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  1. DarkKxng101

    RPG 2000/2003 Tutorials

    Hey found a website but it's in Japanese, once you translate it there is a ton of Tutorials on setting up your own Custom Menu Systems, Custom Battle Systems and Custom Title Screens, along with other event and picture related stuff and also how to do them with events as well. Link in spoiler...
  2. How to make tilesets for RPG Maker 2000?

    I bought RPG Maker 2000 because it was on sale for real cheap and I wanted to try RPG Maker anyway. I'm making a game and I want to make my own tilesets and character art, however, I'm not sure how to do this. Does anyone know how I would do this?
  3. Tayruu

    Force External Harmony.dll in RM2k 1.61

    I feel like this might be a fruitless question, but I thought I would ask about it anyway by this point. The recent versions of RM2k and 2k3 now use an internal harmony.dll, which makes using patches that make use of this file impossible. I need to be able to refer to an external DLL, as a...
  4. Tayruu

    [RM2k] Scroll Map offsets from Player?

    I'm not sure if this is a new bug or maybe it's an issue that's always existed, but I'm finding that if I scroll the screen for a cutscene, move the player, then set it back, the screen will be offset from the player until a new map. Here is an example of what I might do: Scroll Map Up 9 tiles...
  5. "Size of the bitmap is illegal"

    I'm currently translating an RM2k game wich has almost all the image files in .xyz format. I'm able to export them as .png/.bpm files, but after i edit them i can turn them back in .xyz files. This message box appears: "The size of the bitmap is illegal". I've tried to save it as both .png and...
  6. How to decrypt rpg maker 2000 games?

    I find decrypters for RPG Maker VX Ace and the rest, but i can't find any for 2000. How do i decrypt that kind of game?
  7. variables stuck at "or higher"

    so a while ago i downloaded rpg maker 2k value, and ive been watching tutorials and reading different things, and im not sure how to fix this in my program, there is no drop down menu to change the "or higher" when i set a specific number. im not sure how to explain it so i took a screenshot. i...
  8. Hawf

    RM2K Getting enemies to play their spell animations properly

    This tiny little detail has been driving me up a wall for the last two days. In RPG Maker 2000, when an enemy uses an attack spell it only plays the sound effect and there is no animation played or any visual indicator of impact and it's really bothering me. The only time an animation is...
  9. Bayoen

    Monster HP Trigger event help!

    Something I was wondering is if it was possible to make a battle event trigger when the monsters HP reaches around 50%. I see the battle events right now but I'm using Don Miguels RPG Maker and I don't exactly know some of the events and what they mean because of the poor english. If anyone...
  10. palinskyjoe

    Help Finding Resource Creator/Terms

    Hey all! This is a (sort of) 2 part question about specific resources. Back in the days of RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, there were some lovely character sets that I used to use for my personal projects because they were so fantastic/close to the RTP/etc. I recently found these resources on the...
  11. beliziam

    Resized for MV Refmap RPG MAKER 2000 Sets edited by Beliziam

    Since a couple of guys asked me to release my refmap edits or better called my resizes for RPG Maker MV i'm going to do that here. I edited the stuff so that it fits my working style so some of you maybe confused about why i put certain stuff together. There are a couple of errors in the...
  12. Is it possible to send Enemies/ETC from RPGMaker 2000/2003 to MV?

    If so how? everytime I tried , it don't show up. I bought 2003 and VXAce, and able ta copy and paste some stuff from VXAce to MV. ----- Thanks if answered.
  13. MaverickHunterDBoy

    Commercial RPG Maker 2000 games?

    RPG Maker 2000 is available on Steam (in case someone hadn't already heard). And I read in one of Steam's community threads that a user of RM2K is (or should be) allowed to make commercial games with it (provided the game is their own idea, natch). So, I'm kind of wondering if anyone has...
  14. Topaz Light

    Cutscene Skip Button?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had a good solid way to script being able to abort an ongoing event at any point by pressing a specific button? The reason I'm curious is because I would like to include a pre-title screen intro sequence in one of my projects, like you see in a lot of...
  15. Topaz Light

    Specific Experience Curve Generation Formula?

    Since the in-engine help files are extremely vague about exactly what formula the engine uses to determine an EXP curve from the three values you can play with, I was wondering if anyone here knows what the actual formula is, in mathematical terms. I know that Acceleration simply adds...
  16. Topaz Light

    One-and-Done Run Button Tutorial for 2000 and 2003!

    Good news, everyone! I've created a short, sweet, and simple run button setup that operates entirely via common events; all you need to do is set these common events up once, and you're good to go! This script has been tested in RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003, and it works in both...
  17. Umikoume

    Umikoume and the Secrets of the Sea

    ★ Umikoume and the Secrets of the Sea ★ Author's Notes: Hey guys! I have been working on this game for the past TWO YEARS now. To make it wonderful and playable, and at the same time, bringing back the inspiration of Mogeko aka Funamusea themselves!   “It has been many...
  18. Sated


  19. Sated


  20. RM2k Game Installer bug and sharing games

    Hello. I'm having trouble making a game installer for my RPG Maker 2000 game. When I try making one it asks me to choose a folder to create it in, I get a screen showing progress on making the installer and it looks fine, but when it's done the folder is just empty. Also, I tried just...

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