rpg maker mv script problem

  1. Goddiga

    [SOLVED] Need someone to modify HIME's Timed Choice Selection script.

    Hello! I was considered using HIME's Timed Choice Selection script, which will close the choice box and select the cancel choice automatically after some time has passed, in my game. However, its function was limited for a cancel branch choice only. I need it to be able to set up any choice I...
  2. astracat111

    A couple problems and solutions for beginners, modifying a script and debugging...

    Hey there, I'm sure I'm late to the party with these two problems. I have just started scripting for RPG Maker MV and I've just noticed that, for some reason with me, after I've modified my script and saved it using Notepad++ or SublimeText, before running the game again in rmmv, I have to...

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By the power of timezones! This picture shall still be posted on december 1st!!!

This is not something I'd ever even considered but wow! What a way to use music in a game.
I am a complete fool. I went through the trouble of making a clone sprite and setting up a system to have the characters flash, when it turns out - I never noticed that the "._mainSprite" was the actual bitmap being used. I'm happy since that makes compatibility easier, but I also want to scream.
Synchronizing bust and sprite expressions! Plus using a phone behaviour :kaopride:

Long gif tho, let it load first :kaoswt2:
Wondering how to force a Save State in VNMaker with a name and how to call it with a scene event in order to double check if this Save State exists or not. Phew... Leaving breadcrumbs for chapter DLCs to pickup would be more than half the fight in order to finish this visual novel :LZSsad:

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