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  1. Yumi

    Is RPG Maker 2000 still worth it? Do 2k games run on Win 10? EULA?

    Is RPG Maker 2000 still worth it?: RPG Maker 2000 is really cheap now and I was wondering if it really worth, I already own 2k3 so, do something really change between them two? I'm also looking for VX(not VX Ace) but, I guess 2k would really worth more for me because the retro style. Do the...
  2. Umikoume

    Umikoume and the Secrets of the Sea HELP REQUEST THREAD!!

    ★ Umikoume and the Secrets of the Sea ★ Author's Notes: Hey guys! From my Umikoume thread Here! I am looking for Help! The list of roles will be down below! As well as requirements!   AVAILABLE HELP NEEDED! + Tileset Artist + Enemy/Monster Sprite Artist + Enemy...

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