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  1. ShyChangling

    Shy's Occasional customes

    Credit ShyChangling if used. I don't take requests I am very new to this! But I do take suggestions. I sometimes need very specific hair pieces but no one ever seems to have them and I get nervous asking for requests or the like. So I decided to make some myself. Why not share it right? Who...
  2. Chinese animation , sprite and tileset

    Terms of Use: Free for commercial and no commission use. I do not require credit for my resources. Feel free to edit and make changes. Do not claim the resources as your own after edit or changes. Chinese tileset can be downloaded here...

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Yesterday I made my first step towards eating more healthily.
I saw candy on discount and did not buy it.
"They yearn for what they fear for."
I always told my DA fans how much I hate slot machines. They're fine in games as a risk-and-reward system. But when you're spending REAL MONEY in a Vegas casino to try and hit the jackpot (which very, very few people will), it can really hurt your budget. Gambling is a bad habit, and I don't like wasting my money on a slim chance. Go to Vegas for the experience, not the jackpot.
Took the kids to a corn maze. They gave us a map and had lights at certain points in the maze. Not overwhelming... or underwhelming... just... whelming.
Okay, vacuuming fruit flies out of the air is surprisingly effective.

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