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  1. KrimsonKatt

    RMVXA Game Idea: Realm of the Unreal

    So I was watching youtube and I discovered this unkown guy who made an eleborate illastrated series of books written in the early 1900s called "Realms of the Unreal." (The actual name is much longer, but most people just call it by this name) The book follows 7 half-angel girls called the Vivian...
  2. Azmor

    Azmor's Planetary Workshop

    Hey-ho, welcome to my "Planetary Workshop". So what's this all about you ask? Well, you propably can guess: It's all about planets! Have you ever imagined your world map on a sphere, floating around in space, followed up by different planets you thought of and you would really like to make this...
  3. JtheDuelist

    Would a golfing RPG make any sense to do with RPG Maker?

    I remember when one of the first nonclassical RPG I ever played was the Mario Golf series. Would it make any technological sense to make a golf RPG on RPG Maker? I would be highly curious if people wanted to work on it or think it was even possible. I have had the want to make my own golf RPG...

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