rpg maker mv plugins

  1. None interactive summons plugin.

    Heya. i was just curious if there was a summoning plugin that makes summons not show up in battle menu's nor in the status menu but still functions like a actor autobattling with given skills.
  2. CrazyCookieManiac

    RMMV Small issue with YEP_BattleStatusWindow plugin.

    In this plugin, it's possible to change the "no action icon" for the actors. However, I can't seem to edit the icon for the enemy. It appears as a black box on top of it and I can't seem to remove or edit it anywhere. Like so: To be honest, I don't want the enemy to have any attack icons or...
  3. TenraiEmiko

    RMMV Which menu UI plugins are compatible with mobile and browser?

    As I think up of mobile and browser versions of the games in my Seihou Project fangame series Muse Genkaroku, I wonder if there are any menu screen UI plugins for RMMV that is compatible with both mobile and browser games' input*. Currently I am thinking of using SRD's KH Menu Screen plugin for...
  4. cesarzysko

    RMMV MV: Front-View Battle Enemy Reposition

    Greetings. I'm looking for a plugin which would allow me to either: 1. Manually change Enemy Position during a Front-View Battle (via script) For example: ChangeEnemyPosition(enemyID, newX, newY); 2. Change Enemy Position automatically whenever one of them dies Basically what I mean by that is...
  5. RMMV Help with CT Bolt's CTB Touch Input (Player Character looks at Mouse Cursor)

    Hello, I am using CT Bolt's CTB TouchInput Plugin for a game that I'm creating. It's basically a plugin that makes the player character look at the mouse cursor. I'm trying to make an action shooting war game. So I want my player character to look at the mouse cursor like this: But the plugin...
  6. RMMV Side-scrolling plugin?

    Hi! First, English is not my main language, sorry for any mistakes. And I'm new in the forum, so If I made this post in the wrong place, sorry. Exist any plugin/script that allows you to side-scrolling the game only in specific parts? Just like in Undertale, normally the game it's like that...
  7. NeoShima

    Aditional text to "Iavra pop-up plugin"

    I have "Iavra pop-up plugin" that allows me to make notify when a Player earns achievements. As I know, how it works: 1) Plugin draws window 2) Plugin draws icon, that I notice in "JSON" file 3) Plugin draws achievement title, that I notice in "JSON" file. And it looks like this (screenshot...
  8. TheGameAfter

    Player/Party system - Resources (TGA)

    Hey game maker, I hope you doing well, one of the main RPG maker mv features including the 'Party' system where you can add more Actor to your team and give them skills/items and more, same as the Primary Actor. In this post, I bring you all the tools/plugins I found so far the can give you...
  9. ImmaGhoost

    How To Use Plugin's RPG Maker MV 2019

    How TO Use Plugins In RPG Maker MV I got requested to make a tutorial about how to use rpg maker mv plugins, so I made a video explaining a little more in depth about how to use them for RMMV. Requires Rpg Maker MV only. There are a couple plugins we download in the video but I go over those...
  10. [YEP] Target Core : An error ?

    Hello. I would like to send this post to Yanfly himself, but his report bug post is locked, and I can't start a conversation with him, then... I hope he will see this. I'll try to make a plugin, and to adapt it to its plugin YEP_TargetCore, but I've read this ...
  11. Funami Z

    Having Trouble With YEP_PictureCommonEvents

    Hi, I'm new to rpg maker mv. While using this plugin all other images didn't show up, I'm not sure why. Would anyone help? "I found a way to make other images show up, it toke me a while but by using the show image plugin command as well as erasing the common event pictures".
  12. wilminator

    Extension to Yanfly Engine Party System - Replace On Death

    Update 2016-10-28: Fixed the Formation window so that at least one hero must be alive when exiting the window.  My thanks to willer111 for pointing it out. Credit where credit is due- I got the idea from Yanfly's Party System engine and had originally written these changes into his code.  I...
  13. Yanfly

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    -------------------------------------- Here are some plugins made for RPG Maker MV, a piece of software that lets you create your own role playing games for the PC, Mac, and various mobile devices! Keep in mind that these plugins are made for RPG Maker MV only! They do not work on other RPG...

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