1. ModdedGen

    Some help with faces in RPG Maker VX Ace

    Alrighty, i'll try and keep this short but basically in my game, you have the option to choose a gender, and i was curious (Cause i am still learning) How would i make it so during the game, the icon is the character of whichever gender you choose. Is there like a script or is this something you...
  2. Pandappuccino

    How to Make a Card Matching Game Without Scripts!

    PREFACE: There are probably easier ways to do this. This is how I did it, but you can experiment and come up with your own solutions; I mostly did this just to see if I could do it without any help. One of my favorite little mini-games in a classic game is the N-Card from Super Mario Bros. 3...
  3. RMVXA : rhythm game battle system

    Hello hello! I'm working on a game where instead of an rpg battle, the game plays more like a Rhythm game, encounters are events with Npcs that work similarly to "Friday night Funkin'" or "Guitar Hero" where both sides have tracks and take turns hitting notes according to the bgm or tracks I was...
  4. gaydarade

    Walk Behind Transparent Foreground

    Intro. Hey all, I'm a longtime lurker, and these forums have been a huge help to me in the past so I wanted to give something back. This is a tutorial for how to selectively fade out foreground elements! This question has been asked a few times throughout the forum, in different contexts, so I...
  5. "undefined method "apoints" for Nil:nilclass" for a new window on a Scene

    I wanted to create a new Window for one of the existing menus, so I added this to its Scene: alias aearpgattr_start start def start aearpgattr_start @attributegui = Window_IncreaseAttr.new(@actor) @attributegui.set_handler(:str, method(:increase_attribute))...
  6. Pandappuccino

    Galv's Pawn Shops + Shop Upgrade Compatibility?

    I'm attempting to make use of both the Pawn Shop and Shop Upgrade scripts by Galv for a project, but I've run across a bit of a dilemma. The Pawn Shop UI does not take on any of the changes from the Shop Upgrade menu, instead just using the default UI with the addition of a small window for the...
  7. opaattack

    Checkpoint System?

    I'm making a game, but don't want players to worry about game overs. In it's place, I decided to use a checkpoint system, having players interact with specific objects to set a new respawn point to appear at when they die. I thought I would be able to achieve this using variables and a bit of...
  8. Singingbun

    Which RM engine is better suited for Tactical battle system rpgs?

    Hi, terribly new here. I'll go straight to the point: I wanted to know which engine is better suited for tactical battle systems like fire emblem, Xcom or advance wars-esque. I have MV and VXA, but I'm seeing MZ plugins being made for said feature. At the moment, I'm still new to game making...
  9. Desperado

    Target Last Actor

    Ok, I made a post on Friday but I think I muddied the water too much with trying to explain my situation. I think I can jury rig myself a solution if someone can help me with this. How can I make an enemy use a skill 1 on actor A in round X and (if successful) then guarantee that he attacks the...
  10. Pastel_Panda

    Attack + Inflict Self-Status?

    So I want to include a sort of "berserker" skill in a project. This skill does damage to all enemies, but it also inflicts confusion on the user. Problem is, I'm not quite sure how to go about doing it. I tried adding it into the damage formula like so: a.atk + (a.atk * 4 - b.def *2)...
  11. Crazy Rob

    Common event during battle equip command?

    I'm using a lot of Yanfly's scripts, in this case the command equip script. I'm trying to make it so that when the command equip window closes, it calls a common event that adjusts the actor's HP and MP if they equipped something that changed certain 'crystal stats' from another script. How it...
  12. Kirri

    Game In Development?

    Hello! :kaohi: So, I'm about to post my game in the "Game In Development" so that I can get feedback and motivations to keep going (currently in Moderated stage). But now that I think about it, would I risk from people plagiarizing ideas and/or stealing art? And if those incident do happen...
  13. Kirri

    RMVXA IMAGINE: Roleplay Club

    Engine: RPG Maker VX ACE Genre: Fantasy, Combined Genre with School Theme! Progress: 19% (Current Gameplay time: Approximately 30 minutes) Download DEMO now: [/spoiler] - Phone Menu System - Skill Buy with IDEAS - INDIVIDUALITIES SYSTEM [/spoiler] I'm very open to all...
  14. Kirri

    Not responding...

    Hello! :kaohi: I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace. Just bought it from Steam. When I play it from the folder itself (RGSS3 Player), it worked. But when I playtest, the program starts to show "Not Responding...". I appreciate the help - smhaaokir
  15. Kirri

    I'm smhaaokir!

    Hello there!:kaohi: I'm smhaaokir. First of all, I'm not really new, I had used RPG Maker since I was like, 10? But I was so young, too young I should said, to access the forum. Well, I'm still pretty young at 16 years old, but I wasn't that active with RPG Maker in those 6 years. Currently...
  16. Time Master

    [RMVXA] Zoom out map script

    Hi everyone, I tried to find a zoom out script for RMVXA, I found one, someone said that it's in French (it's MGC Zoom Script, I guess so): http://www.rgss-factory.net/ace-map-zoom-ace-zoom-de-la-carte/ I clicked to the link but it's seem died (seem likes a whole forum is died). So if someone...
  17. Cuddlebuns

    Longer skill description in menu and in battle?

    Two short lines of text is asinine. I need a larger window to display skill descriptions in both the menu and during a battle. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Troubles with Yanfly's Class system.

    Hello everyone! I am working on a free to play RPG and decided to use Yanfly's class system plugin. I have the option of adding the subclass skills, but they don't appear not even in menu which sucks. The plugin works as far as adding the subclass stats, but the skills are not added not even in...
  19. RMVXA STEEL VENOM (RPG/Adventure Sci-Fi Mystery)

    Last Update 9/19/19: Replaced the pictures, edited some of the post. Newest Update: 11/3/2021 (ready to download) You can download the game from here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cEdNCvB2ohpucOIDU8SxWsVkdQN2bJSm?usp=sharing (RTP included)...
  20. [RMVXA] Lumberjack sprite and face

    For my game, the main character is a woodcutter, so I need the sprites and the woodcutter face. I would like the sprite and the face at the rtp style

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