rosary of the reaper

  1. Vandriette

    RMMV Was this written to be compelling?

    So sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forums, but anyways. For the long time I've been a developer, game maker, writer, I've had quite a hard time with summaries, and while I've improved in every category in the past 8 years or so, I still suck at making summaries for my project. Here...
  2. RMMV Rosary Of The Reaper R13+

    Hello everyone. Today, I am making a thread for Rosary Of The Reaper. Rosary Of The Reaper is an in-development RPG Maker, Dark Fantasy/Horror, anime-inspired project that is currently in demo phase. I'll be providing a brief summary of the Full Game's contents below. **Game Demo is playable...

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here's another RPG Maker remake idea: "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties". I'll salute to whomever does this
I won't finish it today, I only will have time to work on that next Saturday, what a shame... :(
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It's been a weird while. I've been so torn down that even playing video games has been something I avoided. But I shouldn't forget two things. One, I love RPG Maker for a reason. Two, only way to eat an elephant is a bite at a time.

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