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  1. Alli Crane

    Is it possible to change regular player sprites to smaller sprites on over-world with a plugin?

    I was wondering because I don't like how everything looks out of proportion when you're big and the houses are freaking small.
  2. Pandaperfect

    Sprite size?

    I've treid to look around but I haven't got much luck with my problem. I desired a merchant with a walking horse, bear or what ever to acompany him/her. as ONE whole sprite. problem is I don't understnad RPGMAKER's way of saying what size is ok and what size is not.. As far as i've come i ended...
  3. Type Progression

    Hey guys, I just started working with RPG MV not too long ago and I was wondering if anyone out there had ever set up a system or knows of a plugin that will allow me to have PCs and NPCs level up specific types. I want a character to be able to level up normally through their class, but then...
  4. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Question about Troops and Encounter Tables

    Working on making encounter tables for a game and am concerned we may run into some trouble with the troop limit...different areas of the game will be leveled differently, so we are running into issues where you may see the same troop at 3 or 4 different levels of strength throughout the game...
  5. Iliketea

    Information Book Plugin

    Hi everyone! I am currently searching for a Information Book Plugin for RPG Maker MV but I didn't find one that fits my needs 100%. Want I need is a plugin that does something like this: ●Gives the ability to add informations you get while playing and review it later -> E.G. Player...
  6. Jachan

    A simple project's progress... (Newbie Questions)

    I am like two years old of RPG Maker series, I had VX Ace and MV (currently using) but didn't do good at progress until Yanfly's comic advices show up. So I am making some good progress so far on this project I am trying to work on. Just except those ones below that I am about to ask for some...
  7. Self Switch not working?

    I have this cutscene that happens right after the starting cutscene with just text. What happens is that there should be about 7 girls walking with a guard and they're all walking at the same time, but one girl is a bit slower than the rest, so the guard would go up to her and yell at her to be...
  8. Meridianbot

    Only 20 Common Events can be triggered on RPG Maker MV

    I noticed a bug today with Effects of Skills/Items/etc.. Their is no Scroll Bar on the right side of the window for Common Events. After that I tried /Flow Control > Common Event/. 20 Common Events are shown. I tried restarting PC and Program but no change happened. Saving Problem. *shrugs* Who...
  9. wilminator

    Extension to Yanfly Engine Party System - Replace On Death

    Update 2016-10-28: Fixed the Formation window so that at least one hero must be alive when exiting the window.  My thanks to willer111 for pointing it out. Credit where credit is due- I got the idea from Yanfly's Party System engine and had originally written these changes into his code.  I...

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