1. Zealvern

    Ideas for melee healer?

    Okay, so I'm making a first project, and wanted to build the main character around being a more aggresive kind of support. Here's some info: -Low HP and defense. Average attack and magic attack. Good speed and magic defense -Water element -Main weapon is a scythe -Primary supporting ability is...
  2. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    Character Development and other informative topics

    one i know this might be the wrong forum for this kind of thread but i chose this forum in hopes of expanding my own limited information pool on the subject through discussion and to hope fully help fellow developers add depth to their characters and games :D now on to the topic hi...
  3. kovak

    MOBA roles in RPGs

    I've decided to make this topic after reading tons of mechanic stuff in this forum. I'm really happy to say that i've learned a lot and how it helped me on this transition. This is kinda a mini-guide since i'll try to explain how MOBA team compositions can be portrayed in RPGs, it doesn't mean...

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Found a critical bug the other day with the time system that would have caused none of the NPCs to spawn. Since I use dev mode to test time-based stuff, I didn't catch this for way too long!
Last missing piece, a plugin to let weapons and armor be used as multiple equip types
What if the Actor Battlers disappeared when your selecting enemies...
So, last chance to get RPG Maker Fes games?
That moment when you significantly rewrite about 80% of a course, reduce it from 12 hours to 8, drastically refocus the content, provide several overview briefings to staff on the changes, giving them several weeks to prepare, & they start asking questions 10 minutes before the classes start. I have a bad feeling. :oops:

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