rpg character design

  1. DeBaby28

    Kid Designs

    Hey everyone, I noticed some people were looking for kid designs. I made some characters and I'll be sure to add more characters and designs. < --Removed by mod -- >
  2. tityz

    how to make shop point in game like undertale

    i want the screen to be like that when i walk in the room
  3. Moon-Lilith Nguyen

    RMVXA Faceless (Demo)

    - This is the English translation of Faceless demo 1.2 - Developers: KC.Aurigrids - Translator: Aya, Han, Miki. - STORY - A story in demo start with a little girl, waking up late in a toy-filled daycare, the little girl hurriedly heads back her home as soon as she can. Throughout her way...
  4. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    changing roles mid game

    hi everyone and i would like the discuss something that when ever i bring it up to the rest of the crew or to fellow RPG players/makers for the most part becomes a touchy subject and that is when a character completely changes their role in the party due to a major story event that unlocks...

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