1. ray_stride07


    Hello, guys. I have been using YEP_EventChasePlayer plugins and this plugin show the implementation of Line Of Sight algorithm but there is one problem. The enemy can't detect obstacle, they still can chase us even if we are behind the wall which is not supposed to work like that. Can someone...
  2. ray_stride07


    So, i convert my game using Android Studio but i got problem. There is a bug and i don't know how to fix this. Do you guys know how to fix this ? Thank you :) Note : i am using 1280 x 720 screen resolution
  3. [RMMV] Looking for people to play Timeless Land Jikandia!

    I have a game on the RPG Maker MV Trinity Player (for PS4) called "Timeless Land Jikandia", a reimagining of an obscure game for the PSP called "Jikandia: The Timeless Land". "ID: 478" for anyone searching for ID. Thank you for playing! :biggrin:
  4. [RMMV] Someone's played my game, Timeless Land Jikandia, on YouTube!

    By the way, his name is SNACKISBACK. Here's the video! I'm glad he got a chance to play it and hope he plays more of it in the future. You can play it, too, on the RPG Maker MV Trinity Player for PS4. "ID: 478" for anyone searching for ID. I hope you can get a chance to play Timeless Land...
  5. Dr4G

    RMMZ Kingdom of Nyabur Chapter 1

    This story takes place in the Kingdom of Nyabur. While Prince Arvin, future heir to the throne, fled his responsibilities to embark on the adventure more than a year ago. He was found by his friend and weapon master, Jeanna and Edouard, the army commander. Both had been instructed by the king...
  6. Opalablue

    RMMZ Final Glow [Touch The Stars Game Jam]

    Akeli Starlight belongs to a race called Glowmies, that gains power with the light of the stars. Her planet dived in a crisis after a mysterious event known as the Final Glow: the day were almost all the stars vanished from the night sky. All that left was a small dwarf star, that barely keeps...
  7. KoMo_Riz

    [RM MV] how does this RPG maker tilesets work?

    I'm not great at english much but I will try to explian my stupidness about this I try to create a library for my project so I studied how to make a tilesets but I stuck at how are what size they took for one block and how to setting an animation tilesets(I know I can put in A1 but I don't know...
  8. yopeople

    RMMV The Chains That Bound Me - Demo Available

    A Y.B. Game The Chains That Bound Me is a story rich game that has the elements of an rpg genre. You'll explore the city of Florie in the lower district, a place where the guards oppresses the working people. Death is common and starving people will ask you for food. You will play as...
  9. Kacribus

    RPG MV : Artist/Painter Tileset Request

    Resource Type : Tiles Maker Format : RPG MAKER MV Art Style : Default - looking. Normal-y? :kaoswt: Description: Hello! I'm creating an existentialist game based around an old painter with artist's block. I'm looking for tiles to create his artist studio and art related decorations and...
  10. FranksUnhinged

    RMVXA Puppis & Choler - A short, silly RPG where every fight matters.

    Synopsis Images Download Link Characters The World
  11. EpicFILE

    RMMV Realm Crosser (IGMC 2017)

    Playtime : 1-2 Hours Hello! Welcome to the Realm Crosser Thread. :D This was my very first completed game project. Originally an IGMC 2017 entry, but disqualified because there's one game-breaking bug. (fixed it already) You started the game inside the final boss castle. And you have the power...
  12. Caitlin

    Chronicles of Honor - Age of Heroes

    Game Synopsis Settling Main Characters Antagonist Important characters (More will come later) Terms World development History and mythos of Crusika Screenshots Note: These screenshots are a work in progress, I've...

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