1. rux

    How to make your game more zoomed in

    Hello, I wanted to know how I can make my game more zoomed in than it is, it is too far away from the player, you can barely see any of his features, I've made a custom characters that i've drawn by myself and I was wondering on how I can make my game more zoomed so you can see the character...
  2. ZEkA10000

    RPG Maker VX Ace resources in other Engines.

    I just interest, can I use RPG Maker VX Ace custom (or DLC) graphics in other engines? I don't know what written in license agreement of that graphics packs because tiles taken from other non-protected projects (it's old practice).
  3. RMAce Looking for Char generator collars

    Hi there, I'm looking for some collars for my char generator as an accessoire something like this preferably in different colors, but just black qould also be fine Thanks in advance:kaothx:
  4. ScytheX

    looking for animations and/or pre made ones

    ok so to start let me say that i SUCK at making new animations. i can edit already made ones in to something new. but starting from scratch.....yeah no....i just freezes up. i know it might sound lasy but is there a pack or game that has some animations that i can use?that would really help...
  5. Issue With Khas's Awesome Light Effect

    Happened to me right after I launched the game. Here is he's plugin: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/khas-awesome-light-effects.4917/
  6. Help with busts rpg vx ace

    Hi there, I'm trying to create conversations with busts. I've already got how to show them, but how to I let them vanish after an conversation or, when another npc speaks??? Thanks in advance.
  7. Requesting bastet sprites and face set for rpg vx ace

    Hi everybody:kaohi:, for my curent project I'm looking for an bastet (the egyptian cat goddess) spriteset, favourable with egyptian clothes. Thanks in advance. ~frhghz Edit: Just thought of it, I meant anthro sprites :kaoswt2::kaoswt:
  8. How To Change "Show Choices" Menu Background From Normal To Dim Like in "Show Text..."

    Doesn't fit into genre of my project.
  9. How To Open Debug Mode With F11 While Event Proceeds?

    Also in my game pause menu cannot be accessed and the game itself cannot be paused at all since it's inspired by Five Nights At Freddy's. Basically I want to know how to make menu screens pop-out during events with keyboard.
  10. Sora-to-Mikki

    Pushing objetcs for puzzles?

    hi, everyone! I'm looking for some help... I want to do a puzzle pushing an object. Let me explain with a example... Imagine a box, in the middle of a room with two doors; one open, where u come from, and the second closed. I want that when it moves to an especific spot, sounds a "click" and...
  11. Camtheman

    Can you update games?

    So if I post a game and later I change a few things and add more things, how can people play that update of the game?
  12. Varon1999

    Yanfly Damage Core help

    I am new on this script, I downloaded it because I wanted to learn a bit more about damage formula, I am currently stuck on this spot and need help on making frames attack. I have a skill that has an animation of a 3 consecutive arrows attack, I wanted to split the total damage into 3 frames...
  13. SakuraMiya

    How to make a character move on a looping map?

    For my game I'm using a cutscene which includes a looping map and two characters talking as the map loops (using Set Move + 1 Step Forward + Repeat). At one point the characters stop walking for a while and then resume walking, but I can't make them stop. I tried to use an event as a parallel...
  14. mucka33

    [FIXED] HimeWorks Splash Screen Videos not Skippable?

    I've recently grabbed HimeWorks' script that allows for custom splash screens to play before the title. While it works well, I can't seem to get the 'skip button' to work. The script says that by default, pressing the Z key should skip the splash screen, but this hasn't been working for me. I've...
  15. Paper_Drop

    Applying changes after save

    First poster and all,, please inform me when I'm doing something wrong w Anyways, is there a way to apply changes immediately to a save file without restarting the whole game all over again?
  16. Scythuz

    Hydroactive - Now out on Steam!

    About the game: Hydroactive is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi rpg featuring tactical turn-based combat, devious puzzles and engaging exploration elements. The game is set in a world where the majority of natural landmass has been destroyed by unknown causes. The world is now ruled by corporations...
  17. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Pictures and tinting issues

    Ok. So my IGMC is having an issue. One I wish to fix at some stage (I don't have time for the IGMC release, but for an update after. I have various pictures and overlays. eg. Exterior Fixed pic switch 2 on tint screen -68 -68 0 -68 Pic 1 -trees Pic 2 -lights pic 3- lanterns tint pic1 -68 -68 0...
  18. CloudedSheep

    Help with Region and Tiles

    So I read Neon Black's post about making slope, cover, and bridge regions. I'm trying to make a roof that you can walk under, so I tried placing Region 18's on the roof tile. Tried it out in-game, but I couldn't pass through. I copy-pasted the script into the Materials section, plastered those...
  19. ScytheX

    menu call commened (MOG's monster book)

    does anyone know how i can add this to my menu? i kind of forgot how to do that kind of stuff ^^; XD https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rgss3-monster-book/ btw i'm using yanflys menu script too.
  20. ScytheX

    should i make thread about my project?

    i know this is might be a silly question but was wondering should i talk about this see what people thing, if they find it a little bit interesting, maybe come up with ideas and stuff to make it more fun. stuff like that.

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