move on respawn, VisuStella UniqueTileEffects and McKathlin GameOver

    I use the GameOver plugin to simulate "fainting" to avoid the gameover screen or to avoid going back to the title screen upon death so as to instead tp the player back to a tent for instance VisuStella's UniqueTileEffects works seamlessly with the gameover plugin for all tile effects EXCEPT...
  15. RMMZ YEP_X_MapQuestWindow, Yep_QuestJournal Plugin only shows the name of the quest on the screen,but not show description.

    Is it because I used mv plugin in mz using fossil or is there another problem? There was no error when I pressed f12
  16. RMMZ Battle Scene: understanding skill activation

    Hi, I want to learn as much as I can about the battle scene code so that I can modify it for my goals. For this reason I'm trying to replicate some parts of the code to see if I'm able to let it run properly. I'm having a problem with my version of the skill activation function "onSkillOk"...
  17. DevByDane

    RMMZ Wait command in JavaScript

    Hey guys. So I am working on a few of my own plugins that involve player and event movement and the Game_Player.prototype.triggerButtonAction function. I am having an issue where the player can spam the trigger button and I want to prevent that with a wait command. Essentially what I want is for...
  18. UncleSparrow

    RMMZ RMMZ VisuStella Message Core - Equipped weapon Atk value text code

    Hello! In RPG Maker MZ, I am using VisuStella's Message Core and I am wondering how I could make a text code that grabs the attack value from the weapon the actor is currently holding. (Or rather, I am wondering if that is even possible at all, given how things like this seem to only be able to...
  19. Orpheus_the_Traveller

    "No Damage" Sound Effect

    Hello, I am looking for a way to automatically play a sound effect when an actor or enemy receives 0 damage. I've found the way to change the message that appears when receiving no damage (the Actor No Damage and Enemy No Damage parts of the Terms section in System), and I have found how to...
  20. YeXin

    Visustella's Plugin - Resize Battle Command Window

    Hi, so I've recently used Visustella's Frontview Battle UI and I wanted to resize the battle command in a smaller manner because when I placed the command window to the right, it covers up my battler and it's dreadful. I need help to make it smaller and a little bit to the edge of the screen...

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