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  1. Trianglon

    RPG Maker VX Ace crashes when loading game

    So I have the Steam version of RPG Maker VX Ace and I got a new computer that I haven't used RPG Maker on before now (both my old and new computer are Windows 10 but the new one has better specs). Anyways, when I try to open my game project that I've been working on for years now it just crashes...
  2. silkelly

    RMVXA Curious Girl

    Information: The game is made in RPG Maker VX Ace ➜Plot "One day a 12-Year-old girl wakes up in a room with a locked door and no memory of how she got there, she decides to go on exploration, and she finds many diary pages and a boy called Joey who says that he knows her..." ➜Features The...
  3. Moghunter ATB messages

    I have several scripts installed but after I added Moghunter's ATB I no longer get battle messages. You know, those little "(username) uses/casts X!" I want to be able to do stuff like having an enemy fumble an attack and a quick message would appear saying "X fumbles their attack!" and the...
  4. AgentN107

    changing the the picture when changing symbols

    I have been trying to figure this out how to do this I see it in other scripts and I think I have the pieces but can't put them in place so when you change the selection in a command window it changes it what I want is at 0:36 this is my coding class Window_Notes < Window_Command def...
  5. Stats of choices made

    Hello everyone, I'm making my first game right now, and was wondering if there was any way of have a screen at the end of my game that tells them how many times they made a choice? My game will have the players being able to make good and bad choices in dialogue boxes throughout the game, and I...
  6. What's functionally different between Script and Plugin

    I look online for RMVXA scripts, but I hate it when it's like Click here for the script and it's a massive download with more steps than necessary. I get it if it's something engine changing like an ABS plugin, but it's usually not. Yes I have checked if it's MV, but it isn't. Is there any...
  7. Illum3301

    A skill that provokes all enemies and recovers TP for each enemy affected

    Hello everyone! I'm kinda new to RPG Maker, so I'm sorry if this is something really obvious :P I wanted to get some help with a skill. I want it to: provoke all enemies to attack the user, and give 15 TP to the user for each enemy provoked. Any help highly appreciated (: P.S. if I...
  8. DigitalAlchemist247

    Change Actor Graphic not working?

    Hello, I'm still sort of new and still getting used to VX Ace, but i was wondering if someone can help me. So i am just trying to figure out how i can change the sprite of the player actor, JUST the sprite, not the class or equipment to anything. I have got a simple event of a choice to...
  9. frostnoble

    RMVXA Blade of Acrimony (DEMO)

    Introduction: Greetings everyone, my name is Frostnoble, and this is my first big project called Blade of Acrimony! Blade of Acrimony is a Psychological Horror Rpg, where you take control of a young girl named Sora and follow her on her downward spiral into insanity. Story: Characters...
  10. Labyrinthine

    MOG's ATB System Regen Trouble

    I'm using Mog's Active Time Battle system (ATB system and meters), which can be found from the Atelier Rgss Demo: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/download-page-1/ The problem is that I have no idea how to set any damage over time or regeneration system to work. For example, if I have a piece...
  11. Bartman901

    Enemies' early game moves.

    Hello, I'm just looking for ideas for enemies' attacks and moves. As I said in the title, we fight them in the begining of the game. The game is in fantasy/medieval style. I was just checking out my game and the thing that made me confused was that most of common enemies had just 1 move. Now...
  12. KOC-316

    I have a problem with pearl abs rpgvxace. I need help

    The problem I have is that everytime I revive a dead party member and try to switch to them it says you cannot move a dead body. But they are not dead anymore so I don`t understand the problem. They are alive and moving but when I try to switch to them it says you cannot move dead body after I...
  13. kiriyubel

    Picture stay on the next map

    Hello. I'm new to RPG Maker VXA and I have a little problem. I made a prison map and I added a picture above (with the 'show picture' event) to make it look like there is light effects. It worked perfectly, except... When the player leaves the prison to the next map the picture still appear...
  14. Moving around during one NPC text

    I'm working on an NPC of an old dude who follows you around telling you his life story. I need the text to be scrolling while you're moving around interacting with other NPC's and other things. I have tried Galv's Messages Without Wait V.1.1...
  15. Possible in RPG Maker?

    Hey, I am searching for some software that makes creating Text based games easier for me. I started this Project out using C# and WPF, this however turned into a Nightmare since its super easy to achieve first goals but gets ridiculously complicated to do even the simplest things (like saving...
  16. Enigma_Productions

    [Luna Engine] :Item_rect Spacing vertically

    First and foremost, I am so sorry If I am doing something wrong when posting this. This is my first time ever posting on a forum. So as the thread title indicates I have a problem involving the Luna Engine, and hopefully it's not something that is embarrassingly easy to fix because if that's...
  17. Triforce Mario

    Team attack

    So, in the game I'm making, I want a way to implant team attacks For example: The World Ends With You, where the player and their party member both do a special attack together, attacking their foes. Course, this is RPG Maker, so I gotta make it make do. Basically, two party members have a...
  18. Roninator2

    MOG RIN Title Screen shows memory leaks

    This script was found in a zip file that I got from somewhere (I don't remember and can't find again). It needs these files http://www.mediafire.com/file/irvxogj7512gv1i/Files.zip During test play, with the console open. There are several entries regarding the skull image and title commands...
  19. Kubewix

    Compatibility problem Falcao's ABS and HUD script

    Hey how's it going. I'm new to actually using this website but I've come across it millions of times and it's proved to be awesome when troubleshooting or looking for some scripts. -THE PROBLEM- I'm using Falcao's ABS liquid v3 and I'm using it's HUD that allows me to view a semi customization...
  20. dcarter84

    help with a sleep # variable

    my character has been arrested and will be broken out but i'm trying to make it so he has to sleep like 5 times before certain events take place. character has the option of talking to a party member through a hole in the wall (event) checking the door which is locked, or sleeping in the bed. if...

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