1. HiddenAlchemist

    RMMZ Finding rows and columns for Actor Command window in MZ

    So first off, I realize that by default the actor command window is fixed to the actor status window, thereby forcing it to be vertical and limiting its width. I am using MOG_BattleHud however, which allows me to move the actor command window elsewhere on the screen. Although MOG_BattleHud...
  2. NatuElChido

    Mog Battle Hud: Showing 5 Rows in Party Window

    Hi! Let's go over the bullet points for the short explanation: *Basically, I'm using Mog Battle Hud Plugin and YEP Battle Core Plugin, what I'm looking to do is show 5 options instead of 4. *Mog Battle Hud is only a visual plugin, and only affects "Columns" in 2 instances, in Skill Window and...
  3. LunaCyclone

    Creating a Simple Row System

    Hey! I'm having trouble with Yanfly's Row Formation. All I want is the classic Final Fantasy rows, where any character can be targeted, regardless of row, and their position on the battlefield does not change (maybe with some slight variance in how far forward they are). Yanfly's row system...
  4. Party Rows and Support Character?

    Hey all, I just got back into the RPGmaker scene, and there's so much stuff, and honestly I'm a little lost. Is there a script that allows me to have two party rows? And additionally, I was thinking of having the back row be controlled by AI, so they're like support characters, and not full...
  5. Runako

    Choices - Rows and Columns

    Good morning (or night to some) :kaoangry: This sounds simple, but I really don't know the full dynamics of the programming. I'm looking for a plugin that allows Choices to be seen in different rows and columns. Ideally, the user can change the amount of columns that the players can see for the...
  6. Pr0ph3t

    MV / Yanfly ATB Batlle Queries

    Hello, I am new to RM and just recently bought MV. I must say its an awesome tool for the creative minded, and I'm no scripter. However I'm having some issues. I am using many of Yanflys Plugins, however when I am in battle ATB charges, if I select attack it makes me choose all my parties...
  7. Resetting rows at the beginning of combat.

    I am using Yanfly's Row formation plugin. I am trying to make it so every battle, the entire party starts in row 3. I can use  SetPartyRow 1 3 SetPartyRow 2 3 etc to set a person to a certain row, using BaseTroopEvents plugin to make it occur during all battles. My problem is that if I...
  8. SumRndmDde

    13 Alt Menu Screens

    Alternative Menu Screens Current Menu Count: 13 by SumRndmDde Most Recently Created Menu: What This Plugin Does: Simply adds alternative menu screens to be used in your RPG Maker MV game. How to Use It: These are mostly plug-in and play; however, a couple give...
  9. PhoenixX92

    Battle Rows with YanFly Party System

    Edit: This is for VX Ace ---- So, I've been looking all over for some scripts to make battle rows, where I could put mages/archers in a back row to reduce incoming physical damage, but Mr. Trivel's Simple Battle Rows doesn't allow me to change rows while using YanFly's Party System...
  10. Spindaboy

    Yanfly Row Formation: Item Notetag to ignore rows.

    I'm using the Yanfly Row Formation plugin and I need a notetag for ranged weapons that will ignore rows.  My two rows are: -Front, no change -Back, 50% Attack, 200% Defense, +20 Evasion, -20 Hit Rate Specifically, I want the weapons to deal the same amount of damage from the back row...
  11. ShinGadrian

    How to make enemies change rows by themselves

    Hello Everyone, since Yanfly plugin YEP_RowFormation.js came out, i never saw anyone asking questions or posting about how to make enemies re-position themselves after getting hit by a attack/skill that change their rows so that they get "stuck" and unable to use their skills until they go...
  12. Mr. Trivel

    Simple Battle Rows

    Author: Mr Trivel Name: Simple Battle Rows Created: 2014-06-15 Version: 1.1b   What does it do? This scripts adds basic Battle Row functionality. You can switch rows in menu Formation command by selecting same Actor twice. Battlers in back row will receive less damage than the ones in...

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