1. Modify title screen menu?

    I'm not sure if this is the correct category so sorry- basically,I'd like to make my title screen menu like this: I can make the menu be more on the right,left,up,down. But about everything else is outside my capabilities,as I know very,very little about scripting (only enough to move things...
  2. kyonides

    Large Door Fix XP

    Large Door Fix XP by Kyonides Introduction Have you ever noticed that all doors that are more than 32 pixels wide are automatically centered by the default event scripts? There is a reason for that effect. They are supposed to be used as a single event that is wide enough for your heroes to...
  3. kyonides

    XP Balloon Character Sprite

    Well, I've been looking for a balloon character sprite that can be used in RMXP. This means it should have similar dimensions to the default characters and have a 4x4 frame format. :aswt: Does anybody know about such character sprite by any chance? The search box didn't find any in both...
  4. LewyyM

    [XP] Event sprite changing by itself?

    So basically: I have the option to kill people, which results in their body laying on the ground. The first one works fine, his dead sprite is the last part of 189-Down01. However, the other guy's dead sprite is set to the first sprite from 190-Down02 and it changes depending on the direction...
  5. chase sequence Enemy dash? (solved)

    I want to make a chase sequence,where the enemy is kinda slow but still a bit faster than the player (like,at 4 speed) but every few seconds it dashes at 5 speed to catch up to the player. I remember a lot of old horror rpg games did this but I haven't found how to do it myself. When I try to I...
  6. kyonides

    Falkoner XP

    Falkoner XP by Kyonides Introduction Someone once asked for a script that could let some sort of airship or bird travel around the world freely. Yet, there was one weird condition, it should only land on the player himself. This is where my script comes in to solve your issues! :D Just press...
  7. self switch not working! (SOLVED)

    Here's my event: (don't mind the swA having that random text I haven't finished the event there) The entire thing runs perfectly. All of it. The problem comes when It gets to the part of the switch being on and answering "cut it open". It all plays well but then,when the screen fades in...
  8. kyonides

    How to Handle Script Patches & Bug Fixes

    Please delete this thread. It made no sense to keep these recommendations here if the thread would never get pinned at all.
  9. Can't share game with friends because it uses built-in assets. Any way to fix this other than replacing all of those assets?

    I'm relatively new to RPG Maker, and now how most things work, but I have no idea how to do something like this. I would assume it would need assistance of some website or something, but I've tried searching and have no clue where to find something like that. Plz help
  10. kyonides

    OtherLayers XP

    OtherLayers XP by Kyonides Introduction This script allows you to use a static picture or a series of pictures as a custom upper layer for the current map. I am sure there gotta be other scripts that provide similar features and you know what? I don't care about that! :p Embedded Notes XP...
  11. [RMXP] Is it possible to use ccoa's UMS to have multiple SE 'voices' for different characters?

    Hello, I'm very sorry if this is the wrong place to post! I'm extremely new to all this :kaoslp: I've been slowly learning how ccoa's UMS script works and how it's possible to play a sound effect whenever a letter of text appears. I really like this feature and want to use it, but I'm curious...
  12. Lord Vectra

    Help with scripted after-damage effects

    Hello, so my Game Battler 3 is getting quite large from the after-damage effects, so I decided to add them to a method that I can call. Issue I ran into is the user of a skill is "user" in the code and the user of the normal attack is "attacker" in the code. I already have a global variable that...
  13. help with event variables

    For some reason when I respond correctly orincorrectly the first time,it will automatically give me the "should study harder" instead of proceeding with the other 2 questions. It will also randomly give the "should study harder" instead of the questions when you first talk to it. any help? the...
  14. kyonides

    KToggleMenu XP

    KToggleMenu XP by Kyonides Introduction There was a forumer that wanted to add some custom boxes that could replace the default, ugly, boring rectagle called the window cursor. Since I had already published the KToggleButtons XP script, it seemed to be a pretty easy request for a skillful guy...
  15. Npc footstep sounds? (solved)

    All of the footsteps scripts that I know of and tried only apply to the player. And while that's ok,It bothers me that the enemies chasing the player can't make those sounds,like,it kills the immersion. I know how to simulate them in cutscenes,but I want npcs that move randomly/ towards the...
  16. kyonides

    OpenChest XP

    OpenChest XP by Kyonides Introduction Did you ever wanted to configure your chests the easiest way possible? Now you can do that at any time! :D And how exactly does that work? :aswt: Well guys, you simply need to create your event and turn on a single game switch and start adding gold...
  17. kyonides

    EskapeLevelsDown XP

    EskapeLevelsDown XP by Kyonides Introduction A fellow forumer was asking for a way to ensure that the heroes would level down if they had successfully escaped from the battlefield. Yeah, what a bunch of pussy cats! :p The catch was that they shouldn't lose too many points. Here's where my...
  18. item common event help (solved)

    Let's say the player has this item,and it's a lamp. And I want that item to be usable from the menu,if the player uses it,their sprite changes to the same character now holding said lamp. And if they use it again from the menu the sprite changes back to the one not holding the lamp. Is there...
  19. kyonides

    KDamage XP States Edition

    KDamage XP States Edition by Kyonides Introduction A forumer once asked for a script (or anything else) that could allow the heroes to lose a state ONLY if it had been predefined by game developer to do that. The default option of relying on the Damage Chance did not satisfy the game's...
  20. kyonides

    SkrollShop XP

    SkrollShop XP Version 1.4.1 by Kyonides Introduction Did you ever want to turn a Skill into a reusable Scroll? Now you can do it! :D You just need to create a Dummy Item and assign its ID to the PLACEHOLDER_ITEM Constant and the script will do the heavy lifting for you! There are a few other...

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