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  1. tylerr90

    a wedding veil face generator part for you

    https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0ddRxk4xODDMSZZosCQG6cEgA#wedding_veil_face_generator_part a wedding veil face gen part I made for rpg maker mv. pm me if you want me to make it as an accessory a or b part, I made it as a front hair gen part because it's easier to draw cg for characters with...
  2. HELP with Variable Checker Opitimization

    I'm currently developing a game with 4 characters in the MV. I don't use the status system and what determines if a character died are variables. I am at an impasse to determine when a character is dead or alive, as in the future it could give a bug with the way in which the check is read...
  3. RMMV Switching the black interior-map background color to an tiled image

    Hi! I had the need to ask for this although I've been looking for all the internet but didn't find anything. If this was requested before, I'm sorry - probably I'd not been using the correct wording for this then. What I want is very simple at first glance: There is a plugin that already does...
  4. V-DeLuna

    Increase item effectiveness for a specific class

    Hi everyone. Don't know if this answer is already out there somewhere, but figured I'd ask anyways. Is there a way with or without a plugin to increase the effectiveness of items for a specific class. In this case I also am using a plugin called Ryuk_AddItemType. Is it possible to increase the...
  5. RMMV [Help with Yanfly's Critical Hit Effects] The paste code seems to be not working.

    I want to introduce passive states that can be obtained through out the game that give different benefits, ranging from stats to unique effects and one of those I want to do is Critical Hit Effects and I found yanfly's example and for some reason it is not working. Other codes from his...
  6. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Clothes for the Character Generator (MV)

    Resource Type: Clothes, Character Generator Parts. Maker Format: MV Description: I'm looking for clothes for the character generator, mainly medieval or Japanese style, does anyone have?
  7. Post to the internet

    I read that it is illegal to dispute software withput permission so I was wondering if possible to have permission to make posts to social media about my RPG maker game
  8. dwiseman57

    RMMV Font Size of MP Cost in Window_BattleSkill (MV)

    I have wrote some custom code to change the font size in specific windows... See my screenshot below. But for some reason, it isn't changing the font size of the MP cost. Any ideas what I need to do to target that font size too? Code I am using...
  9. LUKElcs

    RPG Maker MV editor crash when editing

    I'm currently using windows 11 on an Alienware laptop. I can look up further specs if it helps. Whenever I'm editing in the MV editor, there seems to be a small chance of crashing, but in-practice it makes the editor crash every 4-8 minutes. The editor also sometimes crashes when I try to...
  10. Azdan

    (SOLVED) Automatically Run Common Event after exiting Formation/Menu Screen

    I am using the YEP_RowFormation plugin, since the plugin did not allow to limit how many actor in each rows are, I tried to circumvent it using a common event and it works like miracle. However the issue is to use the common event I have to manually run an event so that the actor in certain...
  11. TheTitan99

    RMMV Turning Yanfly Self Variables of all events back to 0.

    I'm working on a game wide system that resets a lot of information. I'm trying to find a way to go through every event in the entire game, and set the value of all a specific Self Variables back to 0. Some time ago, when this system was simpler and only needed Self Switches, I asked on this...
  12. cl0ud

    [RMMV] Need some objects images for event

    I search some objects images for events, I need especially a flashlight and objects we can found in a horror video game. Thanks :kaoangry:
  13. Trihan

    Trilobytes MV: Higher or Lower

    Higher or Lower v1.00 Trihan Introduction Thanks to a commission by @kaleemmcintyre I bring you the ultimate minigame for your game's casino! (because of course you have a casino). Higher or Lower is a simple game: a card is drawn, and you guess whether the next one is higher or lower than it...
  14. Misttt

    School and horror tilesets rpg maker mv

    Hi there guys,i will do a game after a long time and im try to find a normal school tileset and horror tilesets but i only find default tilesets with blood and how you guys are more “familiarized” with rpg maker maybe can help me.
  15. Nintendo switch

    Is it possible to use other systems like the tactics system and romance system on the Nintendo switch RPG maker mv and I was told It was not but I wanted to see if there was way or if it was on the eShop or something
  16. moonwritertheory

    What if "Dogme 95 made in RPG Maker"?

    Many RPG Maker users are making RPG games, but the others are using horror genre or interactive drama genre somewhat. I have to think something simplified without using filter, commercialized plugins, and Non-RPG tilesets influenced by Dogme 95, but Dogme 95 is a a movie movement featuring the...
  17. Enemy Level yanfly pluguin problem

    I am super frustrated. I installed the plugin correctly, I was testing it and since I was not satisfied with the changes I had made, I removed the plugin from my list. But it still shows up as activated and ruining my stats. I restarted RPG Maker and it worked correctly, then I reinstalled the...
  18. hoboayoyo

    Yanfly: Have an actor take multiple action and not take multiple state turns.

    Using standard yanfly plugins and yanfly ATB I have an actor use a skill, then a forced skill common event is run a few times. The issue is that the states on the actor go down in correlation to the number of actions taken when I only would want them to go down by one turn count. I looked into...
  19. moonwritertheory

    RMMV Tetralogy of Night Conversations

    Tetralogy of Night Conversations is a kinetic novel game made in RPG Maker MV engine, and a "pseudo-remake" of Project Love and Cafe, originally consists five different stories, but instead to four stories in a single game due to removal of one chapter (due to being already adapted into short...
  20. WistieCutie

    RMMV RAKUEN:E【楽園へ】✨A Slice of Mystery Kinetic Novel✨

    THIS IS A BETA BUILT (0.1.0) DOWNLOAD THE FIRST CHAPTER HERE « Welcome to the Dawnvale Demesne. Under Doc and Aloe’s guidance, apprentices are here to enjoy a tranquil existence, study and most of all, prepare themselves to build the pillars of the outer society. Every day has the potential...

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