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  1. How can I use different skills in one?

    Before starting, it should be clarified that I do not know much English, so it is normal if you find spelling errors. Once that has been clarified, here is my question. I am trying to use the ability "Cross Slash" to execute the first attack normally, but that the second attack is different...
  2. atoms

    RESOLVED. Link inside post. Looking for certain resources from this forum (Some VX Ace RTP as MV)

    Edit: Found them. Link here https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/tigerawrs-mv-stuff-mostly-characters.112403/ While looking through the resources on this site some time ago I found a thread where some of the VX RTP, at least one of the evil actors and one of the monsters, was created...
  3. RMMV Short Question about the RPG Maker MV Gacha System

    Hey Guys. I have a short Question about the official Gacha System for the RPG Maker MV. Anyone who ist familiar with this system knows how it works or how it shoud work. My question is if it is possible to chance this system a bit? I want to create an Item for my latest Game i am creating what...

    Guys i have a problem with my game,everything worked fine, then at a certain point I tried to load the save which until a few minutes before worked but then the game, the character remains completely blocked, does not move anymore. If it helps, I also tried to see the fps and I noticed that as...
  5. RedReaper

    RMMV RUMPELSTILTSKIN (a short psychological horror game)

    A short, fully-voiced story made in a weekend for a game jam. A modern reimagining of the classic fairytale. Inspired by stories like The SCP Foundation and Control. Made in good 'ol RPG Maker MV. You have one job. Interrogate the entity known as O-71 aka "Rumpelstiltskin". Do not lie. USE...
  6. RMMV (MV) How do you make right hand left hand weapon equip system?

    I hope I posted this is the right area.. I am trying to find out how to to make it so specific weapons can be equip in more than one slot (left hand or right hand). I renamed weapon slot to "Right hand", shield slot to "Left Hand", my trouble is finding out how to make it so a weapon (dagger)...
  7. sirkazu

    Pokemon Back Sprites in Battle

    I've been making a Pokemon game and through every single plugin for Rpg Maker MV not a single pokemon battle plugin I could find has the pokemon back sprites. If you've never played pokemon, in battle you will see your enemy's pokemon and your pokemon's back. Like this v Does anyone know a...
  8. RMMV Can't load battle test. First time MV user.

    Hey guys, I am new to rpg maker MV and I have downloaded the full suite of Yanfly's plugins. I ordered everything in the plugin line up EXACTLY as shown on Yanfly's website, but I can't test any battles now because it is saying I have a bug. I don't know any Java whatsoever, so I was hoping...
  9. Moosky

    RMMV Bust size and AltMenuScreen

    So I got the RPG Maker MV and I want to draw busts of the characters and put images inside the menu like 'The Forest of Drizzling Rain' which is one of my all time favourite rpg maker titles. So I need two dimensions. To add more context I got the AltMenuScreen to achieve to bigger picture to...
  10. Execution skill call

    Hey guys, i want to make an "execution" skill for the enemy boss. I want it to trigger once the player is at 10 Hp. But at Action Patterns i can add only enemy Hp as condition. Does anyone know how could i manage this? Thanks for the answers :)
  11. Conditional Branch contact animation

    Hello everybody. I need your help on the conditional derivations part. How do I make sure that if the player makes contact with some battle animation that is played on the map, something happens? For example, that when making contact with the animation, the player dies.
  12. Hide window during battle

    Hello guys! I added a video file as one of the enemy attacks. Made the skill and linked it to a common event. It works well but i want to make the window disappear during the video. Is it possible somehow? Thanks for the answers! :) Im talking about this window:
  13. belhadi

    RMMV the text does not appear !! RPG Maker MV

    Hello this is the first time that I post a message because I could not find an answer on the forum : Here is the situation: I was looking for a plugin to install a HUD (I took the one from SRD) and since it did not fit me I removed it. The problem now is that the messages no longer appear on my...
  14. How can I display a dialogue message box in battle before the side combat UI shows up?

    I have a battle event that begins with a few dialogue boxes triggering from turn 0, but because I've disabled (enemy emerges!) 4 character's faces shows up for 1-2 seconds before the dialogue box starts writing it's message (using the side-view timed combat). Is there any script or any way to...
  15. RMMV Trouble with YEP_X_AnimatedSVEnemies

    So, I recently downloaded the Time Fantasy asset packs from the Steam store, and I was inspired to start making an RPG on RMMV again, like I used to. I used some of the DLC plugins, that being Yanfly's Core Engine, Battle Engine Core, Action Sequence Packs 1, 2, 3, and the problematic one...
  16. GodOfKnockers

    Can you convert a RMMV project to RMMZ?

    Before I begin I would like to start by saying... HELLO! It's good to see you all. It's been a while since I posted here, and it's good to see you all thriving and keeping safe in these trying times. Now, on to the business. So, I have picked up RMMZ and I have yet to use it. I have projects...
  17. RMMV Comics style dialogues

    Hi folks, rpg maker community. I'm looking for a plugin similar to the one in the image: (the change of format like this comic style) (Yes, the text is in Spanish, because I couldn't find another reference) Thanks in advance

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