1. Runako

    Roll Dice Feature to Determine Action Command

    What's going on everyone! I hope all of your bellies are full and I hope your pockets aren't empty from Thanksgiving and Black Friday (if you celebrate that is). I'm working on a small project, hoping to be able to place it on Android as a personal Leisure game. I wanted to do something simple...
  2. Can I roll 1d6 for damage?

    Is it possible to roll dice in the damage formula, or something to the same effect? I could imitate a d6 roll by making it 3 damage with a 100 variance rate, but that would vary all damage, including any static modifiers I wanted to add.  I want to be able to roll 1d6 + 3 for example. 

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I played Deltarune chapter 2 today! It was great. No spoilers, but I hope one day I can design a world as interesting as Toby Fox and team.
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