1. tale

    com_sho Pastel Room Tileset

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tileset image here. It's a lovely pastel-colored furniture tileset. Preview- Room colors are pink and light blue. Terms: - Users must own MV in order to use them - You can use this however you like (including commercial game) x You can...
  2. tale

    com_sho Non-RTP Resource Pack

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting Non-RTP Resource Pack here. Resource Pack include: - Arabian Tilesets - Fancy Room Tilesets - Scenic Parallax - Nightmare Tilesets - Flame/Smoke/Void Sprites - Home, Sweet Village Tilesets - 2 Textures/ Patterns pack - Rural Town Tilesets...
  3. tale

    com_sho Fancy Room Tileset

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets image here. This tileset specializes in setting up a character's room based on personality. Preview- Tileset- SF_Inside_Bedit Roomtile Roomwall Terms: - Users must own MV in order to use them - You can use this...
  4. tale

    com_sho Nightmare Tilesets

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets zip here. Here's a Nightmare Tilesets where you can create creepy atmosphere, obscure tones, and surreal rooms. Gif preview- Gears, TV, Noise, etc Zip includes- characters: !$TV | ghost parallaxes: Horror 1-3 tilesets...
  5. Lord-Xanthor

    How do you reset a room during testing?

    I'm pretty new to RPGmaker Ace and looking through other peoples work to get an idea how I want to do my own work when it comes down to the game making part. While I been making additions and changes to what I'm testing, I discovered an issue and not sure how to get around it. Because the...
  6. xdan

    Trick Room

    Trick Room By xdan I'm a noob scripter (not even the latter), I made this by request with my poor scripting skills. It worked to the requester so you might find it interesting. Description: It adds a "Trick Room" state. For those who haven't played pokemon: if any enemy has the...
  7. Murloc

    Smooth transitions (rooms)?

    I'm not sure how to do this yet... I want to make the player switch rooms when he's reached the end of the path into a different room; would it be better to just make the current room larger? or is there a way to make the player reach the certain point (black space) to transfer rooms. Basically...
  8. Mr. Trivel

    Dark Room Covers

    Name: Dark Room Covers Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-02-17   What does it do? Allows to show and hide regions.   Video:   How to use? Everything is set up using Plugin Commands. And we have a couple of those: RegionReveal...
  9. Tibletoad

    Room randomisation

    I am planning to start working on a game that uses room randomisation, Meaing that when the player exits a room he gets  dropped in a random room, so every  time they play it  the rooms they visit is diffrent,  and to give the  idea that the rooms are moving  going back the way you came will...
  10. New to RPG Maker, need to change actor's graphic in one room only

    Hello there! First of all, I'm as new as new can be to this whole thing. I have no knowledge of any kind of scripting or programming, but I'm trying my hardest to make this work! I'm artsy and creative, but technology is far from my strong points. So please bear with me. ^^; Here's my issue...
  11. dark room/night time per map

    How can I make it so that when I enter a cave for instance the map is a dark tint to simulate it being poorly lit, but when I exit the cave and go back outside it is light again.

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