royalty free music

  1. castor_online

    Royalty free Battle Theme

    Hello! I did this music to test some sound libraries and other stuff I acquired (software and hardware). If someone finds it suitable for their project feel free to use it, just give me credit for it. I will appreciate a like and a comment in the video if you like to use the music or if you...
  2. Bit By Bit Sound

    SNES style Royalty Free RPG music

    Hey everyone! I've been making a bit of SNES style royalty free music recently and thought I would share here. I aim to make at least 1 new song a week to upload to my youtube channel. If you do use some of my music, please provide credit to me (word doc with instructions in the download)...
  3. JShaw

    RPG Orchestral Essentials - Royalty-Free Music

    Hey there fellow gamers! I am Jonathan Shaw - a freelance composer and sound designer - and have released a free video game music library with a bunch of royalty-free video game tracks covering various themes and scenarios, all with an orchestral aesthetic and with suggested uses and loop...
  4. Jordan_Winslow

    The Complete Guide to Free Commercial Use Music & SFX That Don't Suck!

    So you're a filmmaker entering post-production on your film, a game developer working on music and audio triggers or perhaps a YouTuber wanting to enhance your videos. You need SFX and a music soundtrack but you might not have the budget to hire a professional composer or audio engineer. The...
  5. NightHerald

    Free Background Music by NightHerald!

    Hello all! I've been rather inactive on the game making front, but I've started making my own music and I'm here to share with all of you! :D As I am still relatively new to the world of music, I would greatly appreciate it if you told me what you think of the songs - what you like and what...
  6. The-Stylo-Project

    Royalty free music by The Stylo Project

    Hello everyone, I know you see a lot of these posts, but I'd just like to share my start-up YT channel offering royalty-free music (download links are in the descriptions) for use in your games or other projects. The only thing I would ask in return is that you credit me and consider...
  7. Shade_Hunter


    *Royalty Free Music Thread Moved to here:
  8. SalyrPls

    Free Leviathan: Elementals OST (Royalty Free W/ Credit Provided)

    Just thought you guys might enjoy some free music that I made. You all may use it. I would really appreciate if I was credited... But I won't be hunting anyone down. Enjoy! Free for all projects. Dropbox link: Music Salyr *EDIT*...
  9. Music

    Anybody have any good places to find good (royalty free) music? 
  10. eluukkanen

    Royalty-Free Music Corner - High-Quality Music for your Games

    If you are looking for music for your games, you have came to the right place! Want to have music with variety and quality in your project? Then eluukkanen music is what you need. Orchestral, Jazz, Classical, Band, Instrumental, Choir, slow, happy, action… All of that can be found with music...
  11. JCBrickston

    JC's Retro Game Tunes

    Howdy, everyone! I'm Joshua, though most folks know me as J.C. You can call me either one, it won't bother me in the least! This thread is where I put all of my free-to-use video game tracks. I'm not really a fan of modern gaming or soundtracks, so most of my work is in the style of the SNES...
  12. JCBrickston

    Royalty Free Video Game Music From Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

    Howdy there everybody! My name's Joshua, although some know me as...Tim? Either way, I'm new to the forum scene, but after hearing about this site from my brother, DesperateMeasurez (although I don't call him that, and he doesn't call me J.C.Brickston...however, if we did, that would be pretty...

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