1. TMS

    Mossy, Thatched Roofs?

    I'm starting work on a project with MZ, and while I'll be using temporary placeholders for character art (and possibly music), I'm thinking it would be best to get the maps right the first time. So I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make roof tiles inspired by this sentence from a...
  2. ShadowDragon

    RTP RoofSet (RMMV)

    This roofset is a multi roof, edit with minor and major edits from the RTP roof, currently, Blue and Green, and I have Red and Yellow as well, but I do not add this for now, some things might be added that can be of good use of make a suggestion to expand it. While there is alot of roofs out...
  3. Roof I made for MV

    Hey, everybody (I'm French so sorry for eventual grammar error) Recently, when I was mapping town in my game, I saw that there isn't a lot of choice in the color of the roof (only red and blue) I try to custom the two type of roof that you have at the beginning. In the game  that I work on...
  4. DoctorMolotov

    Edits and Recolours by Doc - Updated with moar trees.

    Figured since I will be doing more and more of this, that I would make a thread I can edit with everything I have done. That being said, on to the fun stuff: NEW - Some tree edits - Finished off one tree set... I am sure there are others to do now. Roof stuff is currently under construction...

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