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  1. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Looking this clothes for character generator

    If someone has even at least similar, please pass it to me.
  2. Livestream of my RPG Game on Monday 13 by Driftwood Gaming

  3. TheRealFame

    Help finding a artist. (A future)

    Hello all that come past, so I've been the developer for my game some time. But I really need help finding a artist to bring the dream together, but I haven't had any luck so far. So. When did and where or just when. Did you all find a artist to help out on your projects? It is greatly...
  4. Damascus7

    RMMV Sarkara: Prototype

    Welcome to Sarkara. Under the reign of Elduran family, the country has been annexing territory and gradually expanding. This came to a sudden halt when Andras, a man wielding never-before-seen magic, blew open the gates of the castle and killed the King in his throne. Andras has declared that...
  5. wbthehero

    Change the RPG maker MV window non-Transparent

    so I've read through many posts about it with no luck. I cant find the yanfly's window thing on the website and even edited the window sprite skin from the folder but it still shows it as see-through. I've gotten many yanfly plugins and I just cant figure it out. for trying to make a retro NES...
  6. RPG Maker MV Whitescreen On Startup

    Hi, I had MV running. I am rebuilding a small game I made on VX Ace. I open VX Ace so I can reference the maps. Both games are running on Steam. I then click back into MV to check an NPC for dialogue, but when I clicked on him, the game became unresponsive. I force closed it and relaunched MV...
  7. TsukiTheLunatic

    RMMV Galv Image backgroud problem.

    I recently downloaded a bunch of Galv plugins most of them work fine, the only one that doesn't work is the backgroud message which has a weird glich.I don't know how to explain it right but when I open the menu it looks like this error: failed to load img/system/ ms.gimg_(insert random number...
  8. fazthestampede

    I don't know what they're called & I'd like to search for more

    Hi! I'm a noob & I've been in love with these thingies but I don't know what they're called: I love them all, especially the shiny ones. I'd love to search for more of them; perhaps something like a moving love-icon, written "Event" on it, or anything that relates or ressembles them...
  9. StrawberryFlower

    2 Weapons and 1 Tile

    Hello. None of my requests HAVE to be made - existing resources may be suggested. I need 2 system weapons for an umbrella and a handbag. It feels like I've looked through everything and couldn't find anything. Unless I'm blind. As for the tile, I need a generator. Like for a business building...
  10. RMMV Where's the Skill mastery level up animation from Yanfly are?

    Hello, i recently bought the plugin Skill and statuts menu pack from yanfly, it work perfectly fine but i don't found the skill mastery level up animation. I may be blind but i looked everywhere and asking here since there's absolutly none information about it. If someone could help me i'd be...
  11. Galv_

    New to Rpg Maker: Need help with plugins

    I'm having an issue altering max variables in RPG Maker MZ using a the Yanfly Core Engine Plugin. I can't seem to find out how to implement the variables I change.
  12. ZakRew

    RMMV Request script for counting states

    Hello everyone! I tried so many times to learn scripting in RPGM but unsuccesful.. Or tutorials are bad, or I'm stupid idk... Can someone help me to find a script? Script mechanic: Me: Choose which states must be counted (poisoned, sleep, paralyze etc.) Counter: Starts counting this states from...
  13. doguhang

    RMMV Flexible use of the Show Picture command

    Hi! I have two questions. Here is: I want to show an image using Show Picture. For example, let's say this is a 350x500 letter. When you come in front of a table and have Player Touch, it will appear on this screen. 1) Is there a way to make it aligned to the center of the screen, regardless of...
  14. Gothic / Victorian character assets

    Hi there! This is my first time posting to The Forum, so I hope I'm posting this in the right thread. Right now I'm working on a game based off of the Gaston leroux novel Phantom of the Opera. It's going to be a mystery type game set in the late 1800 / early 1900. I found plenty of great...
  15. FrozenFacade

    RMMV Yanfly Charge Turn Battle, Display member order when they get multiple turns.

    Hey all, I'm using Yanfly's Charge Turn Battle (CTB ) type combat and I am having an issue when a party member has enough speed to take 2 turns before the enemy. Everything functions fine however there is no way to indicate to the player that the party member will be able to act again before the...
  16. RMMV Dragonbones Motion Attack A,B,C, etc.?

    Hey everyone! I have been using Dragonbones on MV, and so far everything is working fine. The only thing I am trying to figure out is what influences how your battler attacks? It seems like my battler always attacks the same way. Thanks in advance.
  17. OtherDarkZero

    RMMV Battle Log look more like a message.

    For my game I'm trying to spice up the battle log and was wondering if there was any plugin to make the battle log look more like a message box and not just a quick text pop up. Earthbound is an example of what I'm trying to aim at. (Where it's saying: Character tried PK Freeze)
  18. Klimber

    RMMV Problems with displaying the quest book: "Dark screen" in the mobile version [RPG Maker MV]

    Hey! While working on one project, there was a problem after porting a game from a PC to a phone. The game uses the Yanfly_Quest Jornal plugin. On the PC, when the "Quest" option is selected, the task is displayed normally (see screen 1). With the same actions on the android (in the web \ apk...
  19. KingKraken

    Formula for party size specific battler position? Yanfly's Battle Core

    Using Yanfly's Battle Core, it let's you play around with the default positioning formula for the party members as a group, within battles. One issue I'm running into however, is that if the party is full, they settings are perfect. However, with just one or two members in the party, it looks...
  20. RachelCantFocus

    Slime Sprite Sheet

    I made a slime. I call him Jelly Slime. I hope someone finds it helpful!

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