1. AdamSakuru

    [SOLVED] YED Sideview Battler + Yanfly Row Formation [Visual Error]

    I won't be linking both plugins because the issue is actually with a part of Yanfly's Row Formation not accounting for battler sprites that don't follow the default format. Yanfly's Row Formation: http://yanfly.moe/2016/01/02/yep-54-row-formation/ Look at the attached image, the first actor...
  2. Black Noise

    Need help for YEP Row Formation & Skill Learn Plugins

    Row Formation This game I am making right now is going to strictly feature a front-view battle system while using Yanfly's Row Formation plugin. Of course, I assume the position settings are made with the side view in mind and I know squat about such complicated coding. I'm wondering if anyone...
  3. RoadKillCandy

    Boat will turn but not move

    I made it so that my players can't walk on the swamp so i could use a boat on it but after using mv to set that as the boats starting point, making a new save of the game to test said boat i can't get it to move, just turn in the swamp. Also putting wood on top of the swamp like a dock, still...
  4. fjkv

    YEP - Selection Control Help

    Hi, I'm a beginner working on my first RPG Maker MV project and I've encountered a problem attempting to create a battle system with multiple rows. I'm trying to make a battle system with 5 rows where melee attacks target only the first row, and ranged attacks target only the back 4 rows. I'm...
  5. Yanfly Row Formation State change timing issue.

    I'm using Yanfly's Row Formation Plugin to make a custom battle system and have run into a snag that has me tearing my hair out the past couple days. So, what I want to do is simple in theory. I want a skill that moves my character to the back row and fires his bow. I've got all that set up and...
  6. Mooshry

    Row Battle System

    Hello. I need a Lane/Row battle system for one of my many, MANY, games. Basically, i need a battle system that lets you change the formation of characters every turn, by using a move command which would move to any column/lane if a character is not occupying that space. And the monsters would...
  7. Change Row with the Formation Menu [Yanfly's Row Formation]

    Hi all, so I'm trying to add a twist to Yanfly's Row Formation script and instead make something similar to the system in Darkest Dungeon. In a nutshell, both allies and enemies have 4 rows, and each can only be occupied by 1 character. Skills have a user requirement (must be standing in a...
  8. fusegu

    More Yanfly Row Formation JS help

    Messing around with the Yanfly Row Formation and I'm trying to see if I'm missing something or if there is some custom code I'm missing OR SOMETHING. I'm trying to simulate ranges.  I put number of rows to be 5. SO <-(-5)--(-4)--(-3)--(-2)--(-1)--(1)--(2)--(3)--(4)--(5)--> I want...
  9. fusegu

    More Yanfly Row Formation JS help

    Messing around with the Yanfly Row Formation and I'm trying to see if I'm missing something or if there is some custom code I'm missing OR SOMETHING. I'm trying to simulate ranges.  I put number of rows to be 5. SO <-(-5)--(-4)--(-3)--(-2)--(-1)--(1)--(2)--(3)--(4)--(5)--> I want...
  10. CombatJazz

    Yanfly Row - How to stop an enemy from moving into an occupied space?

    Hello, help form! Here's my question -  I'm using the row plugin (amongst many other plugins, but I think this is something that can be solved with the row plugin, battle AI, and maybe action sequences? I don't know how really to javascript and i feel like this would require javascript, so...
  11. Fullereno

    Help with rows, position and related stuff

    Hi people :) I'm currently trying Yanfly's Party System and Row Formation plugins, and I have some questions: 1) Is there a way to limit the maximum battlers per row? Not only set a global maximum per row, but if possible, set different maximums. For example, 3 battlers max in 1st row, 2...
  12. darthnihilus


  13. Game freezing from set handler bind -- YEP_Row Formation modifications help.

    Hello, I am trying to modify the YEP_RowFormation plugin to better organize rows by adding a grid format that includes setting default rows and columns for each battler. I have successfully created the format for the battle phase and am now trying to fix the Row Menu to better adjust the...
  14. Rink27

    Calling Row Formation elsewhere

    Yanfly's row formation is normally accessed from the menu or even during battle. http://yanfly.moe/2016/01/02/yep-54-row-formation/ Is it possible to access it through a script/plugin call? I'd like an event to bring it up prior to a battle.
  15. Rink27

    Different Ally/Foe Row Formations

    Yanfly's Row Formation Script: http://yanfly.moe/2016/01/02/yep-54-row-formation/ Can allow you to set how many rows battlers used (1-10 rows), but the number selected affects both allies and enemies. I would like the allies to only have a front and back row (2 rows that they can switch...
  16. NM Play

    YEP_RowFormation addon enemy position

    Hi just wanted ask for a addon to Yep_RowFormation plugin for custom enemy row position depending of they row number, like actors settings: *actor settings are like this: ---Row 1 Settings--- Row 1 Home X = Row 1 Home Y = ---Row 2 Settings--- ... *Something  like i want for...
  17. Limiting attacks based on row

    I am using Yanfly's RowFormation plugin.on the player side I have went and made all attacks have appropriate <Row Only> flags. So, I have the player side working. The problem is the monster side. I want to make it so that a monsters melee attack can only target a player in row 1, a reach attack...
  18. Nosleinad

    Small implementation to CDR ROWS script

    Hello,   I want to add just one feature to CDR row script linked below, that will only consider enemies in the back row if there are enemies in the front row protecting them: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/14611-cdr-rows-ve-actors-battlers-and-battle-symphony-plugins/   At...

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