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  1. Poppie360

    RMMV Questions regarding maps

    So I am working on a plugin however i am unsure of how to go about a particular thing. I am trying to figure out how the game handles storing map data and loading it, as I want to add functionality to during runtime say...update a tile to become something else. like; To this but in runtime...
  2. How do I use base battler templates?

    I came across a Harpy SV Battler base, but I don't know how to import into the character generator to make a character/enemy out of the said base. Can anyone help me out here?
  3. PaulaCucumberuwu

    Problems with Orange overlay.

    I'm trying to make a parallax map in rpg maker mv with orange overlay, but when I turn off "Quickstart", the "Par" layer Disappears and the only thing there is is the "Ground" layer :/ Could someone help me?
  4. RMMV Trouble implementing animated enemies in RPG Maker MV

    I hope this is in the right place. I'm trying to use Yanfly's Animated Sideview enemies plugin to create breathing sprites in the front-view battle and I've hit several different stages of failure. Initially, it worked. Then when I was adding new assets something went wrong. Initially I was...
  5. Zayriel

    ThePyramidOfDoom Generator Hair edits

    I stumbled upon this generator pack on DeviantArt, and really dug the Rear Hair parts: https://www.deviantart.com/thepyramidofdoom/art/RPG-Maker-MV-Generator-Parts-795098558 The problem is it's missing a couple of the views (SV and TVD), so I decided to fill in those blanks myself! Please let...
  6. greensdream

    Enemy skill animation not showing up...

    I created a custom animation for an enemy skill that shows up just fine in the animation editor, just not when I'm playtesting the game. When I set the enemy skill animation for one of the player's skills, however, it shows up no problem. I am enclosing screen shots in case I have something set...
  7. King's Shield Bug and other mv rpgs

    Hi I'm playing on my switch with the game King's shield and I seem to be stuck at the early part, I tried googling for it but had no luck. the characters get stuck at the entrance of a tent on the early stage of the story. Should I drop this? are there any good rpg maker mv games out there for...
  8. Game Main Menu (Help)

    Hello guys. I'm Taha. I just started using RPG Maker. I am currently using RPG Maker MV. I have a question for you. Can we change the main menu of our game we made with RPG Maker MV? How can we change if we can? I will be glad if you answer. Sorry for my bad english. Have a nice day
  9. Mihnea

    How can I make status effects interact with each other?

    So what I'm looking to do is have 2 statuses that interact with each other. In my case I want to have a status named "open wound". I'd like that in the case the player has that effect and is also poisoned, the poison to deal significantly more damage than it normally would. Is there any way to...
  10. Kristina

    RMMV Chrono ABS Shooting through walls

    When I shoot using Moghunter's Chrono plugin (ABS) then the bullet go through walls. Is there a way to fix that, so when the bullet hit a wall then it disappears?
  11. How to change the appearance of character when accesing a specific levels ? (RPG maker mv)

    Hello, I’m searching for a plugin/technique which could allow my characters to change of appearance (change the spritesheet)when they access to a certain level (like in pokemon). Do you know if it is already built in RPG Maker MV system or does it need to be coded with javascript ? Have a...
  12. Anybody knows about an Observatory Resize?

    I'm looking for a resize for an observatory from a C tiled Overworld Set, I've been too busy scouting the forum and attempting to make my own but the result was too sloppy, If anyone knows please sent me the link (My Engine is MV if anyone wants to know)
  13. WarlockGames

    Blood Sprites

    Hey guys, this is my first post ever what I am going to make, so sorry for spelling mistakes if I make a few. I have made some blood sprites for my own game and I thought about it, why not give it also towards you for free, I hope you like it, it's not the greatest blood sprites what I made but...
  14. KingKraken

    Repositioning a sideview actor's default position before/during battle?

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to make my battles more visually dynamic, but I can't seem to find the right way to do it. Basically I'd like to be able to have the players character sometimes start in different places(preferably set before/at the start of the battle). I went on a big search for the...
  15. DerniBorges

    RMMV Envyus - Action RPG - Medieval Fantasy

    SYNOPSIS GAMEPLAY VIDEO IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS STORYLINE RESOURCES E SETTINGS Real-time battles, where the character changes depending on the weapon or armor he is wearing. Various skills acquired through quests spread over the places visited. Dozens of major and minor missions, all...
  16. MerlinCross

    RMMV Last Shelter - Demo/Proof of Concept

    Last Shelter Disclaimer: Blood, death, some swearing, and alcohol mentioned. Info; RPG, Modern, Apocalypse, "Horror?" SYNOPSIS The dead rise and monsters stalk the darkness. Explore the sewer system a small band of survivors have taken over, looting supplies and dealing with threats. All the...
  17. AmasterAmaster

    Beast Man Generator on Steam is missing resources

    Is it just me or is that DLC Pack (Beast Man Generator) for RPG Maker MV missing resources in it's DLC folder? A friend of mine just picked this up for me as a gift and I was excited to add that to the character generator, however I checked it's location (steamapps\common\RPG Maker MV\dlc\Beast...
  18. Kristina

    Chrono Engine Player Invisible

    I've downloaded the Moghunter's Chrono Engine V2. However, the player is invisible...also in play test. Does anyone know what can be the cause of that?
  19. RMMV Split and freely position menu commands

    Hello RPG Maker Community I'll get straight to the point. What I'm looking for is a way (at best a plugin) to freely move the commands in the main menu of RPG Maker MV (e.g. Items, Options, Save, Quit). At the moment this menu is a single object, which in the best case can only be moved...
  20. Random Panda

    Spike Event Timing Help

    Hi all, I'm having a little trouble timing out a specific kind of spike trap. What I would like to do is have alternating rows of spikes like so: ------- <-Spikes Down ^^^^^^^ <-Spikes Up ------- ^^^^^^^ And they would alternate their "Spikes Up" and "Spikes Down" positions. Getting...

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