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  1. RachelCantFocus

    Slime Sprite Sheet

    I made a slime. I call him Jelly Slime. I hope someone finds it helpful!
  2. "Now loading" stuck

    Hello, I bought RPG Maker MV on steam and made simple project with one map, but after click play test I saw loading screen with text "Now loading" and nothing happend.
  3. I Need Help to create an event ! (sorry if this is the wrong thread)

    Hi there, I need some help figuring out how to create a certain event/quest, here how it goes. I am using YEP Quest Journal Plugin to create quest and all the fun stuff, I am trying to make a quest where a NPC require me to bring them 10 wolf fangs. and here is where I lack the knowledge to...
  4. St.Rawerence

    [RPG Maker MV] [ARPG] (Steam) 闇行者 Dark Xingzer Ver.1.1.3 #Edit Menu And More Addlanguages.

    Heya, I'm St.Rawrence, here for the commercial of the game I made myself. Took me about a year to make, it's an ARPG with relatively higher difficulty, now released on Steam! Default language is traditional Chinese, since I'm a Taiwanese. However, you can adjust it on the title screen or main...
  5. Adar

    Problem with the icon set

    Hello! I have a serious problem with custom icons. When I change the icon set to a custom one, a black icon appears in the enemies and it does not take off, but when I return to the original icon set this does not happen, and I want to know if it happened to them and they have fixed it, or if...
  6. Mavuro

    Mavuro's World of Edits and other Stuff

    Hello all, Here's a few of the resources I made for the game I'm currently developing in RPG Maker MV, which were missing in the original RTP or I couldn't find in other avaliable resources. Those were done mainly to test myself if I have it in me to become developer, so I decided to share it...
  7. SoSick.

    VE Arrow Cursor

    Hey all! hope someone can help me out, this will complete all my battle HUD's and Main Menu's visual's. Victors Arrow Cursor plugin allows you to assign different cursor image's to each scene in rpg maker mv, e.g the menu scene, item scene, battle commands, battle skill's etc..only hiccup is...
  8. Adar

    RPG MAKER MV - Android deployment doesn't work with customized music

    Hellowda I have a big problem with the android deployment. I have personalized music within the game (in .ogg), and when exporting the game to android / ios that music disappears, only the one that comes by default is saved, and I wanted to know if it happened to you and they solved it, or If...
  9. White screen "of death" after splash logo - RPMMV v1.4.0-present

    Greetings, I am sorry if this post is posted in the wrong place. I just installed RPG Maker MV v1.6.2 in a separate location from a prior version of RPG Maker MV v1.3.3. Upon startup of RPG Maker MV v1.6.2 I have a white screen after the splash logo. Upon searching the forums I found a post...
  10. jolink

    RMMV Touhou Gensokyo World

    Attention, this project is pretty big, a lot of people could complain that it's impossible, others can be hyper, I would not take negative comments, Good reading This thread is originally written in French, there may be translation errors, I apologize. Introduction Who knows Touhou? You know...


    Hey friends: The Conviction demo is finally ready for the world to try. Demo version: c_test.02 The demo is available in English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese (you can switch to your language in-game). Enjoy the first 2 levels of the game (about 30 minutes of...
  12. ZwenZockt

    RMMV (Mystic) Tales of Mana - Action RPG

    Hi. I wanted to introduce you to my project (Mystic) Tales of Mana, a 90s action-style RPG. For this I use the graphics set of Time Fantasy and Moghunters Plugin: Chrono Engine. Currently, the game content is still in German, but a translation into English follows. Have a look on Facebook or...
  13. Designing the most unique combat system!!!

    Is is possible to create a system like this Lets say one character has 4 separate command list, but every turn the command list changes. Each command list only has 4 attacks which would equal to 16 attacks to choose from over 4 turns. Every attack has a turn number on it, lets says Slash has 2...
  14. Pyrathas

    Tinys Pop Up Icon MV Version patch

    I have a problem with Tiny's Pop up script here. Here is my plug in list: Ok so Before you Ask: 1. I did not modify the script. 2. I turned auto popup off. 3. I used Driftwood's Tutorial Anyways when I try to test the script out I get this message: TypeError: cannot read property '0'...
  15. Tuomo L

    RMMV [IGMC 2018]Judged for Crime

    Download: https://tuomol.itch.io/judged-for-crime Story: In the years of industrial revolution, a young girl wakes up to find that her parents are blamed for the disappearance of the guardian spirit of the city. You have 50 minutes to find the evidence which proves that your parents are...
  16. Holiday events

    Hey, I want to make events in my game, which just appear for example at Halloween or Christmas. So if you play the game at the 24th of December, a special event will be triggered. Is there a possibility to use the date of the OS in the game?
  17. Linked Games

    Is it possible to create linked games? Say I have an RPG game created with RPG Maker MV and there are linked content to a mobile game created in RPG Maker MV or IG Maker. For instance in the main game you have a pet that goes with you throughout the RPG, but you can also interact and raise it...
  18. OusatsuZansatsu

    [RPGMV] Undefined switch error

    Hey, I'm still kind of new when it comes to using RPG maker and I'm completely clueless when it comes to coding so I'm hoping someone can help me fix this issue I have. I'm working on a puzzle where the player has to make the right room match with the left room next to it. I have switches set...
  19. helixmoonstudios

    Team Player Battle System Plugin Request/Help

    Hello This is my first time actually posting something so if this is in the wrong place I completely understand. I am unsure if what I need even possible and if it is I am unsure if it can be created using plugins or events. As its two things that I feel go hand and hand I will ask here...
  20. Djentboi

    How do i download properly Chrono Engine

    Hi everyone i just discovered the Chrono engine (here https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-chrono-engine/) and i downloaded the file needed but it's a hell of a mess(i have downloaded the chrono engine file and the master MV https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/download-page-mv-01/). So i just...

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