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  1. InsertCreativeNameHere

    Help with a 50/50 item effect!

    So in my game there's this coin item that has a 50% percent chance of giving the effect of either increased attack or defense. The problem is that there's no way I can find to make the 50/50 chance work! I tried to have the item call a common event that randomly chooses one or the other but the...
  2. That Bread

    Getting Custom Sprites in game

    Hi there, I have run into yet another problem. This one is on the matter of how I am going to get... This( the sprite looks weird because I water marked it.. but for some reason it only stayed on some parts of the sprite) Can this be done? The sprite sheet is 403 by 300. I already tried the...

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After working out some initial confusion, I managed to get Yanfly's Improved Battlebacks successfully working on a test battle, changing the battleback and getting it to scroll during combat. This means that I can have graphically dynamic battles on moving platforms, like the roof of a train or the deck of a ship/airship...
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MV's plugin command setup is the current bane of RETRO's existence. To a degree, so is MZ's. Especially when trying to make MV's plugin command interface play nice with MZ plugin commands with complex arguments.

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