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  1. recoculous

    RMMV [SOLVED] Save & Reset Rows for YEP Row Formation (add on)

    I am using YEP Row Formation and YEP Actor Party Switch for RPG Maker MV. I want to be able to save & reset the rows of actors in a way that is compatible with the Actor Party Switch plugin. I would like to be able to change the rows of actors during battle, but I don't want to have to...
  2. recoculous

    RMMV [SOLVED] YEP Row Formation & Saving Positions

    I am using YEP Row Formation, YEP Base Troop Events, YEP Actor Party Switch, SR Dude's Battle End Events, and Aloe Guvner's script to use rows, and to save the row positions. The idea is that rows can change during battle, and it can be frustrating to keep resetting the rows back to the default...
  3. RenatoCrovella

    Check front position - Row Formation help

    Hey, team! I've been trying to implement a mechanic using Yanfly row formation plugin that is simple in my head, but hard in practice: Each actor/enemy positioned in front of another one will "taunt" the normal attacks from the opposite team. When the actor/enemy in front of another...
  4. Final_zero

    RMMV Actor position

    Hi. if this is in the wrong thread please feel free to move it but I had no idea where to put it. Problem: Characters standing staggered Plugins involved: yanfly row formation, battle engine core, yanfly aoe Information: So in my game I've decided to go for a more strategic approach and now have...
  5. TheMeowingFox

    RMMV What are some ways to change an actor's weapon mid-battle, automatically?

    Apologies if this has been discussed before! Or if this is in the wrong forum...I just want some suggestions for a feature I am thinking of implementing, but am unsure where to begin. I've had the idea for my game that there are some characters that use more than one weapon, and depending on...
  6. recoculous

    RMMV YEP Rows & Target Core & Selection Control Problem (MV) [resolved]

    I'm using three main plugins by Yanfly that currently aren't working right: Row Formation, Target Core, and Selection Control. These plugins were explicitly made to be compatible. I tried to make sure they are in the right order and all other non-relevant plugins were turned off. Selection...
  7. TheMeowingFox

    RMMV [SOLVED] Row Formation - How to set the actor home coordinates?

    I've previously used a plugin called SVActorPosition to reposition the party, and I only now replaced it with Yanfly's Row Formation in order to add a bit of depth to the targeting system in MV. The former coordinates I've used are like so: I don't have a very good understanding of the...
  8. RMMV column row formation?

    I aware that there is YEP row formation plugin, but when used for first view... anyway, is there any plugin formation 1 row and 5 column? can request 'digimon world ds/dawn/dusk' formation? as in the picture. the left from the ori game, have 5 spots for actors to battle. row formation for how...
  9. Zakarijah

    RMMV Battle Grid with movement, added functionality

    I'm looking for a way to create a 3x8 battle grid that would allow both the ally/enemy parties to share and move around on freely --Characters would be able to stand behind other targets to prevent knockback, or take less damage from a line attack or something of that nature. --attacks/Skills...
  10. SoftCloud

    Row Formation in Front-View Battle

    So, this has been bugging me here and there for a while. I have specialized in front-view battle systems, but, I struggle to see a reason why formation is used save for establishing the party leader. Is there some other use I'm not finding through web searches? Also, has anyone come up with...
  11. Immac

    Better Weapon Ranges (YEP Extension)

    Better Weapon Ranges v1.0 by Immac Introduction This is an extension plugin for Yanfly's Selection Control plugin. It allows for specifying the range of a weapon when using Yanfly's Row Formation's plugin. Adds the following tags: <Weapon Range: x> Sets the maximum range of a weapon to x, and...
  12. JacSkulls

    Help with rows formation on VXA?

    Hello. New guy, here. I really started up this post just to ask this question and I don't normally join a community like this without checking it out. So I hope you won't judge me for being too new. You see, I have Visual Battler Yanfly's script (Sideview battle system) and I'm trying to make a...
  13. masanobu91

    YEP Row Formation problem

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this site. I will be very quick and straight to the point. Yesterday I installed the row formation plug in by Yanfly and now I have 2 major "problems" that i can't solve. 1: The step in animation of battlers is skipped (battlers just spawn in their home...
  14. atma505

    Yanfly's Row Formation - Grid & Positioning

    Hello! So I'm interested in making an (MV) RPG where the battles are set up something like this: AKA: first-person perspective, three rows, three columns. Enemies can go on any of the 9 spots on the grid, but if there is no other enemy in front of them, then they are forced to move forward...
  15. BlueVikingr

    How-To Question: Yanfly Engine, Opportunity Attacks

    Hi... I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, since it's not exactly a problem/issue that I'm having, but I couldn't find a good place to ask how-to questions... Sorry if I missed something and there is a dedicated place for it. In my game, I use... the majority of the Yanfly...
  16. The_Black_Knight

    Changing the row designation of back row members.

    So, using How would I go about changing the row of a character in the row 2, or back row into 1, or front row, after all front row characters are dead? And back again if any of them are revived. The idea being, that the front row characters...
  17. The_Black_Knight

    Yanfly Row Formation and enemies.

    I'm completely lost with how to set up these. I have some enemies that will always be used in the back row, and have set them with (Default Row: x), which works nicely. How on earth should I go about making an encounter with, for example, 7...
  18. HatJump

    Yanfly Target Core/Row Formation help.

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a skill which hits all enemies on the nearest enemy row <Target: Front Enemy Row> for an initial amount of damage a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 , but which then hits the next nearest row for somewhat less damage (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2) /2 . Does anyone know how I would go...
  19. Alexandre_Belmonte

    YEP Row Formation + Target Core + Selection Control question

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to solve this problem for days so any help would be greatly appreciated! I want my game to have 2 rows. The back row should not be target by melee skills before the enemies of the front row are defeated. In the Enemy A, I put in the notes...
  20. VnC

    Help with Yanfly's Row Formation (Centering)

    So this is my situation right now: My party is literally in the clouds. I don't understand Yanfly's settings when it comes to the placements of things and I won't try to pretend I do, so I just wanna know which one do I adjust and what to adjust it to, so that it can cater to 3 rows and ideally...

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