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  1. FoxInHiding

    Journey of the Forgotten

    Game Title and Version: Journey of the Forgotten, v1.0 Engine: RPG MAKER VX ACE (RMVXA) Price: $15 USD The Story A dark plot is revealed to a young girl named Quia. Learning about the threat it poses, she sets out to protect the world's balance. While the sinister forces gather, multiple...
  2. RMMV DEEP TOWER (WIP) fantasy free form rpg

    story synopsis: Welcome to Liscosha! A land of myths and Stories of fallen gods, witches and demons! The world has been damaged by strange monsters, undead and bandits ever sense the first group of hero's opened the doors to the deep tower. the promise of gold and adventure has brought all kinds...
  3. Sherlocklini

    RMMZ GeneSpire Island

    Explore the Secrets of Life in a New RPG Adventure! Hey fellow RPG enthusiasts! I'm excited to introduce you to a project that's been brewing in my imagination for quite some time now - GeneSpire Island. GeneSpire Island will not be a typical RPG: It's an immersive journey into the...
  4. ElTomates715


    XOCOEZTLI SECTION A: Hello, my name is "ELtomates715". I'm developing a video game to support my wife, and she can take on any challenge that comes her way. This game is about a girl who tries to change the past by traveling to distant lands where time can be changed. Throughout his journey...
  5. SmoothLightningStudios

    RMMV Soul Journey MV v1

    A story about a lost boy who finds his origins through adventures and connections with others, with a dark twist and multiple endings based on a choice! Available for $2 USD (or more, up to you!) on my itchi.io page. Classic style turn-based RPG gameplay and dungeon exploration. Gear up at...
  6. JeuneDanielSoleil

    RMMV Remnants Of The Witch [Feedback thread]

    For the past 2 years now I've been working on a RPGMaker game as a passion project of mine. It's been a solo work mostly, with a little help from free assets and friends willing to lend a hand. I've been severely lacking in feedback though so I thought I could try and get some here. ROTW is a...
  7. Garren_T

    RMMV The Infinity 4 B.XX.D (1st Demo Available)

    The big project is now in development; The Infinity: 4 B.XX.D, the direct continuation of The Infinity; Tower Of Fate. https://garren-t.itch.io/the-infinity-tower-of-fate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The community will be...
  8. slktmslk

    RMMV Lita's Dream [Horror]

    Popular high school girl Lita finds herself trapped in a strange dreamlike world. The Dreamlike world is also a place in Lita's memories, and there are many strange creatures that she has never seen before. She needs to escape from a dangerous, eerie castle with the help of her mysterious ally...
  9. LordTwibill

    FREE REQUEST Persona ᚱ - A Fan-Made Freeware Persona RPG Maker Game

    DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit fangame. All depictions of copyrighted content belongs rightfully to Atlus and Sega, and Team Clover does not own Persona, Shin Megami Tensei or any material used for this fangame. Please support the official release. Suffering comes from the minds of men...
  10. fiddleling

    RMMZ 1-Bit Explorer - Adventure game focused on exploration of the world

    Just released my first game on Itch, 1-Bit Explorer! What is this game? Story Gameplay Characters Screenshots Can be downloaded at: https://fiddleling.itch.io/1-bit-explorer I hope you all enjoy playing as much as I did making it! Please, feel free to report any bugs and give any...
  11. murilloc

    RMMZ Frontview battle screen with ATB gauge

    Greetings everyone!! This is the most recent battle screen update for my game, and I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the new mechanic. I have incorporated the ATB (Active Time Battle) mechanic, in which skills and items have their own unique speed or charge rates, labeled as Slow...
  12. murilloc

    RMMZ Divinity's End: The Chronicles of the Fallen God

    (DISCLAIMER: Mature content, contain violence, religion, politics and curse words) SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS GIFS STORYLINE/PLOT The demo will be available in approximately 2-3 months, at which point I will launch a crowdfunding campaign. The demo will feature approximately 1 hour...
  13. Livestream of my RPG Game on Monday 13 by Driftwood Gaming

  14. Dwesper

    RMMV I created a Detective game(Sorta)

    I made a game with RPG Maker MV, Started with a murder and you are a cop named John. You have the option to change his name on the get go. The goal is to solve cases and earn money to upgrade your gear, supply and clothing. The side missions are hidden throughout the game. You can collect...
  15. fervie33

    RMMV Your Heart Speaks - a RPG in present days

  16. RMMV Deadly Dungeons (Hardcore Classic RPG)

    Uncover secrets, defeat bosses, collect rare loot, find and hatch pets, and dive into over 50+ dungeons in this hardcore classic dungeon crawling adventure. Early look at Deadly Dungeon's town graphics! dungeon walls glow green indicating low level threats and low tier loot. Traps and...
  17. Shiratsuyu

    RMMV A Shaman's Ballard

    Hello! Glad you decided to check out my project :kaohi: I am a game developer and this is my second commercial game. SYNOPSIS A shaman's ballard tells the story of Melody, a shaman apprentice summoned by the ancient goddess to go on a pilgrim journey for her shanar, the rite of...
  18. TheRealTron

    RMMV Our Dying World (demo)

    Our Dying World is a story-driven RPG made using the RPG Maker software. Follow Max and his friend Ryker as they try to grow in strength by setting off from their home village to become adventurers! Dark times however are just up ahead, find out why magic is slowly vanishing from Elorant and see...
  19. ArchonDev

    RMMV Evolve and Conquer: Ad Astra Infinita

    10/2 Update: Chapter 2 is now added to the demo! Forge a path through the barren desert and face the Scorching King! Story: In Evolve and Conquer: Ad Astra Infinita, you play as a nameless creature who awakens on the planet Vaalbara, the site of a cruel, world-wide blood sport. Thousands of...
  20. cddeat03

    RMVXA Definitely Not Another Dragonslaying Adventure


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