1. pedrocarsamar

    Checking enemy's troop size

    Hello. Is there a way of checking the total number of enemies in a troop during battle? For example: through a script call. Thanks in advance
  2. thenerdmansion

    RPG Maker Games Critique with Thenerdmansion Game Submission

    Introducing our Wednesday Night Game Streams! Every Wednesday, we'll be streaming 4:30-7pm Mountain time on our Youtube channel playing RPG Maker Games. Join the host, Nerdboi from Thenerdmansion as he reviews and critique submissions from this forum. So how do you submit a game? That's easy...
  3. [VXACE] Remove enemy emerged

    Hello RM Members, could you help me please, how to remove enemy emerged message when player enter to fight without yanflyBS. I use default BS (Battle System) Thank you!
  4. [VXACE] How to show picture after press start game before transfer to map

    Hello RM members, could you help me please, how to show picture and SE after i press start game but not transfer yet. The action like this: [title] > push start game > show picture (ex: a intro page) (with smooth transition) > push again > remove picture > SE > then normal transfer to map...
  5. [VXACE] breathing script player actor sprite in field or map

    Hello RM members! could you help me please to make my player actor in field have breathing animation? Note: without breathing sprite, just use script. THANK YOU!

    Hello RM Members, I need help for my project. is there any script for slideshow title screen? I need my picture of title menu can change/move like slideshow. Note: its okay though if the script also have smooth fade in/out transition. :ehappy: Thank you!
  7. kyonides

    KExpBooK ACE

    KExpBooK ACE by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Yes, I know that this is a scriptlet but I thought that some of you might have been thinking about an easy way to make items become actual experience books that allow your heroes to earn some experience points. Well, here's my version of such a...
  8. kyonides

    KAppraise ACE

    KAppraise ACE by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Did you ever need a custom menu scene that could allow you to identify items? Now this script will let you do it in a very convenient way! :D It is also available for RMXP and RMVX! :D You can also let the appraisers accept some...
  9. kyonides

    KMenuSound ACE

    KMenuSound ACE by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction A board member once requested a new scriptlet that could help the game developer play a BGM on the main menu scene. It also lets you resume the previously played map BGM right where it was interrupted. This script does not alter the GUI at...
  10. kyonides

    Extra Gold XP & ACE

    Extra Gold XP & ACE by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Usually you could just change a method in the Game_Party class to set a permanent limit for the amount of gold the party can keep in its purse. This scriptlet pretends to override that by allowing you the game developer to change the...
  11. kyonides

    KPockets Daphne ACE

    KPockets Daphne v.1.0.5 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction There was some user better known as Daphne Lijffijt that had once posted a request for a very specific limited inventory for VX Ace. So far most things work just as expected, except for a curious detail: the user never told me what...
  12. Leokids

    Older VX RTP Male Kid?

    Here we Go! Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: VX/VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: Basically A Male VX RTP Kid But Older As adult/Teen Reference Images: Ok. And I want Him to be Older Like this. Ok.
  13. Kirri

    [RMVXACE] Centering Text.

    Hello! :kaohi: I'm wondering how to align center the text in the dialogue. I am aware that there is/are already message system that include this, but I'm already using Khas Message System, so it's incompatible with the other message system. When I turn off Khas Message System, I need the text...
  14. Kirri

    Select Thumbnail... Invalid?!

    Hello! :kaohi: So I made an image and converted it into bmp file. When I try to select thumbnail, it says "Please select a valid BMP image." On the other hand, I don't even know what the thumbnail is about. Is it the game icon or something?:kaoswt2: I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace btw. Help me...
  15. kyonides

    KLotto ACE

    KLotto ACE by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Do you recall my script Gem Roulette? Yes, the one with the spinning wheel made out of gems! Well, here's an interesting variant of it, this time is about the lotto! This script can be customize up to a certain point, still, it can be used as...
  16. kyonides

    Gem Roulette ACE

    Gem Roulette ACE v 1.0.7 by Kyonides-Arkanthes Introduction This is my own version of a roulette mini game. The gems you can see on the screenshot below will rotate as expected after you hit the OK button. Later on it will show you your prize. After you collect it, it will show up on the...
  17. Cuddlebuns

    Longer skill description in menu and in battle?

    Two short lines of text is asinine. I need a larger window to display skill descriptions in both the menu and during a battle. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  18. MasterLord140

    TP Bar Don't Show Up

    Hello i'm new here and i don't know there's the right place to post this tread. I have a problem because the TP bar in battles don't show up. I use Yanfly Ace Battle Engine. Without this script TP bar show up normally, but with the script TP bar is hidden. Then my question is how can i turn TP...
  19. RoooodWorks

    RMVXA Fear - Demo

    So this here is a short demo for a game I made for the IGMC entry i entered last year. I got in the top 50's (got in 48th) at the time had no story and barely any mechanics as shortly after designing the maps and some hiding events I got ill. After it was over I invested alot of my time in this...
  20. Deldel

    Dels Workshop! [Closed]

    Hi! Welcome to my workshop, and without further ado, let's get down to business! SLOTS: Bernkastelwitch Finnuval FREE Heh, 'tis a new thread! D: Rules: Non-commercial : You can use these freely as long as you credit me as oozarts. It would be great if you sent me a copy of your game (or...

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