rpg maker mv remap keys

  1. astracat111

    Astra Cat's Simple Input Settings Plugin (WASD Movement, Disable F2-F4 and Disable Mouse)

    Hello there again,  To go along with my Launcher I've created this input settings plugin. This also goes along with my mouse script in order to make a click and point adventure game. With all of my scripts, any scripter can come in and make changes and improve them, as I'm not the best to...
  2. astracat111

    RMMV C++ (Windows) Launcher 1.02 Updated 1 9 2016: Disable Alt+F4, integrate with Steam API, etc...

    RPG Maker MV C++ Launcher for Windows - 1.02 (Updated 1 9 2016) I recently switched to RPG Maker MV, so I had to convert my Launcher for VX Ace over. There is no longer a need for adding movie support, so I just focused on disabling alt+f4, the windows keys, ctrl+esc, alt+enter.    The...

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