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  1. Kacribus

    "Failed to Execute 'drawImage" on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D' "

    Hello! :kaohi: After encrypting and deploying a game a year ago, I've played it again this year and found that I wanted to make some map changes. I decrypted all image files and made a copy of the original game with the newer images. Upon opening RPG Maker MV, everything looks fine. Audio is...
  2. yopeople


    Price: $4.99 Buy Story When Andrew wakes up from his apartment, he is greeted by an unfriendly shriek. Oblivious to the rising epidemic, he innocently wonders around the apartment and comes across Frank…who is eating his wife. Andrew, horrified of the man-eating Frank, is stunned as Frank...
  3. 4 event link sequence?

    So my problem is that I want to link 3 repeatable fights and then have a seperate event register that those fights took place and then have the option to engage in a fourth fight that ends in receiving a reward after winning, is it possible to do this?
  4. Problem with android export.(uncaught error: argument error)

    I finished my game and it worked every time in playtest and on PC with the .exe. Then i tried to export to android (.apk), i'm a totally noob so i followed this guide https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/exporting-to-android-mv-android-client.84971/. The .apk was created succefully...
  5. Uzuki

    Style vs Information

    So I'm in a bit of a predicament here on a design decision I have to make involving on whether I make pleasingly stylish battle menu that just gives the player the basic information or the basic RM menu but with access to a lot more on-hand information. I'm using the amazing Olivia's State...
  6. State Rows

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to figure out a problem, I'm having with my states on a custom UI, which is that I need the states to move into a new row, after 8 fill up the first like in the image, so it would be like 1 to 8 on the first row, then 9-17 on the second. So this is where I come...
  7. Eliyud

    RMMV Why Am I Here?

    By: Edy "Eliyud" Souza Game Engine: RPG Maker MV Category: Roguelike Launch Date: --/--/2020 Why Am I Here is a game that came out of a challenge, which amused me so much, and made me want to complement it. The direction that the game went cheered me up, and I ended up making it a side...
  8. Ely

    Oddly specific plug in request(please help)

    I'm using rpg maker mv: So I'm making a mystery game and I want the player to be able to think at anytime. They would access it through the menu travel into a separate area and then the clues that they have will give them access too conclusions. And when they are done they can return to...
  9. Iavra Video Title (Updated Version) - Scaling Problems

    I use the Lavra Video Title Plugin (But the Updated Version from Cr1tical). Board Link Pastebin Link The Problem: The Scaling is wrong. It gives me a black border every time. A working scaling is of course nice, unfortunately I don't know how to fix it or how to remove the faulty scaling...
  10. World time sound effects?

    (Hopefully this is the place to put this. Sorry, I'm new.) I recently added a common event for a 24 hour time clock into my game. Every 15 minutes it will register that 6 hours has gone by. I'm using the method where you have a certain amount of frames tick a variable up, representing a minute...
  11. Zerothedarklord

    RMMV The Power of the Arcane

    https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/seeking-storywriter-or-ideas-mv.117200/ (my recruitment thread) As the game has now been underway for a little while, I thought I should finally make a proper thread here. Here's just a little info about the game, most of what will follow can...
  12. jkweath

    Save files and Android deployment

    Alrighty, so first off, I apologize if I'm posting this on the wrong board. I initially thought about posting this to the deployment board, but it's not an issue with deployment specifically. I also thought about posting in the support board, but I don't expect anyone to have any information on...
  13. GokuRevolucion

    Is there a way to add 16-bit sprites in RPG Maker MV?

    I just recently got Aseprite to make my custom sprites. But, I don´t know how to put them together in a sprite sheet and keep the true 16-bit feeling in it. without scaling or extending the pixel-count do to scaling. any help or website will be appreciated. Note: if there is a post with this...
  14. Lilly

    FREE [Gamejam] - Fantasy Life

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis In a world filled with mysterious monsters and ancient tales, there lies organizations built solely to protect the peace of the world, with an evil power looming closer to this land , it’s up to an enthusiastic boy and a stubborn girl to stop it! Teho, Everybody~...

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