1. tale

    [Viktor Hahn] Pixelated Attack/Hit Animations reformat

    I reformatted Viktor Hahn Pixelated Attack/Hit Animations from opengameart into XP/ VX Ace/ MV animation sheet. A couple of pixel-art attack, hit and sword swing animations. Blasts not included Tip: it adds a lot visually to have attack animations in roguelike dungeon crawlers, even without...
  2. eluukkanen

    RMMV Final Fallacy - Open-world Rogue-like RPG [Work-In-Progress]

    GAME IS STILL WORK IN PROGRESS Your hardcore 8-bit fantasy rogue-like RPG journey awaits! Final Fallacy has adventure beyond desire! You start with group of 3 heroes, and gather your party along the way to face the world! Feel ever more satisfied when you survive deadly encounters with...
  3. Buckthorn

    RMMV Endless Combat Dungeon

    This game is a dark fantasy 1st person dungeon crawler without any crawling and it's based on D&D, Wizardry and Dungeon Quest. It's for those people who're a bit tired of getting lost in labyrinths and just wanna get straight to all the action and choices. Like D&D/Wizardry it uses dice of...
  4. Niken08

    Is Galv's event spawner and Quxios' Qmovement not compatible?

    Hi. I'm making an abs roguelike that uses Quxios' Qmovement for grid-free movement and Galv's event spawner to spawn enemies and chests whenever the player changes map. Both enemies and Chests spawn but I can't interact with the chests even though they still have their colliders. When I turn off...
  5. AcetheSuperVillain

    Space Survival Rogue-like?

    So I've been playing space survival rogue-like games lately, like FTL, Prospector and Into the Stars, and I'm wondering about making something like that in RPG Maker MV. I also like the MMO Star Trek Online, which isn't survival oriented, but I think it's a cool way to do a space RPG. I'm...
  6. Dr. Delibird

    Quicksave/Suspend System

    I am requesting a plugin that creates a temporary save upon choosing the "Save and quit" option from the main menu (the name should probably be customiseable by the user so this plugin can appeal to as many people as possible), and then the player is taken to the title screen. The player could...
  7. Hiek

    Savior of Radiant Souls

      (Things are subject to change before final release.) Commercial Project Developer : Hiek (Levi Stepp) Website : Genre: Action, Adventure, Puzzle Latest Version : Development DEMO: Mechanic Test (Coming Soon)
  8. Rutibex

    Final Fantasy R: The randomized FF rogue-like!

    Download Beta Demo V1.21: Howdy everyone! I have been working on a game since the release of RPG Maker MV. I have always loved the RPG Maker series, going back to the 2000 version on Don...
  9. MeowFace

    Rogue-Like Movement / Chase Mode / Surprise Attack

    Saw a request here, and thought of putting up a script for it. In case anyone needs it, i have it reposted here. This script allows the rogue-like dungeon movement for events. This means the event will move only when the player is moving. (can be turned on/off with switch) Events can "hide"...
  10. gruberik

    Hunter (Dungeon Crawl)

    DEMO LINK (FULL): DEMO LINK (RTP): *SOON*   SYNOPSIS: This game is set in a fantasy world full of unique monsters. Your precious family heirlooms have been stolen! Go get them back! You will descend into a dungeon where is floor is...

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