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  1. Mihnea

    How to display a dialouge image depending on who's in the party?

    For example I wish to have the text "123" show up, and the image besides it change depending on who's in the party and in which position. If the rogue is in front, his actor image will appear besides the text. If the healer is in front, her actor image will appear besides the text. Is there any...
  2. Mihnea

    How do I get a semi-transparent tile not to overlay on top of everything else?

    So I have this custom tileset, which includes a semi-transparent black square (used to create shadows). It works well in the editor (pictured on the left) But when I play the game it just puts itself on the top layer (Pictured on the right). The shadow is marked with a star in the tileset, so...
  3. Tips on Making a Good RPG

    any tips on how to make a good RPG because I keep trying and I constantly fail, I even watched many videos and yet that doesn't help either

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