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  1. Timothius

    Reaction skills

    Is there a way to have the healer character heal a teammate as a reaction to the teammate taking damage? Or perhaps react when the teammate hits half HP or such? Along the same lines, is there a way I can have someone counter attack in response to an ally being harmed?
  2. Wifi

    Transparent tiles not being transparent

    I've been trying to use a modified transparent tile for one of my new maps, but it doesn't keep transparency, not only that but also other transparent tiles that are not imported and from default VXAce don't keep transparency either, and this problem weirdly only affects dungeon A5 tileset, the...
  3. Nanotial_D

    Making checkpoints/respawn points

    Henlo I'm completely new to using RPG Maker engines or making games in general so I'm really unfamiliar with this kind of thing I wanna know how to make a system where you are respawned to the last checkpoint you interacted with (similar to Toro's Black Souls Dark Souls bonfire system) instead...
  4. SC0RP10

    RMVXA (SOA) Sands Of Arcturus Playable Demo/Beta

    Synopsis: This is a solo developed RPG so any interest and all support is greatly appreciated! I will be releasing on Steam and this is the beginning of many projects within an all new original IP, that will include multiple game and novel series'. SOA is a large, conceptual RPG; with choice...
  5. Transferring RMXP project to VX ACE?

    I spent ~3 weeks working on a game in RMXP prior to VX ACE going on a massive sale. I want to be able to transfer my current project from RMXP to VX ACE, how can I do that without getting any errors? Is there a program for doing so that still works in 2023? (A lot of old guides have links to...
  6. kyonides

    KTouchNewMapEvent ACE

    KTouchNewMapEvent ACE by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Did you ever want that the engine would autorun events right after being touched by the player or another event? Especially once it finishes transferring the player to a new map... Now you can do that! Just copy and past the following...
  7. HexMozart88

    [One Map Game Challenge] Heidi

    Hello and welcome to Heidi ver. 1.0! This was made in Ace for the One Map Game Challenge. Price: $9.99 Link: https://hexmozart88.itch.io/heidi The demo is also present on that page.
  8. Wifi

    Sideview battle with larger sprites

    I made sprites for a sideview battle system and they are quite large, but all the scripts I could find seem to only let me use character spritesheets from the overworld, is there a script that can let me use any sprite and animations I want?
  9. HexMozart88

    Yanfly Skill Cost Breaks the Attack

    So, I installed Yanfly's Skill Cost Manager so I can make skills cost items in my game. I don't know if there's a conflict with my battle system (RaTBS), but whenever I go to use a skill, it doesn't do anything but still costs a move, so the player just wasted a turn. Here's what I know about...
  10. leventebence1

    Mixing rpg maker files...

    Hi. one day i was just amazed at how graphically the rpg makers so far differed graphically. so I thought if I could move the texture of the older rpg makers into the newer project, I could use it as free resources. but when i tried to go for older rpg projects, i had to realize that there are...
  11. [VX ACE] Yanfly's ACE Battle Engine and Victor Engine - Element Strengthen Problems

    When an element is strengthen from an element boost/amp from Victor Engine - Element Strengthen Yanfly's ACE Battle Engine will mark it as a weakness. >>> Example: Kouha is strengthen from Bless Boost. <<< >>> the skill is connected with the state with Victor Engine - Passive States <<<...
  12. Wifi

    Need new tiles

    Hi, I need new tilesets for a school project. I need modern outside tiles but I need them for free or at the very least cheap. Can someone help me out with it please?
  13. RMVXA The Specialist 3: Superforce

    The Specialist 3: Superforce “A powerful, cunning and ancient enemy has awakened from the prison of sleep. Only when all the forces of humanity united in thoughts, feelings and energies could they stop him by the unstoppable force of Harmony. Will humanity be able to do it again? Help Ion...
  14. RMVXA The Specialist 2: A New Hope

    The Specialist 2: A New Hope “Ion and Vidik return from their journey strengthened after they came through on distant lands. Now it's up to them to free their city from the monsters that threaten to destroy everything in their path in search of Cosmic Energy. This is my second ever RPG Maker...
  15. RMVXA The Specialist 1: Next Journey

    The Specialist 1: Next Journey I present to you the game The Specialist: Next Journey, where you will have to help find together with Ion and Vidik the "Power of the Victory" in order to save his city from monsters that threaten the peace of his people. This is my first ever RPG Maker game...
  16. I need Help for RMVX Ace, please.

    Hello, sorry my english is not good. I need help because I would like to find a solution to update the script. without going through "new game" each time. I add new content to the script as the game progresses but when loading the save the addition of the script is not taken into account. I...
  17. Leokids

    What is your Last game for RPG Maker VX/VXAce?

    Wanna See it.
  18. Joy

    Futuristic Tiles - Spaceship Interior

    As I was digging into my files to recompile an old game from a rapid development contest from waaaaay back, found this old spaceship tileset I cobbled together and did what I think are some neat edits. Most of the walls include transparent sections to make use of parallax layers below the map to...
  19. DanteGarrett

    I search Character-Generator Part Helmet for RMVX/ACE

    Can someone make me one Character-Generator Part (Helmet) like this: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/File:ON-icon-armor-Helm-Xivkyn.png (P. S.: I use RMVX/ACE Thank you
  20. Cuddlebuns

    Longer skill description in menu and in battle?

    Two short lines of text is asinine. I need a larger window to display skill descriptions in both the menu and during a battle. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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