1. Jyger85

    (SOLVED) Overworld Enemy Troubles In RMMZ

    Hey, so I'm using RPG Maker MZ, pretty sure it's the newest version of it, and I'm having a little problem. I decided my game should have enemies you can physically see in dungeons (because I feel like 100% random encounters are antiquated thinking), so I created events where you can see the...
  2. Roguedeus

    RMMZ Means of hiding notes inside skill/item names... etc.

    Regarding RMMZ (or MV if compatible) Is there some sort of undocumented or easily implementable way to hide small notes, inside certain batabase entry type names normally visible in game; such as Skills or Item names? For example: If I had a Skill that was learned at Level 10, and didn't...
  3. DawnStar

    RMMZ [SOLVED] Need help on how to add a new command window during Battle

    To explain what I'm trying to do, during the Battle process, I want to add a small 'Yes/No' Command window that should pop up after the player has selected actions for all party members. Normally, once the last actor has decided an action (attack, skill, etc.) the turn starts immediately. I...
  4. RMMZ Getting a battler's ID and target's ID for use in VisuStella Action Sequences

    (I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong forum section -- this is only my second time posting) Hello! Does anyone know how to get a current battler's ID and their target(s) ID(s), store them as variables, and use them in a formula? Background: I am trying to create a custom "hit...
  5. Raith

    Raith's Graphics Stretcher

    Raith's Graphics Stretcher v1.01 by Raith Introduction The new RMMZ v1.5.0 provides 16x16 px tileset support, but it is rendered as is - no upscaling - so it looks very tiny in HD monitors, which may affect gameplay. This plugin fix that to a certain degree. Features v1.00 - Stretch...
  6. Parallax Panda

    RMMZ Plugin for Cloning events?

    Back in MV I used Yanfly's Event Copier: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Event_Copier_(YEP) It was super useful to set up template events that could be easily changed in the future without having to go through every map and change every single event. Now that I've moved on to MZ, I can't seem to...
  7. Changing shop inventory on a timer?

    Simply put, I'm trying to create an event that will change a shop's inventory every 10 minutes, of in-game play time. The game is a Roguelite/Dungeon crawler type, where there is one shop in the hub area. I've created about 80 or so different inventories for the shop to change through so it...
  8. Kitten2021

    World Map Help Request

    Hello, I wasn't really sure which forum page to post this under, so Moderators, please feel free to either move it or let me know for in the future. :) I have two small clips of my World Map and I was hoping you guys could help me out with a problem I'm running into. I've got my world drawn...
  9. Build an RPG from scratch. Ep4 - Actor, Class, Skill Set Up 1 28/05/22

    Episode 1 - Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail. In this first episode of the series we begin our rm journey. We start out with basic project management and setting up our projects.. Requirements: RPG Maker MZ HackNPlan.com (or any other project management software) - No link because I'm unsure...
  10. Kitten2021

    How to create a Battle Tutorial event - within a battle

    Hello, I have someone that has never played an RPG Maker game before, and I am trying to make a game specifically for him to enjoy - but I am running into a bit of a confusing issue. I would like to run him through his very first battle with a tutorial, you know, the whole "We're against XYZ...
  11. AwesomeDog45677

    Setting up music to not cut

    I have this minor issue in the game I'm working on where default set battle music will play until the player moves past the "enemy appeared" text box, where it will then cut to the actual battle music set for that battle. Is there a way to stop the default set music from playing in specific...
  12. RMMZ Need help with targeting for a constriction skill using Visustella.

    So I'm trying to make a skill that constricts the target to prevent them from moving. My thought process for the skill is this: 1)Actor/Enemy uses the ensaring skill on a target on opposing team. 2)Target becomes 'Constricted'. In this state, they are unable to attack, guard or use skills or...
  13. Silenity

    RMMZ VS Skill Cooldowns go down when hitting enemy weakness

    I understand if I can't receive much help since these are paid plugins. I'm using VisuStella's Skill Cooldowns plugin as well as a variety of their other plugins. The other main plugin I'm trying to use in conjunction is VisuStella's Press Turn Battle plugin. I'm trying to figure out a way to...
  14. thenerdmansion

    RPG Maker Games Critique with Thenerdmansion Game Submission

    Introducing our Wednesday Night Game Streams! Every Wednesday, we'll be streaming 4:30-7pm Mountain time on our Youtube channel playing RPG Maker Games. Join the host, Nerdboi from Thenerdmansion as he reviews and critique submissions from this forum. So how do you submit a game? That's easy...
  15. LesserL

    How to check if there is an Event on a certain tile?

    Hello! So I have everything for my idea except for this little thingy mentioned in the title. Most of the maps are going to consist from 3 lines of tiles: 2'nd is for walking, 1'st and 3'rd are for events. And I want doors to be on both lines. When doors on the first line can be shown normally...
  16. DoubleX_RMMV_RMMZ_Event_Text_Extractor

    Note This plugin works for both RMMV and RMMZ Purpose Lets you extract texts in events/common events/battle events to txt file Video Games using this plugin None so far Download Link Demo Link
  17. zotezha

    is there a limit for IconSet?

    Hi there, I wonder if there is a limit for IconSet filesize, widht - height or number of icon for the rpg maker mz? Currently I have 4k+ number of icons. Maybe it will increase a lot since I will add more equipment icons
  18. applepumpkins

    Trouble making a Day/night system

    Hi everyone!! This is my first post & I've just started getting into RPG maker mz! So happy to be here! I've posted this on reddit as well, but I figured I could hopefully get some suggestions here as well. I've attempted to make a day/night cycle, but unfortunately my cycle happens almost...
  19. RedBeetleInteractive

    RMMZ How Do You Create Custom Weather Effects and Where Are They Stored?

    Wanting to create my own custom weather effects but can't seem to find where they are stored in RMMZ, or how they are handled by RMMZ. I want to ensure I am using the proper formats for compatibility, and wanted to see how RMMZ already works with weather effects. Any guidance that can point me...
  20. Jonforum

    RMMZ rmmz core ES6

    interesting result ! https://lebab.unibtc.me with some issu but so sweet for eyes.

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