1. kyonides

    KSkillMsg ACE

    KSkillMsg ACE by Kyonides Introduction Do you want to replace the default message for the Escape skill? Or any other skill? :S Now you can do it by using special note tags! :D Please read the instructions already embedded in the script before asking questions here. The Script # *...
  2. kyonides

    Large Door Fix ACE

    Large Door Fix ACE by Kyonides Introduction Have you ever noticed that all doors that are more than 32 pixels wide are automatically centered by the default event scripts? There is a reason for that effect. They are supposed to be used as a single event that is wide enough for your heroes to...
  3. kyonides

    TextColorTags ACE

    TextColorTags ACE Version 1.0.0 by Kyonides Introduction Since some forumer was having issues with some text color changing script of sorts, I decided to craft my own script so any window could change the color of certain texts only without using the color tags we all know after using the RM...
  4. kyonides

    How to Handle Script Patches & Bug Fixes

    Please delete this thread. It made no sense to keep these recommendations here if the thread would never get pinned at all.
  5. kyonides

    Which Packs would you recommend for my game projects?

    My game projects pretty much start with typical some feudal or fantasy setting but there are others that might include the Wild West, modern day stuff or perhaps even anything futuristic. One of those projects would actually send the player to several different eras during gameplay. I've been...
  6. kyonides

    RandomBGM ACE

    RandomBGM ACE by Kyonides Introduction Inspired by a forumer's support thread, I came up with a way to keep playing the current map's randomly chosen BGM while visiting what we could called here the child maps or dependent maps. There is a way to prevent the game from playing the vehicle's...
  7. kyonides

    OtherLayers ACE

    OtherLayers ACE by Kyonides Introduction This script allows you to use a static picture or a series of pictures as a custom upper layer for the current map. I am sure there gotta be other scripts that provide similar features and you know what? I don't care about that! :p Embedded Notes #...
  8. kyonides

    KToggleMenu ACE

    KToggleMenu ACE by Kyonides Introduction There was a forumer that wanted to add some custom boxes that could replace the default, ugly, boring rectagle called the window cursor. Since I had already published the KToggleButtons ACE script, it seemed to be a pretty easy request for a skillful...
  9. kyonides

    Falkoner ACE

    Falkoner ACE by Kyonides Introduction Someone once asked for a script that could let some sort of airship or bird travel around the world freely. Yet, there was one weird condition, it should only land on the player himself. This is where my script comes in to solve your issues! :D Just...
  10. kyonides

    OpenChest ACE

    OpenChest ACE by Kyonides Introduction Did you ever wanted to configure your chests the easiest way possible? Now you can do that at any time! :D And how exactly does that work? :eswt: Well guys, you simply need to create your event and turn on a single game switch and start adding gold...
  11. kyonides

    EskapeLevelsDown ACE

    EskapeLevelsDown ACE by Kyonides Introduction A fellow forumer was asking for a way to ensure that the heroes would level down if they had successfully escaped from the battlefield. Yeah, what a bunch of pussy cats! :p The catch was that they shouldn't lose too many points. Here's where my...
  12. kyonides

    Petrify Me ACE!

    Petrify Me ACE! by Kyonides Introduction Well, I think everybody should know what the Petrify State actually does, but do battle systems like Victor Sant's let you show the player how the heroes have been infected with such a nasty state? The answer is NO. Not by default. There is where this...
  13. kyonides

    SkrollShop ACE

    SkrollShop ACE Version 1.4.1 by Kyonides Introduction Did you ever want to turn a Skill into a reusable Scroll? Now you can do it! :D You just need to create a Dummy Item and assign its ID to the PLACEHOLDER_ITEM Constant and the script will do the heavy lifting for you! There are a few...
  14. kyonides

    KDamage ACE States Edition

    KDamage ACE States Edition by Kyonides Introduction A forumer once asked for a script (or anything else) that could allow the heroes to lose a state ONLY if it had been predefined by game developer to do that. The default option of relying on the Damage Chance did not satisfy the game's...
  15. kyonides

    AktorTraits ACE

    AktorTraits ACE by Kyonides Introduction A forumer once asked for a very specific script to be made, a Trait System for the player's mobsters. Add as many "traits" to each list this way: LIKES = ["ice cream", "football", "science", "languages"] If it gets too long, you can add more traits...
  16. kyonides

    KLoseEquip ACE

    KLoseEquip ACE by Kyonides Introduction Do you want to make your heroes lose their equipment just because you're an evil game developer? Now you can make your evil dreams come true! :o You can make them lose SOME or ALL of their pieces of equipment! The script had a totally different name in...
  17. kyonides

    KItemTeachSkill ACE

    KItemTeachSkill ACE by Kyonides Introduction I know very well that VX ACE allows you to consume an item and automatically teach the target hero some skill. That's what has inspired me to look for a way to limit that ability to only allow certain actors or classes learn such an useful skill...
  18. kyonides

    KSelectStats ACE

    KSelectStats ACE by Kyonides Introduction There was an old scriptlet that would make you pick the stats you don't want to show up. My script actually asks you to tell it which stats you want to show on screen on different menu scenes. Why did I make it? That's easy to answer! The old script...
  19. kyonides

    MapSteps ACE

    MapSteps ACE For All RGSS Versions Version 0.2.1 by Kyonides Introduction All editions of the Maker offer you a way to assign the Party's Steps to a Game Variable. Normally, that's all you ever needed to do right? :eswt: What if you actually needed to keep track of the current map's steps...
  20. kyonides

    KLevelUpHeal ACE

    KLevelUpHeal ACE by Kyonides Introduction This is the most basic script that one could ever publish, but here I am publishing it on the forum. :p It allows you to leave note tags to get your Actors restore their HP or MP or both of them or clear their states or handle all of that in a blink...

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