rpg maker fes

  1. JardsonJean

    RPG Maker FES - Iconset recreation

    DOWNLOAD HERE: https://ladyluck.itch.io/rpg-maker-fes-iconset-recreation Back with another project. I saw someone post the ripped iconset from RPG Maker Fes on The Spriters Resource website and I wanted to recreate some items I thought could be easy to recreate. I ended up recreating and...
  2. JtheDuelist

    Music Question

    I'm having a hard time trying to find non-copyrighted/royalty-free music for my RPG MV remake of a rather popular (at least in Miiverse's userbase before it closed) RPG I had made on RPG Maker Fes, but everywhere I try, the site either asks me to pay a fee I can't begin to scrounge for, have me...
  3. LightDiviner

    Fes Tileset, Characters, Etc?

    I'm not sure if this goes here but, I'm curious if anyone has taken it upon themselves to recreate the Fes Tileset, character sprites, battlers, etc for MV. Maybe even side view battlers too. If so that would be amazing and I'd love to find a way to make a game with those graphics in MV. I'm...
  4. Parallax Panda

    DS tileset same as RPGmakerFES?

    Ok, I know that RPGmaker FES for 3DS probably ain't a product that is supported on this forum so this question might be slightly inappropriate but bear with me. I'm asking in regard for the supported DS resource pack. I own RPGmaker FES for 3DS, which is the latest version of RPGmaker for the...
  5. RPG Maker FES here?

    So It's my first day here but I was wondering. Is FES going to be a thing here. Like. Will we be able to post about the games we make on it, ask questions about it, etc. I know there's the miiverse. But I don't know how helpful that will be.
  6. Name

    Will RPG Maker Fes be available for PC?

    I saw  RPG Maker Fes was to be released in November. Will this become a downloadable resource pack for the Pc like the DS and DS+ were?

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