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  1. sleepy_sealion

    RMVXA Dog Quest

    Dog Quest! A game about dogs. A short 20 minute game, made for the one map challenge. And also my first game on the site! Synopsis: You are a dog, and one day, you find yourself mysteriously lost in a strange woods, with no idea how you even got here. What you do know however, is that there...
  2. Lanto

    Event not start - Bullpup Script

    Hello everyone! I am creating a game of zombies, basic and stereotyped haha. Look for an ABS, but the one that suits me most about what I need is the "Bullpup Script", but it only has one problem that it has not been able to solve and I hope you can help me. The problem is when the Bullpup...
  3. Labyrinthine

    Frames on Faces

    Does anyone remember the script that allowed the faces in the message boxes have window frames? I've been trying to find it with no luck. The engine is Vx Ace.
  4. Soul

    Disable Message Skipping

    Many of my friends are having difficulty when reading text in my game. They keep accidentally causing messages to skip over to the next by holding "Shift", or double-tapping when the message is just about done appearing. I would like to request a script that will at least disable the "Shift"...
  5. Roseredpinball

    Cheerleader Sprite?

    I apologize if this has been requested before, I'm not certain. I'm looking for a basic cheerleader sprite, if someone could make one for me or link me to an already made one I'd be greatly obliged! Specifically I'm looking for one for VX Ace, any art-style though I suppose if I had to choose...
  6. Roninator2

    MOG RIN Title Screen shows memory leaks

    This script was found in a zip file that I got from somewhere (I don't remember and can't find again). It needs these files http://www.mediafire.com/file/irvxogj7512gv1i/Files.zip During test play, with the console open. There are several entries regarding the skull image and title commands...
  7. Guiguimu

    Guiguimu's Resources

    Hey all! I would like to present you the little editions I made! These are not the best out there, but if you can find any use for them, please, be my guest! ^^ I would also like to know your opinion! And a big thanks to those who have already expressed themselves, giving me motivation and...
  8. Punisher699

    Party Guest Script Simple Modfication

    Hey guys ! I'm using the party guest script from Mr.Bubble. I would like it using picture instead of face graphic. Because my faces have bigger size than 96x96, so I'm using picture from my picture folder instead.  Is anybody can help me pls ? :) Ps: I modified it a bit to add a third...
  9. Nirwanda

    Victor's element stregthen+ Yanfly battle engine problem

    I'm using Victor's element strengthen alongside Yanfly's ace battle engine and while they both work ok, I've run into a problem that might be hard or impossible to solve: Yanfly's battle indicates whenever you hit a weakpoint with a special message and apparently, Victor's script strengthens...
  10. Tanarex

    A problem with poison

    I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong with the poison.  I use the item on the enemies and it does some damage and then nothing afterwards. Can someone help me with this? I've added a pic to show the problem. here is the state. I've added a pic of the enemy in question. I increased hp by...
  11. Nirwanda

    [Demo] The messenger and the cursed one

    My first project thread ever *shivers* Opening: This game was originally planned for  the birthday bash event, but due to time constraints I asked for it to be moved to the project development sub forum. For the event I chose to bring back from the dead one of my earliest concepts; in...
  12. zero50

    Found something interesting...

    While googling around I found something interesting on what seems to be a korean blog... http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=biud436&logNo=220567328766 Also this: https://github.com/biud436/MV So, this seems to be a way to convert Ace scripts to MV by using OPAL. Could...
  13. Undefined method 'actor' for nil:Class?

    When I start my game I get this error I don't understand where this is comming from. It was working fine, then I started adding a couple of scripts and now I can't start my game. The scripts I added were from Yanfly, and most of them worked on the cosmetics of my game, no core engine...
  14. Edward.T

    Edward's Ancient China Sprites

    Welcome to my workshop! Credit:Edward.T Terms of Service: Free for use in non-commercial or commercial VX/VXAce projects with credit. Edits:Allowed after comfirmation with Edward.T(This is just for little people who used and changed my resource in their commercial game without credit)...
  15. LeeOccleshaw

    How to disable 'L' and 'R' from switching characters in menus?

    Hey, I am using two actors in my game - one of which needs to have slightly less control within the menus. Unfortunately, I can switch to him using the 'L' and 'R' inputs when I don't want him to have access to those particular menu pages. Is there a way to remove this functionality from the...
  16. LTN Games

    Quest Journal by Modern Algebra *Question*

    Hey there, glad to be a part of the forums, I have a quick and simple question about the current script "Quest Journal"  I am using to make a game. A little about me is I have a pretty basic understanding of all game engines and rpg maker is very simple to me, already got the basics down and...
  17. abe109

    Free Testing Services

    Hello, I have a lot of free time on my hands so I would like to beta test any game for free... As many times as you want!  You can PM me anytime with your demo or semi complete game.. even complete games. Any games as long as they are made with any RPG MAKER I will try and review asap. Feel...
  18. Tecprincess

    Female soldier

    Ok I got my Military hat Thanks to Deb.  Does anyone know a good mack sprite that has a modern female military uniform for the body? I have been googling, but so far have found nothing. Edit: I have got what is done. 
  19. Schematist

    [Tutorial] How to Create a Happy RPG Theme

  20. lemongreen

    Indecisions (that's seriously the title)

    Had to unfortunately scrap my original game idea (I'll still keep the stuff for it at the bottom of this post unless that seems to be too cumbersome) Instead, I working on a visual novel style game (it's turning somewhat like a choose your own adventure story) Considering there's not really a...

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