1. Syddo

    Limited inventory script?

    Hiii yall, I was looking for a Limited inventory script for XP but just found a few for other Rpgmakers. What I'd need is a script that allows you to set a limited amount of item that can be carried (not per item, just a limited amount of item stocks!), and possibly choose to throw away and...
  2. Syddo

    Looking for a Fishing Script?

    H'lo. I've been looking for an advanced fishing script, where you interact with a certain event and some sort of fishing minigame kicks in. I'm not looking for a specific game mechanic, I just wish it was more complicated than a Common event-related minigame (I'm looking for something more...
  3. Noob here, need help with tilesets.

    Hello, I'm making my own game with RMXP and I have trouble with tilesets. More precisely, I don't know how to edit the default tileset to contain an object from other tileset. Also where are the default tilesets? In folder /graphics of my project I see only those tilesets that I added.
  4. [RMXP] Some very noob questions

    Hello! I've been messing around with RPG makers for a few years but i never made a complete project. I've settled with using RMXP and I have a few questions as there's a lot of things I cannot do there without scripting and info about this version is kinda scarce since people use VX instead ^^'...
  5. Sleepizz

    Modern - School tileset

    I've been digging the forum before i made my account and the internet searching for a tileset that would fit my description, but nothing of interest has been found yet. I need a modern/school tileset, with a computer, XP style, any idea of what i could use?
  6. ZenVirZan

    RPG Maker XP Database Sort Tool

    RPG Maker XP Database Sort Tool Intro RMXP DB Sort tool is a Ruby script that sorts the database, switch and variable entries by name. It also examines all database entries, maps, events and common events and updates the references so that no functionality is changed. Prerequisites A local...
  7. Nightblade50

    Random Events in RMXP?

    I am wanting to add a system to my RPG Maker XP game in which, whenever the player is traveling on the road and enters a new area, then a random event will possibly spawn on the road. The events will vary greatly (e.g., bandits trying to get money from you, a traveling merchant, etc.) I am not...
  8. Encounter Bar Script for (RPG Maker XP) Request. *Edited*

    Good day. I'm in need with encounter bar script because when I set random encounter and average step such as; 30 steps before battle processing. It is not 30 steps. Sometime it's only 2 step then battle which is very annoying. So, is there any script that shows encounter bar? When the bar is...
  9. Sighted

    [XP] Center Battler battle box problem

    Hello everyone, I found Center Battlers script in this link https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/rmxp-centering-battlers-in-battle.37261/ I used this script to make my characters stay in the center but, the problem is the battle command window is still at the left side while my...
  10. Nightblade50

    RMXP Swords and Savagery [Open World RPG]

  11. SrPoeMaker

    [RMXP] Problem with Tileset Import

    Hello Maker! Thanks for stopping to read my post. The following happens: I understand that the Tilesets in RPG Maker XP are 256x sizes ??? Whatever you want long, and each tile is 32x32. The problem is that I downloaded some resources, they were not at 256, but at 96. I opened Photoshop, I...
  12. Difficulty finding function and script locations

    I am digging into the scripting trying to figure out how the system works and I am having a really hard time following the paths that connect the scripts. For example, I want to have complete control over how my game reacts to battles but I am having the hardest time finding where the battle...
  13. senmingwu

    RMXP Recent Grid Update

    According to my timeline, I stopped using RMXP ~June 11th, 2020, and began using RM2k for a couple game jams. In the time between June 11th & now, July 12th, 1 month later, there was an update to RMXP adding a thick, black-lined grid to the map painter. There seems to be no way to prevent this...
  14. callmedan

    [XP] MP Slip Damage state script?

    Hi. I’d like to achieve a state that consume actor’s MP (or SP as it’s called in XP). It’s just like the Poison state but it would affect the MP instead of HP. I googled it but didn’t find any for XP. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. a script that where skill costs HP percentage costs

    is there a possible script where that skills costs HP in percentages?
  16. astrobunny

    Display a number on the map

    Map Number Displayer v1.0 by astrobunny Introduction This simple script places a number on your map that you can manipulate by changing a switch and a variable! Features - Easy to use and manipulate with events! - Fast, does not kill framerate - Customize your text image How to use Video...
  17. open equip menu for specific actors

    i've been trying to make actors to open their equip menu, but there are weird occurrences like: with one actor in party: [$scene = Scene_Equip.new] opens the equip menu for the first actor in party with two actors in party: [$scene = Scene_Equip.new] when exiting the first actor's equip menu it...
  18. FervorCraft

    RMXP Charon - Zhetan Chronicles GAMEPLAY DEMO

    Synopsis: Overview: In this GAMEPLAY DEMO, you join the four unlikely heroes of "Charon - Zhetan Chronicles" on a mission to investigate the mysterious Obsidian Grotto to vanquish the evil presence dwelling within... Explore a brand-new area with new enemies and secrets Fight exciting and...
  19. Leokids

    VX TO XP Rosources: People1 (Civllians1)

    Back in day In 2008 VX HAD The Beautiful Chibi-sizes Sprites. Sadly. On XP All Characters Are too tall! I Decided to Change Them With Converting the VX Sprites to Xp. Here we are! Use It! Its Free If it isnt Comercialy But if its Not free You need to Credit Enterbrain For the sprites And Me...
  20. WaterX2_Works

    Lose EXP and levels when you take damage

    I want to make it so, for example, the character levels up from level 2 to level 3 and gets a new skill. But then they take a bunch of damage and lose alot of exp, in turn falling back to level 2, and losing that skill they got from levelling to 3. I tried messing around with the battle and...

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