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  1. xeneeve

    RMMV Per-character fade-in message animation

    Hello! I'm trying to make plugin that makes every character in message to smoothly fade in, but for some reason that doesn't work. I use nwjs 0.49.2 so maybe that is the issue. Is there some error in my code? (function() { var _Window_Message_startMessage =...
  2. Parallax mapping: Overlays not working!

    Hi! I tried to use Echo607 to parallax map but the character keeps walking over the overlays, i don't know what to do! Please help!
  3. SpyroFan67

    How Do I Make Two Characters The Same Character And Level?

    Hi guys. In my game I have more than one version of the same character, I.E., I have versions of them wearing different outfits. Since all of them are the same character just in different garb, it kind of annoys me that they are not counted as the same character in the game, so therefore, one...
  4. KingMaster13

    RMMV Switch to reserve party members

    Hello there. As the title says, I want to know if there is a plugin that allows the player to change the Actor in battle on their turn. So, let's say it's our Knight turn now. The idea is to have a "skill" where you can switch to the Mage or the Archer (which are in the reserve), so you can user...
  5. SpyroFan67

    So Where Can I Find Tutorials To Make Animations For HUDs?

    Ok, so like I said I have complete GIF animations of the Resident Evil EKG health displays for "Fine", "Caution", and "Danger". I asked the guy who came up with the Resident Evil ECG plugin for VX Ace and he said he planned to make an MV version but right now he doesn't have the time. So here's...
  6. Trevaz

    Somebody can help me with steam integration???

    I'm about to launch my game on Steam but I can't do the integration correctly, could anyone help me?? I followed the following tutorial: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/setting-up-steam-integration-in-rpg-maker-mv-using-updated-nw-js-super-high-performance.132405/ And the...
  7. rabuswan

    editing the starter parting/actors in system not working

    i downloaded rpgmaker mv just yesterday and it was working just fine, but now i can't seem to get the system actors/starting party working. i've edited the name of the player and it won't change in game, the same goes for if i try changing the sprites and/or face. i also tried adding another...
  8. Can we make a nuzlocke system in rpg maker mv?

    hi guys im new in rpg maker mv, i want make a game with nuzlocke system. is it possible to make it in rpg maker mv? or there's a plugin to use to make it happen?
  9. Help with eventing a minigame

    Hi there! I am trying to create a minigame using an event and I am running into some trouble. I want a simple minigame where a player has to move a nose away from bees that are coming out of some flowers. Basically, a bee will shake back and forth and then fly upwards from one of three flowers...
  10. Is there a way to move around windows?

    Is there a way you can move around the windows when shown a text? Like the Super Tools Engine made by SumRndmDde, you can move them around just like in battle. i tried using eli's face message plugin, and i used Yanfly's message core for the name, and it looks like this right now. and i would...
  11. xeneeve

    Script to check if message is showing

    Hello! Is there some kind of script that can check if message is showing right now? I need that for a custom menu that i made without plugins, that is mapped on "cancel".
  12. Junior_Lich_Studios

    Unable to Launch playtest of the game

    Playtesting was working perfectly fine two days ago, didn't open the project for two days and when I went in today I set up some classes and an actor to test out a battle and suddenly it's saying that the file can't be found and won't launch the game. Files loads up fine and i'm able to do...
  13. SpyroFan67

    Lightning Special Effects For RPG Maker MV? (Solved)

    Hi everyone. Is there any way to have flashing lightning effects in RPG Maker MV? I have a very dramatic and dark scene in my games and I have heavy thunderstorm sounds to use for that, but I want it to look like lightning is flashing intermittently too. Is there a plugin to do that for me, or...
  14. Pc name in game

    (sorry for my english, i'm italian) HI! i'm new here and i installed RPG maker 2 weeks ago and i made a game for my friends and it turned up kinda cool. I want to add in at the end a dialogue that says: You had fun (PCNAME)? I know some games can put your computer name in a dialogue. Can i make...
  15. KingMaster13

    RMMV (Yanfly's) Action Sequence - Check if user is an enemy

    Hello there. I'm new here, sorry if I'm posting on the wrong Forum. So, I'm trying to make a basic sequence I saw on youtube (Driftwood Gaming), but I want it not to work if the actor is an enemy. Tried checking that spreadsheet with all script calls but I don't think it's the right way. Here's...
  16. SpyroFan67

    RMMV Day And Night Real Time Plugin? (Solved)

    Hi guys. Just so you know, I won't be posting any new discussion threads until October....I'll just be giving comments and feedback on other people's posts and helping them if they need it for a while-but occasionally I will ask for help on stuff with my games. Alright, now that that's out of...
  17. RMMV I can’t get magic to cause damage to enemies using chrono engine

    I’m currently in development of a game I’ve long wanted to make and finally found it possible with chrono engine. I followed some tutorials on YouTube and everything was going fine for the most part, but when I started adding magic things started going wrong. I couldn’t add spells to my tool map...
  18. Magusalfador

    RMMV HELP! Can I set different initial TP per enemy?

    Hi! im looking to modify the method initTp() in rpg_objects so i can set an initial tp per enemy Id. That way My bats enemy id 1 will have 20 tp but my ogre Id 3 will have 50 when the initTp() run . Is this possible? Now, I know that I could make some events at the beginning of a battle and...
  19. YoruNiKakeru

    RPG Maker MV , Language Selector by using Yanfly's Option core Help.

    Hi, I'm creating an RPG Maker MV game, and I'm about to implement a Language Selection feature using Yanfly's Option Core plugin. My idea is to incorporate an option within Yanfly's Option Core that allows players to select their desired language. This will involve modifying a variable in my...
  20. YoruNiKakeru

    Any possible ways to set an unique normal attack animation on an actor but not by a weapon? [CLEARED]

    Hi, I'm creating an RPG Maker MV's game using Yanfly's Engine Plugins. In my game, each character is an elemental user, and I want them to have a unique attack animations for their normal attacks. For example: Thunder character will always do "Slash Thunder" animation whether any weapon he/she...

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