1. kyonides

    KBackFire VX

    KBackFire VX version by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Have you ever dreamed of letting your heroes suffer the consequences of using a skill that is too powerful for such weaklings? Well, now :rhappy: Ralph knows how it feels like. By the way, I don't know how the ghosts can stand him even...
  2. kyonides

    KShlenam VX Settings Menu

    KShlenam VX The Settings Menu! by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Just in case you ever needed a cool configuration menu script, here is one that allows you so tweak the audio settings at will. And it does sport nice graphics! Anyway it is quite customizable as well. This script is also...
  3. kyonides

    KDiurnalis VX

    KDiurnalis VX version 1.0.5 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction This is a Party's Journal Script! Tweak this script's CONSTANTS in order to customize the Journal Menu's GUI. You can find them under the KDiurnalis module. There are two ways to open the Journal Menu. $scene =...
  4. thenerdmansion

    RPG Maker Games Critique with Thenerdmansion Game Submission

    Introducing our Wednesday Night Game Streams! Every Wednesday, we'll be streaming 4:30-7pm Mountain time on our Youtube channel playing RPG Maker Games. Join the host, Nerdboi from Thenerdmansion as he reviews and critique submissions from this forum. So how do you submit a game? That's easy...
  5. kyonides

    KExpBooK VX

    KExpBooK VX by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Yes, I know that this is a scriptlet but I thought that some of you might have been thinking about an easy way to make items become actual experience books that allow your heroes to earn some experience points. Well, here's my version of such a...
  6. kyonides

    KAppraise VX

    KAppraise VX by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Did you ever need a custom menu scene that could allow you to identify items? Now this script will let you do it in a very convenient way! :D It is also available for RMXP and RMVX ACE! :D You will need to configure some of its features...
  7. ovate

    RPG Maker PC game controls (MV, VX Ace/VX, XP, 2003, 2000)

    Compilation of RPG Maker PC default game controls and functions referenced from their respective manual. Features images of html tables. Numeric keypad picture doesn't count. MV - Playing Your Game https://rmmv.neocities.org/page/01_06.html As a standard, controlling games created with this...
  8. Dangerous_meme

    Can I scale player and enemy HP, MP, damage, and Skills all at once?

    So I want to scale down the starting and maximum amount of HP, MP, damage dealt from weapons and Skills for player characters and enemies to about 10% of their current value. Is their a way to do this all at once or quickly or do I need to go to each actor, enemy, weapon, and skill and lower...
  9. Mixing rpg maker files...

    Hi. one day i was just amazed at how graphically the rpg makers so far differed graphically. so I thought if I could move the texture of the older rpg makers into the newer project, I could use it as free resources. but when i tried to go for older rpg projects, i had to realize that there are...
  10. Dangerous_meme

    Custom tileset questions in RPG Maker VX

    In RPG maker VX I can only have 1 custom tileset. Is it possible to use a custom tileset, then remove it and replace it with another custom tileset all within the same project? Im asking because I want to create different kingdoms that all look a bit different from one another. If this is not...
  11. richter_h

    FREE Looking For Testers

    I'm looking for those willing to test this game for a couple of runs. Simple as that. Engine: RPG Maker VX Form: Closed Beta Estimated playtime: 10-30 minutes per Exploration session; full playtime length is TBD. Quick Synopsis Here's the game that's on the menu ->...
  12. StratumChecker

    Wrong tileset displayed in editor, but fine in-game? [RPG Maker VX]

    Hey all, first time poster here. Sorry for any issues, I am not a particularly techy guy, but I am looking for some help. I am working on a project, where I am recreating a game initially made on VX (not ace) to MV by hand. However, I am coming across an issue where in the editor, the wrong...
  13. Leokids

    RMVX A Empty Place RMVX Edition

    This Version of The Empty Game Will be Made with VX. Its a Empty Place. But Use your Imagination to Adventure! Well What do you think?
  14. Leokids

    What is your Last game for RPG Maker VX/VXAce?

    Wanna See it.
  15. Joy

    Futuristic Tiles - Spaceship Interior

    As I was digging into my files to recompile an old game from a rapid development contest from waaaaay back, found this old spaceship tileset I cobbled together and did what I think are some neat edits. Most of the walls include transparent sections to make use of parallax layers below the map to...
  16. Leokids


    Resource Type: Characters,Battlers Maker Format: VX Art Style: RTP Description: Basically a Kid with a Blue Hair Which is Taller and Chubbier (Later he will be Skinny) Reference Images: Not Doing a Reference the Image Because Im Lazy.
  17. Leokids

    Another Request.

    Resource Type: Characters and Faces Maker Format: VX/VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: The Classic Kids From 2000 But Remastered and Ready For VX/VX Ace. Reference Images: Ok. Basically The Kids From 2000-2003 But Remastered For VX. Style Would be Like this. But The Face Could be...
  18. Leokids

    VX TO XP Rosources: People1 (Civllians1)

    Back in day In 2008 VX HAD The Beautiful Chibi-sizes Sprites. Sadly. On XP All Characters Are too tall! I Decided to Change Them With Converting the VX Sprites to Xp. Here we are! Use It! Its Free If it isnt Comercialy But if its Not free You need to Credit Enterbrain For the sprites And Me...
  19. Leokids

    Older VX RTP Male Kid?

    Here we Go! Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: VX/VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: Basically A Male VX RTP Kid But Older As adult/Teen Reference Images: Ok. And I want Him to be Older Like this. Ok.
  20. kyonides

    KPocket VX

    KPocket VX version 1.0.6 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Force the player to keep a reduced inventory while in battle! :eek: Of course, the player may choose which items he or she will pack in his or her pocket. :wink: It is possible to call the Pocket menu from the Item menu or the map...

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