rpg maker game

  1. RedRose190

    Recommending a good RPG maker game i just finished!

    I just finished playing Eternal Senia on steam!! (7 hours!) it's free by the way and THE GAMEPLAY WAS 9/10 !! It was exactly what i wanted to play.. A simple battle system and relaxing and fun experience! I am super excited because i suck at games and this one was simple enough to beat it but it...
  2. Kitsunekko

    RMMV I'll Give You A Gift [In-Progress Prototype]

    Introduction This is the first RPG Maker game I'm committing to actually trying to complete. I'm currently making the prototype in RPG Maker MV but I might switch it over to ACE depending on if certain mechanics are more readily available for ACE rather than MV. The Premise Set in a fantasy...
  3. atoms

    How would you like to gain skills in a 5-9 hours RPG Maker game?

    Let's define it as longer than a short game but less than a medium length RPG. What are your thoughts? You can select more than one, but please share your combination in the discussion. Thanks. :)
  4. Parallax Panda

    Looking for a RM abandonware

    Ok, I admit I didn't really known which forum to post this in, so in case it's in the wrong place it would be cool if the moderators could move it. Anyway, I'm on the lookout for an old RM game that I am fairly certainly ended up as abandonware. I remember watching a YouTube trailer/preview a...
  5. grubsky

    Unique setting for an RPG maker game.

    I've just started to get into the rpg maker scene, and I've noticed that most of the cool, unique, games I've seen have very unique settings, for example the art gallery in Ib. I've got "developer's block" for what to do. I've heard the best place to start is the setting, so I've come here for...

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