1. headdie

    Sea Ship Help

    Hi all I am looking for a RMVX ACE tile set for a wooden ship to fit in with the standard tileset style. The ship is a merchant vessel docked in port, the orientation of the map means I would prefer a ship running top to bottom rather than horizontally though if it comes to I can rebuild the...
  2. jetpackgone

    Games with three-tile high sprites

    Does anyone know any games with sprites that are three tiles high? I am planning on using three-tile high sprites for my current project and would like to see a game that has done this before. All of the games I've seen have sprites only one or two tiles high. Thanks!
  3. Fernyfer775

    YSA Battle Add-On: Order Battlers bug

    Hello! So, I am trying to use the "charge turn battle" order script, which shows you the turn order for characters and enemies. The problem is, there seems to be some kind of icon overlap? I attached a screenshot to show you what I mean. I don't want that little diamond or mushroom thingy...

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