rpg maker mv disable f2

  1. astracat111

    RMMV C++ (Windows) Launcher 1.02 Updated 1 9 2016: Disable Alt+F4, integrate with Steam API, etc...

    RPG Maker MV C++ Launcher for Windows - 1.02 (Updated 1 9 2016) I recently switched to RPG Maker MV, so I had to convert my Launcher for VX Ace over. There is no longer a need for adding movie support, so I just focused on disabling alt+f4, the windows keys, ctrl+esc, alt+enter.    The...

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Moderators, you must have so much patience to be able to deal with everything. I mod in a server of sorts and today we just got a message, which, despite it's helpful constructive criticism, basically stated that all of the mods were jerks and that was the only reason our server was unlikeable. So, thank you, for having patience. You are appreciated! :kaoluv:
Haired slime? Trying some different styles of art. Maybe I can make some resources with this new kind of painting.......
i love my game very much
Uh, I'm probably overthinking this, but I think that some of my music sounds kinda...bad?
The melodies are just sort of awkward, and don't flow.
I'm really not sure what to do. Why am I even worrying about this? I don't even have a battle system yet!
And the Lord said, let there be lighting effects! And there were lighting effects! And it was good...ish? Might tweak this some more.

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