1. Importing RMXP plugins to MV?

    So there's already a method to import rmxp projects to rmmv but it does not properly import plugins. Is it possible to convert rmxp plugins to rmmv?
  2. Nobody Studio

    RMXP Echo(Action RPG)

    Hello everyone, we are a 2-person independent team from Taiwan called “Nobody Studio”. Our long action role-playing game “Echo” was officially released on Steam in December 2022. The game supports various controller operations and can also be played on Steam Deck. It also has English...
  3. kyonides

    KuickSplasher XP

    KuickSplasher XP by Kyonides Introduction You know what a splash screen is so feel free to use my script to get some pictures displayed on screen! :D There are 3 CONSTANTS that you can edit to adjust either the time the transition will last or how long the image will be on screen. You can...
  4. kyonides

    Pharmakology XP

    Pharmakology XP by Kyonides Introduction Traditionally in the RM series, the Pharmacology feature is an Increase in the Healing Effect of any skill or item. The NO_SLIP_STATE_ID Constant lets you setup a new No Slip Damage state in the DB. It is valid for both HP and SP! :D You can also use...
  5. kyonides

    NoManaKrisis XP

    NoManaKrisis XP by Kyonides Introduction There are times when reaching 0 Mana Points is very boring. What if all heroes or all mobsters could exceed that limit? Confused What if a specific hero or mobster could do that? There is another way to deal with this issue. The excess points can...
  6. How to remove black bar at the bottom of the battle screen

    Hey, I've been floating around without an account for a while now but i'm totally unable to find any previous posts that help me remove this stupid black bar at the bottom of the battle UI. I made the windows invisible, and my battleback was extended to account for the extra size, but it's still...
  7. kyonides

    EKuipSwitch XP

    EKuipSwitch XP by Kyonides Introduction Are you in desperate need to turn on a switch whenever a hero equips a specific weapon or armor and vice versa? Well, now you can do it! :D Either set the key value pairs of the WEAPON_IDS or ARMOR_IDS constants like this: ARMOR_IDS = { 33 => 10 }...
  8. kyonides

    RandomEnkounters XP

    RandomEnkounters XP by Kyonides Introduction This scriptlet adds a very simple but curious feature to your game mechanics, it shows one of the semi-randomly generated monsters that could emerge out of the blue every other hero's step. Once this happens the hero can't do much about it but...
  9. ! Need opinion

    I'm currently making an rmxp game (psychological mostly) and i was wondering what you guys like in a game. It can be the character and rep and the details, whatever TELL ME
  10. kyonides

    Knives XP

    Knives XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Use this scriptlet to make your weapon get stronger every single time you flee from battle AFTER striking your Witch Zombie Golem foes with the infamous Chicken Knife! Keep in mind that the Chicken Knife does not always make you flee away from...
  11. kyonides

    KAlterStates XP

    KAlterStates XP by Kyonides Introduction This script should become a collection of modifications of states in ways that cannot be done in the database. RMXP developers can now enjoy the possibility of hitting your foe at least once while paralyzed or hate the fact that your burn does not...
  12. kyonides

    KDualWield & Accessory Skills XP

    KDualWield & Accessory Skills XP by Kyonides Introduction First of all, let's admit that RMXP has no dual wield aka two swords style feature, yet, I have implemented it already. You should also now that I used CONSTANTS as a method to preset a list of skills that will require the hero to...
  13. kyonides

    KSkillNeedsState XP

    KSkillNeedsState XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Aluxes alias Alex can't get things to work properly the first time so you better help him adquire a specific state to be able to cast his world famous anti-ghost skill Cross Cut. This scriptlet will make it possible! # *...
  14. kyonides

    KOpenWeb XP

    KOpenWeb XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Did you ever want to let your gamers open your official website? Now you can do it! :D Just read the instructions embedded in the script and you are good to go! # * KOpenWeb XP * # # Scripter : Kyonides Arkanthes # 2023-01-25 # This script...
  15. kyonides

    KSafePoint XP

    KSafePoint XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction I was bored and decided that I should make a Save Point Tent script of my own. It will handle the items, the terrain tag, the charset, the music and the timer! Download Now! Terms & Conditions Free as in beer! Include my nickname in your...
  16. Transferring RMXP project to VX ACE?

    I spent ~3 weeks working on a game in RMXP prior to VX ACE going on a massive sale. I want to be able to transfer my current project from RMXP to VX ACE, how can I do that without getting any errors? Is there a program for doing so that still works in 2023? (A lot of old guides have links to...
  17. kyonides

    KyoAlert XP

    KyoAlert XP Version 1.2.0 by Kyonides Introduction It simply displays a small notification alert somewhere on the screen depending upon the configuration of its KAlert module. Alerts will be added automatically to a special queue just in case there is another one displayed on screen at that...
  18. kyonides

    KFactions XP

    KFactions XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction You know what a faction is. What if your game had some of them? What if they were looking to keep track of what the hero's faction has under control? What if the hero needs to find out what his enemy groups have achieved as of late? What if you...
  19. Lord Vectra

    [XP] Help adding a custom command in-battle

    I've made a "Status Glossary" which lists all the states in my game that has a rating of 2 or greater. I then have Conditional Branches checking for the name of the index you're currently highlighting which then shows a description of that state in another window. I want this to be an option in...
  20. kyonides

    Map Safety Level XP

    Map Safety Level XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction I have come up with a very simple scriptlet that will allow the game developers to show a simple map name window plus a brand new label telling the player how safe that map actually is. This window will be shown on the menu screen only...

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