1. Hunters12

    Seven Dungeon [Dungeon Crawler RPG now available on Playstore]

    Hi everyone, I would like to inform you that my first release paid project now finally available on android only for $2.99. A short dungeon crawler RPG with capture and convert monsters system, here story and features of this game : ===Game Title=== Seven Dungeon ===Version=== 1.1.1 ===Game...
  2. Parallax Panda

    Evented Battle system (turn based/roguelike)

    So, I'm thinking about maybe attempting to event my own turn based (on-map) battle system. Something similar to what you'd find in roguelike games such as Pixel Dungeon. With that said, I guess I should declare that I'm not new to RM, else someone will most definitely swing by and say that kind...
  3. Amarok

    need a way to display graphics without the default show picture command

    Hello there! i hope everyone is doing well and safe in these times. Since the quarantine prevents me from working i went back to coding and rpgmaking, kept experimenting with js and made my own roguelike system, everything works fine except one thing. Performance is terrible, most probably...
  4. CrowStorm

    RMMV Implementing Pseudo-Roguelike Dungeon Levels Using Eventing Alone

    Hi! This is a highly theoretical discussion (kind of a thought experiment) of how one might implement quasi-roguelike level design (random, different on each playthrough) using event code alone. (I wouldn't be shocked if someone had already tackled this topic and done a better job of it.) I'm...
  5. Eliyud

    RMMV Why Am I Here?

    By: Edy "Eliyud" Souza Game Engine: RPG Maker MV Category: Roguelike Launch Date: --/--/2020 Why Am I Here is a game that came out of a challenge, which amused me so much, and made me want to complement it. The direction that the game went cheered me up, and I ended up making it a side...
  6. Faherya

    RMMV Simple Roguelike

    Roguelike is a mini game created in three days for a challenge on the Centro RPG Maker forum. While a hero was venturing out, his Princess was kidnapped again. Invade the lair of a powerful Ogre and rescue her! There are four levels. The first three have three random variations each. Chests -...
  7. Owellow

    A single frame unanimated character?

    Lets say I want my character's on-map graphic to always look a certain way. Facing forward. Zero walking animation, like a roguelike, for instance. Is the only way to do this, while still using the built-in system, to make 12 identical images facing forward sliced out onto a standard 3x4...
  8. tale

    Random Treasure

    Random Treasure - 2018/08/03 (Ver.1.0) Creator name: kido0617 Overview Get randomize items as an event. Installation Paste this script above Main. Set-up After installing this script, use "Random_Treasure::reset" script call in an event. Items are registered in the shop process after this...
  9. Telala

    RMMV Portal Hunters - Roguelite Top Down Shooter (Demo)

    Portal Hunters Assume the role of an inter-dimensional contract killer, aka portal hunter, in this dungeon crawling, bullet-hell, action packed adventure! Synopsis & Game Features: Download link:
  10. orange~


    FEAR & HUNGER - VERSION 1.4.0 IS OUT! It’s finally here! The full version of Fear & Hunger. After two years of development time the game is finally at a state that can be called a full game. It has been no easy two years by any stretch. As a solo developer behind this game, it has taken its...
  11. ozubon

    RMMV A non-rpg-maker-y roguelike

    I've started to work on the mechanics for a game. It's set in the extreme far future, where only those who have cheated death resides. The endgame is to find and end death itself - before it finds you. On the way down the dungeon you dive deeper and deeper into insanity and become more and more...
  12. vectorinox

    RMMV Coffee Crawl (Roguelike)

    Congratulations! Humanity has finally achieved world peace! Because all humans on the planet right now are currently sleeping. FEATURES This game is a ROGUELIKE made using RPG Maker MV. It does not play like the usual RPG, as such is focused more on gameplay than storyline. (If you are not...
  13. WereWorld

    RMMV Dungeon Dreams

    Hello, everyone. I'm working on "Dungeon Dreams": A JRPG that features: ROGUELIKE elements DATING SIM system TOWN BUILDING NON LINEAR plot OPEN-ENDED quest system Plot Summary Ecallia. A town visited my many adventurers. Here lies the Dungeon, rumored to be the prison of the so-called...
  14. Bells

    Roguelike Movement

    Roguelike movement, as in the player only moves one tile at a time and events only being able to move when the player does. I found a couple of scripts that does something similar to that for VX ace, but nothing for MV sadly. I've tried finding a way to do it through eventing, but it seems...
  15. orange~


    THE FULL VERSION IS OUT! SHORT SUMMARY: Fear & Hunger is a horror dungeon crawler set in the dark and hopeless dungeons of fear and hunger. Four misfortuned adventurers dwell deeper and deeper to the darkness and uncover the secrets this ancient fortress holds inside. The fortress works as an...
  16. leoroura

    Move after player?

    Hello! I'm new to these forums ^^ The truth is i've been struggling with this for a good time now... I started a roguelike proyect on my RMMV and i made it to generate random maps with monsters and items. What i want now, is to make the monsters move every time my character does. I don't want...
  17. Marston

    Dungeon Delver

    Dungeon Delver Hello there, forum folks! I present to you a new demo of this game. The game exists since late 2016, but I haven't worked on it since early 20.17. Well, that changed and I started to do some stuff again and now, a wild new version appears! Whoo! So, here it is: Dungeon...
  18. Lantiz

    RMMV Aeternial - Cancelled

    Aeternial Story You are a space explorer aboard The Snooper. Everything was going great on the travel... until now. During your rest time, something has gone wrong and the spaceship crash landed on an unknown planet (until now): Aeternial. Lost and possibly alone, your goal is to survive and...
  19. TheGamedawg

    How would you go about making a roguelike in MV?

    Alright, this is a thought I've had for a while, so here we go. Something that been on my mind for a while is how difficult or easy it would be to create a roguelike dungeon-crawler with RPG Maker. I always liked the idea of a randomized turn-based RPG, and this would logically be one of the...
  20. M-GOD

    Hollow Planet Demo

    Recently released a demo of an RPG Maker VX Ace project I've been working on. Hollow Planet is a si-fi roguelike-like rpg.  It uses a combination of scripts and events to emulate a randomly generated rpg experience. The objective is simply to reach the end of a run without falling in...

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